​The Super Affiliate Network Review

​Is It Just Hype Filled Bull? Or The Real Deal?

BY ​JONATHAN REGISTER | ​​July 16, 2024

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Hey there! My name is Jonathan Register.

Are you looking for a no BS, honest review of The Super Affiliate Network? If so, you’re in the right place.

Now maybe you’re wondering…

  • ​What is The Super Affiliate Network?
  • ​How does The Super Affiliate Network work?
  • ​What do you actually get when you join?
  • ​What other additional products are offered when you join?
  • ​Is The Super Affiliate Network a scam?
  • Should you join?

​I’ll be answering all of that and MORE in the Super Affiliate Network Review but first...

​Before we get started…

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​Onward ...

​What Is "The Super Affiliate Network" ?

The Super Affiliate Network Review

As the name implies… the Super Affiliate Network is a training platform/marketing system that is designed to help people generate sales (and thus income) through affiliate marketing...

​... Well ... kind of.

More on that “kind of” in a second.

Now quickly what is affiliate marketing?

…. hang with me if you already know this….

affiliate marketing

​Affiliate marketing is simply where you sell other people’s products (or another company’s products), and you earn a commission for each sale that you make.

This is a tried and true model for making money online. Affiliate marketing is a 100% legitimate business model that has been around since the beginning of the Internet itself.

Affiliate marketing is how I personally freed myself from my 9-5 job, and is the primary source of my income (more on that here) 

Also, many, many companies have affiliate programs in place. Amazon.com has their own affiliate program, Wal-Mart has one, Dell has one, and there’s endless more.

The term "super affiliate" itself … is a term typically reserved for an affiliate who is in the top 1% of affiliates. Meaning, they sell a TON of stuff online.

Ok, so now you know what affiliate marketing is, and what the term "super affiliate" means.


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​Here’s How The Super Affiliate Network Works

​​If you join "the Super Affiliate Network" ... the promise is, you’ll learn how to create a full-time income online through affiliate marketing.

If you join at the Basic level (the initial level you’re presented with), it’s $47 per month and you can get going with a $1 trial.

With that you get access too:

The Super Affiliate Network Review What You Get When You Buy

​The above screenshot is from their initial sales video sharing what you get with the program.

And the order form for The Super Affiliate Network says you’ll get this:

Super Affiliate Network What You Get

​So... minus all the hype…

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​Here’s What You Are ​Actually Getting Access To With The Super Affiliate Network (At The Intro Level)

The Super Affiliate Network Order Form
  • ​​A bootcamp training that teaches you the fundamentals of generating leads and selling stuff online (with the main focus of selling the Super Affiliate Network to others).
  • Access to the Super Affiliate Network affiliate program where you can sell their products and make commissions from them.
  • A marketing/sales system that’s designed to help you sell the Super Affiliate Network to others (while building your own email list of leads and customers from your promotion efforts).
  • A personal Coach to help you through the program.​
  • Weekly group coaching (through a webinar you can attend).
  • The ability to participate in their traffic coop to promote your Super Affiliate Network affiliate links to others (you must pay an extra $300 up to $5,000 for a share in their traffic coop… so it’s not free, which is standard for traffic coops).
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Notice a consistent theme in what you get with the system?

While the Super Affiliate Network does teach tactics that you can use to sell other people’s products as an affiliate marketer, an important thing to know is this…

​All of their training, and their system revolves around selling THEIR products (the Super Affiliate Network’s products).

While on the surface there’s nothing wrong with this… the big BIG issue is this.

If the majority of people are paying to join the Super Affiliate Network just so they can promote it to others, and make money from it (versus joining the system so they can learn from the training they provide) …

THAT is when the legality of the program can come into question.

Because the actual product itself (the training), is now secondary (and almost meaningless). People aren’t joining for the training. They are joining just so they can share it with others and make money.

When there is no real product that is used by an end consumer (or the VAST majority of people don’t use or get value from the product itself) … and people are sharing it JUST so they can make money…

Federal Trade Commission Entrance

​That is a scam.

Recently there was a company called My Online Business Empire (aka MOBE ) that was recently shut down by the FTC for exactly this. Here is the FTC press release on the shut down of MOBE...

Does the Super Affiliate Network fall in the same boat as MOBE?

Is the Super Affiliate Network a scam?

More on that in a minute.


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​Be Prepared: Here’s The Super Affiliate Network Upsells You’ll Be Offered If You Join

​First, there is nothing wrong with a company offering additional products/services immediately after you buy or when you’re in the checkout process (if those products or services actually help people… and it’s done in a tasteful way).

Offering additional products at checkout is a normal thing. McDonald’s does this, Barnes & Noble does this, Amazon.com does this, etc., etc.

It’s not only good for business, but it’s good for customers when they get products in their hands that help them (solve a problem, or fulfill a need/desire).

So here’s a quick video I put together showing you the various upsells/products the Super Affiliate Network offers offer when someone joins:

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​And if you rather read, then watch a video :-) here’s a quick list of the Super Affiliate Network upsells and additional products you’ll likely be offered:

*Pricing/products offered will likely change…

  • The Super Affiliate Network Monthly (aka the Basic Level) - $1 trial into $47 per month, or $37 per month (also looks like there's an option to maybe buy one month at $47 one time probably as an upsell or one time offer)
  • Annual Membership Upgrade - The price of that ranges from $165 (for 3 months) up to $497
  • ​The Super Affiliate Network Premium - $97 one time
  • ​The Super Affiliate Network Lifetime Membership - $497
  • ​The Super Affiliate Network Swipe File - $247
  • Solo Ad Success Formula - $7 trial into $197
  • The Super Affiliate Network PRO Partner - $997 to $2,997
  • Traffic Coop - $300 to $5,000
  • The Super Affiliate Network Maui Intensive Mentoring - $12,997
  • The All In Experience Membership - $17,000

​Again, I want to re-iterate one more time that there is nothing wrong with offering additional products/services… and there’s nothing wrong with offering high ticket products ($1,000+).

In fact… I personally believe that if a company has products or services that truly help people… that help solve a person’s problems, or fulfill a need/desire… then it is that company’s moral obligation to get their products/services in the hands of those people.

That brings me to this…

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​Is The Super Affiliate Network A Scam? And Does The Super Affiliate Network Actually Work?

Misha Wilson - Founder of The Super Affiliate Network

Misha Wilson - Founder of The Super Affiliate Network

I would say it is NOT a scam, and that it could work.

Here’s why…

Reason #1) It looks like there are people out there who are making money from the Super Affiliate Network, and who are getting real value from the products themselves.

I also personally know a guy who is having success with it… the big caveat though is he’s already an experienced affiliate marketer (he is definitely NOT a beginner).

Reason #2) The founder of the Super Affiliate Network, “Misha Wilson” has been involved with affiliate marketing for quite some time now (I think easily 8 years now).

While that in of itself doesn’t mean the system works, or that it’s not a scam… real scammers typically appear and then disappear… or they hide behind fake actors in their sales videos.

That is not the case with Misha Wilson. I believe he does have good intentions and is truly seeking to help people.

With that said…

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​The Final Verdict… Should You Join The Super Affiliate Network?

​Honestly, that’s a question you’ll have to answer for yourself.

While I do not think The Super Affiliate Network a scam, it’s not a system I would personally recommend you join. *** You can see my number one recommendation below.

The reason why is because the system is designed mainly as a business opportunity.

While it looks like they do have legitimate training attached to the opportunity… when the main focus is to “share the system” and get paid… and there’s more people sharing the system just to make money then actually using the system to learn from… that’s when you can get into legal trouble with the FTC.

Am I saying that The Super Affiliate Network is going to get shut down by the FTC?

Absolutely not (good people get hurt when that happens).

Jonathan Register

I just hope that they are guided by the golden rule of “do unto others as you’d like done to you” ... and that they’ve set their business up in a way to avoid the possibility of ever getting shut down.

​Lastly, here’s my #1 recommendation for creating real, long lasting success online (creating a daily stream of sales you can depend on for years, and years to come) …

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​​Thanks so much for reading The Super Affiliate Network Review! I hope it helped you out, and answered any questions you had about the program. If you still have questions, have feedback, or just want to say “Hi” or “thank you”... please let me know below...

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