This is PAINFUL & here’s how to take the easy path.

At our new home there is this narrow alley way in our backyard between our white fence, and our neighbors fence.

It’s probably no more than 6 feet wide, and it stretches the length of our backyard. We own this little area.

Our workshop also backs up to this area, and it has wood siding, so we needed to access it for maintenance.

When we moved in, it was evident that the owners did absolutely nothing back there…

Because it was literally like a forest of weeds back there. The weeds were SO tall they were going OVER our fence.

You also couldn’t walk more than a few feet into the alley without getting stabbed all over your legs & arms from the thorns.

I made the dumb mistake of trying to walk back there and a few steps later I was in pain from all the cuts on my legs & arms.

So…instead of spending 3 hours or so sweating my ass off in the 90 degree July weather…

I took the easy way out and took the path of least resistance. :-)

I’ll share what we ended up doing in a second but first….

In YOUR business, are you taking the path of least resistance?

Or are you trying to fight your way through weeds, and getting stabbed over and over again by thorns?

What I mean is this.

I’m kind of lazy. I like to take the easy path.

So when I’m trying to figure out who to target with my free lead generation strategies, or my paid lead generation strategies, I ask myself this…

  • Who is the most likely person that will buy my stuff?
  • And where do they hang out at?
  • Or how can I reach them?

These questions ALWAYS lead me to focusing my efforts on ONE group…


Instead of trying to convince people “why” they need to believe in product X, or business opportunity Y…

Why not take the path of least resistance and target people are already looking to buy?

I’ve done well over three quarters of a million dollars in sales online because of this. I’ve become a top producer & top recruiter numerous times because of this.

NOT because I’m some really awesome sales person…

But because I’m lazy :-), and like to take the easiest path possible.

Just some food for thought.

Oh…and as far as the alley in our back yard?

Check out this pic-

Backyard Alley

We paid a guy $200 to do it for us. It was the best $200 I spent. :-) (we need to have him come back to finish the inside of our backyard).

Yours In Takin’ the Easy Path,

Jonathan Register


P.S. The question now becomes…how do I target buyers? Well there’s a cool ninja way you can easily target BUYERS on Facebook.

Want to know how to do this? Leave us a comment below and if we get at least 15 responses, I’ll share it with you! (hint: SHARE & LIKE this post so we can get enough responses).


  • Awesome Post, Jonathan!

    I can certainly relate! LOL!

    I certainly can be accused of being
    lazy when it comes to certain things. LOL!!


    • Jonathan Register says:

      Hey sometimes being lazy is a good thing! I get things done faster when I’m lazy, and it forces me to work smarter vs. harder.

  • Arthur Chan says:

    Agreed, Jonathan! I’m always looking for the path of least resistance too. “Be water, my friend.” – Bruce Lee

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Love the quote Arthur!!

  • Christina says:

    Great post. I am all for the easy way to being more productive :) looking forward to your tips hopefully!

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Thanks Christina! Yea working smarter not harder is always the way to go!

      Yea we have a ways to go before we hit 15 responses (I won’t be counting my replies), so we’ll see!!

  • Dennis says:

    I am learning how to train and coach from you. Thank you brother. Dennis new BTL in SFI

    • Jonathan Register says:

      My pleasure Dennis. Great to hear from you brother!

  • Carol says:

    Great post Jonathan! I am trying to change that same trait in myself and stop swimming against the current so much.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Thank you Carol! Yea it’s kinda funny how it’s so easy to jump in the river and swim the opposite way…yet it makes things so much harder (if any of that makes sense).

      Great hearing for you!

  • Brian Anderson says:

    Shortcuts are always cool. Git ‘er done.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      yes there are! Just GIT R’ DONEEEEE! ;-)

  • Kevin says:

    I am for the easy way to being more productive…looking forward to your tips!

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Thanks Kevin. We don’t have 15 unique comments yet, but we are almost there!

  • Jonathan says:

    Kind of reminds me of the post you did about outsourcing…looks like you are learning..ha.

    Not sure what your ninja technique is, but one thing I’m learning is to check out the pages/posts that my FB friends ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ and study what they are doing. That gives me a good indicator of the types of things they like.

    Also, this past week I learned how to export FB Insights data so I can see which posts got the most views, likes and shares.

    I learned that most of my audience is checking FB around breakfast time, right before work. So, knowing this, I scheduled a bunch of breakfast related posts with pictures about healthy breakfast options.

    So on Mon I scheduled my first post at 6am, Tuesday at 6:30, Wed, at 7am, etc. I did this for 7 days – at the end, I can see which time of day got the most views.

    I’ll share my results after my mad scientist experiment is done after this week..ha ha.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Dude, I’m trying. It’s tough to let go of control, but I’m working on it! :-)

      Hey that is some AWESOME advice!! Does the FB Insights let you see data from all time? When I try to look at the graph it doesn’t show older posts that I’ve put up that I know have been more effective. Guess I’ll need to try the export option.

      That’s kick ass info!! Please do share with us what happens!

      • Jonathan says:

        I just looked it up, FB says info is not available before July 19th, 2011, but I don’t know if that’s for everybody or just for me.

        But it has a datepicker so you can go back to previous years/months.

        My FB plan seems to be working so far, I’ve gotten some Likes and people are actually engaging me and responding!

        • Jonathan Register says:

          Oh, that’s perfect though. I don’t think my page even existing before July 2011. :-)

          Nice job brother! I’ve got a new mini campaign in the works that I’ll be rolling out with by tomorrow at the latest.

          We’ll see how it goes!

  • Kevin says:

    I can see the new house has helped you in identifying new processes for your biz? Is it the house or is this still coming from your Vegas seminar?

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Yea this is just stuff I’ve been learning from just running my biz day to day and from things I’ve learned going to various events.

  • Kevin says:

    Being your very concern not just on yourself working more efficiently but also for us (which I’m very thankful for) working more efficiently, will this be passed onto new projects that newbies can follow and finally enter the IM arena and be just as competitive as yourself?

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Most definitely! As I continue to get better and better at letting go and outsourcing I’ll be sharing with you and everyone else so you can implement into your biz no matter what level you’re at.

  • Kevin says:

    From the seminar you knew what you were doing wrong & have you’ve approved upon those items in your biz today, so you can say “I’m doing a lot better and I’m implementing what I learned, have you’ve done that and are you happy? Are we at 15 yet?

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Yea it’s a day by day journey of improving! It’s not an overnight thing, but I’m a work in progress! :-)

      We need 4 more comments from people who haven’t commented yet.

      Thanks for STEPPING up and asking some great questions Kevin!

  • Kevin says:

    For the remaining time of 2013 what can we expect to see coming from you to help your list?

    • Jonathan Register says:

      I’ve got a really big project I’ve been working on behind the scenes for awhile now that we’ll slowly start rolling out with.

      It means for those who take action, making a lot of money in their business no matter what level they are at. :-)

      So stay involved to make sure you don’t miss out!

  • Roxie says:

    Hi, my name is Roxie, and I’m LAZY! There, I said it! I’ve always taken the path of least resistance, but it hasn’t paid off. I look forward to hearing what you have to share.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      “HI Roxie!” lol. Sounds like an AA meeting or something!

      Hey together as a community we’ll work smarter…not harder! :-)

      Look forward to sharing the technique with you.

  • Mike says:

    This is reminiscent of your outsourcing post a while back. I couldn’t agree more. If you are inexperienced in some certain aspect of anything in life, and you have the money, why not pay a professional to do the job for ya? This applies to just about everything, including our own home businesses.

    My wife gets upset when we have to take one of our vehicles into the shop for repairs and it costs us a few hundred dollars. She thinks we’re always overpaying but I try to reassure her that we are paying for PROFESSIONAL work rather than have me try and tinker around and figure out what I’m doing as I go and possibly mess it up even worse. It’s better to just pay the pros.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Exactly!! It’s been really tough for me to let go of stuff…but it MUST be done.

      Yea you gotta think of the time & money you’ll have to spend to figure it out yourself. That could mean time off from work, tons of wasted time because you’re not a professional mechanic, etc. etc.

      My wife used to cringe when I would spend money on my biz, but she understands now it’s an investment.

  • Samith says:

    Great story, people always think they should pitch everyone but not everyone is looking to buy. Can’t wait to know more.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Thanks Samith! Great hearing from you buddy.

      Yea I used to use the approach “pitch anyone that’s breathing…” That didn’t work out so well! :-)

      Keep the comments coming buddy!

  • Krystle says:

    I can see how being someone would be beneficial. My concern if I am unskilled in that area how do I know I am getting the best deal/product for my money? I would also love to learn how to target people who already know they want to buy. Trying to convince people can be exhausting and frustrating.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      I think the best thing is to ask people you know & trust if they have any referrals of people/products/services they’ve used and had good experiences with.

      That will help increase the chances of getting the best deal/best service/best product.

      So we do have to have a little blind trust & faith, but in the long run if it lets us focus on more important things…it’s a win.

      I’ll be sharing all in the next day or so.

  • Mike says:

    I personally would prefer a YouTube video for this so I can pause, take notes and revisit it at will for a refresher if I forget something.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Thanks for the vote Mike. I think YouTube has won it!

  • Elmer says:

    I just like to watch and read what ever you put out Jonathan.You make things interesting. So after you make the choice just let us know. Thanks for being on the wake up call this morning

    • Jonathan Register says:

      I appreciate the kind words Elmer!

      Almost all the votes have been for YouTube, so looking like that’s what it will be!

      Thanks again brother. Stay in touch and keep the comments coming with future posts/videos! Love hearing from you.

  • Frank says:

    I prefer YouTube video because most webinars run at 3 AM local time here :)

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Thanks for the feedback Frank! Where are you from?

  • Kevin says:

    I prefer a YouTube video for this so I can pause, take note if I forget anything.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Awesome! Thanks for the vote Kevin!

  • Jonathan says:

    Youtube fo sho – that way I can watch it on my time in case I am busy during the webinar.

    Plus webinars tend to be lengthy but with a vid I can fast forward to the good parts : )

    • Jonathan Register says:

      But how do you know when the good parts are? What if you miss a golden nugget by fast forwarding it? ;-) Just messing with ya!

      Yea Youtube hands down won it!

      • Jan says:

        Youtube vids work better for me. I have an 11 month old baby who constantly interrupts me, so I never get to watch a webinar properly!

        • Jonathan Register says:

          YouTube Video DONE! :-) Be on the lookout for it today or tomorrow at the latest!

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