stop it!!!!

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Last night around 10:30pm I went downstairs to do something.

What I went downstairs to do, I can’t remember.

All I remember is this.

I went into our mud room (which has a closet with our washer/dryer), I flipped the light on…

And I was DISGUSTED to see it.

I was thinking…”AHHH, so freakin NASTY!” And I immediately felt a sense of anxiousness to get rid of it, and it’s friends.

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I’ll never ever forget this moment.

I was excited, scared, and nervous all at once.

I wasn’t sure how she’d take it. I was hoping for the best.

At the time of this happening, I ran a little business picking up dog poop & walking dogs. Yea.

I had no “real” job and I was making NO where even CLOSE to a full time income. My wife and I were barley, barley scraping by each month.

My wife…she was supporting me. She had a normal full time job making I think not even $30,000 a year at the time.

As a man (who had always dreamed of being the bread winner…being able to fully support and provide for my wife and family)…that was really, really tough and hard to deal with.

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MAJOR Realization.


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the Wife vs Me (big Fight).

On Saturday my wife and I got in a big fight. It got pretty darn heated.

I was set on doing one thing.
My wife was set on doing the opposite.

If you combine the 2 together…you’ve got a FIRE storm!

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This is PAINFUL & here’s how to take the easy path.

At our new home there is this narrow alley way in our backyard between our white fence, and our neighbors fence.

It’s probably no more than 6 feet wide, and it stretches the length of our backyard. We own this little area.

Our workshop also backs up to this area, and it has wood siding, so we needed to access it for maintenance.

When we moved in, it was evident that the owners did absolutely nothing back there…

Because it was literally like a forest of weeds back there. The weeds were SO tall they were going OVER our fence.

You also couldn’t walk more than a few feet into the alley without getting stabbed all over your legs & arms from the thorns.Continue reading

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