​Four Percent Challenge Review​

​Is It Just Hype Filled Bull? Or is it the real deal?

BY ​JONATHAN REGISTER | ​​May 24, 2024

Jonathan Register

That's me - Jonathan Register

Hi, my name is Jonathan Register. If you’re looking for an honest, no BS review of the Four Percent Challenge, then this article is for you.

So maybe you’re thinking…

  • ​What is the Four Percent Challenge?
  • ​What do you get when you join?
  • ​What are the pros AND the cons of the system?
  • ​Does the Four Percent Challenge system really work, or is it just another hyped up, BS system?
  • Should you join the Four Percent Challenge?

We are going to cover all of that and more in this Four Percent Challenge Review ...

​But first, before we get going...

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Back to the review...

Look... when it comes to building an online business there is a TON of BS out there. There’s a ton of “fake gurus” who will steal your money and run. And it is incredibly, incredibly easy to run around in circles for months… even years…

…in total…complete…

…frustration, desperation, & failure… trying to make money online.

And I’m speaking from personal experience.

I vividly remember many sleepless nights on my own journey… where all I could do was stare at the ceiling… and wonder… and ask myself…

  • Can I really do this?
  • Can I really create a full time income online?
  • Should I be doing this?
  • Should I just let go of this “dream” … quit… and just stick with a 9-5 job like 95% of people do?

​That's my family - Jen (my wife), Elle (our ​now 4 month old baby girl), and Noah (he's 3 years old)

​I didn’t quit. I kept going. Today I’ve now personally sold well over $1 million dollars of stuff online​.

And while it hasn’t been easy (I’ve made a TON of mistakes along the way… I’m STILL learning)…

Now that I’ve tasted the freedom that an online business can give you…​

​I will never, EVER… go back to a “typical” job again. I’ll never, EVER… build someone else's dream again…

If I can do it… then YES… YES… you can too.

Ok… onward with the Four Percent Challenge Review we go.


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What Is The “Four Percent Challenge” ?

I’m guessing you probably already have a basic idea of what the Four Percent Challenge is… but if not, here’s a quick run down…

In a nutshell, the Four Percent Challenge is a step-by-step, daily coaching program that’s designed to take someone from zero (or someone who isn’t getting the results they want), to generating daily, consistent sales through an online business.

​The challenge is broken up into three different levels, with daily coaching in each level…

Four Percent Challenge Review

Level 1 – The $10k Challenge: Gives you the skills & mindset to help you generate your first $10,000 in revenue

Level 2 – The $100k Challenge: Gives you the skills & mindset to help you generate your first $100,000 in revenue

Level 3 – The $1M Challenge: Gives you the skills & mindset to help you generate $1 million in revenue and beyond

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​Now right off that bat, these different levels seem kind of “hypey” and like a bunch of BS.

But as someone who has personally generated over $1 million in revenue online… I can tell you without a doubt that the skills and mindset required to generate your first $10,000 online, are different than the skills/mindset required to generate $1 million in revenue online and beyond.

So to me, this is actually pretty refreshing that they have broken everything up like this.

I also like how they present each level as a “Challenge” versus… do this and you’ll make millions of dollars overnight. We all know when people say crap like that… it’s total BS.

Vick Strizheus Four Percent Challenge Review

​Vick Strizheus - Four Percent Challenge Founder & $10 million+ online entrepreneur

​One other thing I like about this program right off the bat is that the daily coaching is taught by someone who has done what he teaches (novel idea right?). The founder of the program, Vick Strizheus, has generated well over 8 figures online (that’s $10 million+).

So you’re not learning from some kid living in their parents basement…who watched a bunch of videos, and is now all of sudden calling themselves a “guru.” You’re learning from a real person who has created massive success.

​Onward we go...

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What Do You Get When You Join The Four Percent Challenge?

​The core of what you get, is access to daily coaching that walks you through the three different levels as mentioned above (generating your first $10k, $100k, & $1 million and beyond in revenue online).

Four Percent Challenge Members Area

​Each daily coaching is called a "Success Pill."

It's of course meant to be a metaphorical success pill, but it's a really creative, cool idea. Vick explains the meaning behind it here (in the first video on the page).

On top of that… you ​get access to various tools & templates as you go through the training to ​hopefully help speed things up.

Four Percent Challenge Review Success Pill

You get access to the private members only Four Percent Challenge group to get support & help from other ​members.

And you get lots, lots more (too much to list out).

Here’s a quick walk through of ​the members area that you get access to when you join:


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Who is the Four Percent Challenge For?

​The Four Percent Challenge was created for…

  • ​People who are new to building an online business (with ZERO results)
  • ​People who have been in the game for a while, but just not getting the results they want, and…
  • People who just want better results…aka who want to MAKE MORE MONEY! ​

​Let’s now jump into the nitty gritty... the Pros & Cons of the 4% Challenge…

Four Percent Challenge Pros & Cons

​Let’s start with the bad stuff first…

The Cons

​Here’s some of the negatives I found ​with the Four Percent Challenge…

  • ​It can be overwhelming when you first join ​with all the different tabs, and things you can click on in the members area.
  • ​When I joined they were in the middle of launching a new program inside of the Four Percent Challenge. I would like to see them hide stuff like that to new members because it can be a distraction, and create major, major confusion ​when you're new to the system.
  • ​​Seems like they are always going through “major changes.” ​Currently they are changing the entire direction of the ​Challenge, they are completely changing up the members area, and more. ​There’s lots of confusion​ right now on what the system will look like after these changes.
  • While the system ​is very ​actionable (for the most part) many of the coaching sessions are long and drawn out (45 minutes+). I feel like they could ​definitely cut out some of the "fluff" and "small talk" to help shorten the training's so they aren't ​so long.

​The biggest con I found with the Four Percent Challenge, is all of the "changes" that are happening with the system. Change can be good...however...

When you're right in the middle of going through the training, and Vick (the founder) says they ​are ​re-doing many of the coaching sessions, AND they are changing the entire direction of the program... 

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That can definitely create a lot of confusion and frustration.

Maybe when the dust settles it will be a great system?​ Only time will tell.

Now for the good stuff…

​The Pros

  • They have ​​AMAZING customer support. When I joined the 4% Challenge I had a couple of questions. I joined on a Sunday evening. I clicked the little chat bubble inside of the 4% members area… and BOOM. Within seconds I was chatting with a real, live person, and I got my questions answered.
  • check-square-o
    Daily coaching videos are setup so you can speed them up so you can get results faster. Nobody wants to be stuck behind a computer watching videos all day, right? The cool thing is, they’ve setup the videos so you can speed up the pace of the videos so you can get through them faster… 
  • check-square-o
    There’s a heavy focus on the mindset you need to have to create the freedom you want… ​​In my opinion, mindset training is a must have for any training to be effective. Luckily, this is incorporated into the program.

​Now for the moment of truth...

“Does the Four Percent Challenge work?”

Glad you asked…

Does The Four Percent Challenge Really Work? Or Is It Just Another Hyped Up, BS System?

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Four Percent Challenge Review

Based on my experience​... the foundation of the program ​​is based on ​proven ​strategies and tactics to create an online income.

I've also personally seen real people get results ​as a result of the program (generate sales and commissions from taking action from what they learn in the Four Percent program). 

​So I would say yes​, the four percent challenge does work. And it's not a ​scam, BS, or anything like that.

But does that mean you should join? Does that mean it's a program I would recommend to others?

​Here's the final verdict...

To ​Conclude… Should You Join The Four Percent Challenge?

At this time, I would say no, I would not recommend joining the Four Percent Challenge.

While it is not a scam (it is a 100% legit program as far as I can tell after joining and digging ​through the program)... because of the seemingly constant "major changes" that are happening, along with them ​changing the entire direction of the program​​, it's just not a program I ​recommend ​joining at this point. ​

There's just ​way too much confusion, frustration, and unknowns ​surrounding the system​. Maybe in the future it will be a good system? ​Who knows. Time will tell.

Jonathan Register

In the meantime, if you're an action taker, and you're serious about creating a full time income online...

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​Thanks so much for reading my Four Percent Challenge review! I hope it answered any questions you had about the program, but if still have questions… please feel free to leave me a comment below…

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