Ultra Targetted Leads For As Cheap As FIVE Cents. Secret Traffic Source Exposed! ;-)

So with this new traffic source I’ve been testing, I’ve got some really really exciting results to share with you! :-)

Oh, and in this post I’ll officially be revealing what traffic source it is (hint: I’ve “dabbled” in this traffic source before), and I’ll share what I’ve learned so far so YOU can potentially tap into it yourself so you’re bring yourself closer and closer to absolute FREEDOM through your online business.

Check it out…

I started with running 1 campaign back called my “testing” campaign-


I went from 1 lead a day to 12 days later generating 11 leads in one day with my testing campaign.

The other day I started a new “proven” campaign (so I’m now running two campaigns at once- testing campaign, & proven campaign) and here’s my stats so far-



I went from 3 leads a day (the only reason I just got 3 leads the first day was since they approved my campaign so late in the day), to generating 14 leads.

So in total, I generated 25 highly targeted leads in one day! And the cool part is…

These are “untapped” DIRT cheap leads that are highly targeted. With these campaigns I’m focusing in on the “make money online” niche. I’m also getting leads as cheap as $0.05!!!

So ONE nickel a lead! ;-) I know with continued testing and refinement and I can bring my overall average lead cost closer and closer to that number.

Lastly, I see myself EASILY generating 100 leads a day PLUS with this traffic source. That’s my goal target right now, and I’d like to scale up beyond that to 1,000+ leads daily in the future.

So enough babbling…what’s this secret traffic source getting me nickel leads?nickel

……Drum roll please……………

It’s PPV traffic.

I’ve “dabbled” in this traffic source before, but I just lost money with it. I wasn’t truly serious about learning how to do it right. So I tried a few things. Failed at those few things, and then I was off jumping on another shiny object.

Ever happen to you? :-)

What is PPV traffic?

PPV stands for Pay Per View. There’s “PPV Networks” out there that you can join, and then advertise on their PPV Network. You pay each time someone sees your ad (hence – pay per view). The cost per view varies, but it generally starts around $0.01 to $0.02 and can be as high as $0.50 depending on the keyword/URL you’re ad is showing up on…you’ll understand what I mean by that after you continue reading…

PPV Networks get their traffic from people installing a PPV Networks toolbar on their computer. So now when those people (who have the PPV Networks toolbar installed on their computer) start surfing the Internet advertisements will appear as pop ups as they visit sites that people are advertising on.

Why would people install these toolbars just to see advertisements pop up as they are browsing the internet? People willingly do this in exchange for free screensavers, the ability to play games, to watch free tv online, and download free programs.

The other day I actually downloaded a free program that I needed from Cnet.com. After I installed the program I started searching the Internet and I was a little caught off guard when I started seeing advertisements randomly appear on sites I was visiting! :-) I just became PPV traffic right there.

Here’s the main PPV Networks out there-

leadimpact ppv network

LeadImpact PPV Network

  • Traffic Vance
  • Media Traffic
  • Lead Impact
  • Addon Network
  • Direct CPV
  • CPV Marketplace
  • Megaclick
  • Adbrite
  • Clicksor

The PPV Network I’m using right now is LeadImpact. They’ve got a TON of traffic available, and they require a deposit of just $200 to open an account (all of the $200 goes towards your traffic).

…I’ll never forget that first day when my testing campaign started. Instantly over the course of an hour I had hundreds of people looking at my site. Now I just generated 1 lead that first day, BUT it was pretty dang exciting. ;-)

Why PPV Traffic is so dang cool…

This image represents the buttload of traffic available through PPV Networks ;-)

This image represents the buttload of traffic available through PPV Networks ;-)

Think about it. With PPV traffic you can have your advertisement (which could be a banner, lead capture page, whatever you want in the pop up window) appear on almost ANY page on the Internet (some networks do have rules on what you can and cannot have your popup appear on but they are pretty lenient).

So say you’re a network marketer trying to generate leads online for new potential reps.

What if you had a popup appear when people are at Google searching for “whatever you call your reps” + “review”? Or what if you had a popup that appears on your mlm company’s page where people can get more info about being a rep?

You think you might generate some red hot targeted leads? Absolutely! :-)

Another example…what if you’re just trying to make money online as an affiliate marketer or internet marketer? What if you had a pop up for your lead capture page that appears on the login page of a super popular “make money online” product?

If someone is logging into the members area of an info product, then that means they bought it! :-) You think that’s a good targeted lead? Absolutely! ;-)

You catch my drift? Is your mind a churnin with ideas?

That’s why PPV traffic is so dang cool and intriguing to me. PLUS, you can get a buttload of traffic for any niche-

  • Good ole’ “make money online”
  • Fitness & Health
  • Network Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • If you’re in EN and need Empower Network leads
  • Etc. etc. etc.

What are the challenges with PPV traffic?

Like ANY traffic source (SEO, Facebook, etc) there are challenges that you’re going to face. Here’s a basic formula so you can understand what those challenges are with PPV.

The Right Keywords* + The Right Landing Page + The Right Offer = Success*!

*Keywords is where you want your popup to appear at. These could be actual keywords (like “network marketing,” “make money online,” or they could be actual website URL’s)
*Success is leads and dollar dollar bills yoooo0000. :-)


  • You need to find targeted keywords in your niche where there is enough traffic coming from that PPV network to get conversions.
  • You need to have a high converting landing page (I target 1 percent+…this is interruption marketing so the conversion rate will always be on the lower side)
  • And you need to have an offer that you’re promoting that converts (aka when the right people are put in front of it, they buy).

In the beginning you have no clue what works. But you just work your way through the above equation, and if you stick with it, you will create success.

I’m now personally at the Offer part in the equation. I’m now have a good high converting lead capture page, and now I just need to match up the right offer with the niche I’m targeting (the offer I’m using now isn’t doing so well on the conversion front).

Must Have PPV Tools.

PPV ToolsIf you’re going get into PPV traffic there’s really only one tool you MUST HAVE. I didn’t have this tool when I first “dabbled” in PPV traffic and I failed miserably. That tool is…


Without question, you will fail if you don’t have the ability to track exactly which keywords are converting for you (you’re getting leads or clicks on your pop up). Don’t even think of getting into PPV traffic until you have a way to track everything (please learn from my mistakes!!!).

Here’s a few tracking programs designed specifically for PPV traffic (Hypertracker won’t work)-

  • ClickMagick – I’ve personally used this and it’s what I’d recommend you start with.
  • CPV Lab – This is the mack daddy of all PPV tracking programs. It’s not cheap, but well worth it to upgrade to once you start making money through PPV. You can use it with PPC traffic as well.

Some Final Thoughts Regarding PPV Traffic…

If you want cheap, but highly highly targeted leads, AND you want a TON of traffic (you can scale up easily to 1,000’s and 1,000’s of visitors a day), then PPV traffic is a great traffic source to use in your business.

Once you find a set of proven keywords (again- that’s actual keywords AND URL’s) in your niche that converts, you can join other PPV Networks and use the exact proven keywords to get even MORE traffic and MORE conversions.

THIS…is how you scale up and build a $1,000,000+ business! ;-) This is at least how I’m gonna do it (with PPV, and various other traffic sources). I’d love to have YOU part of the ride…

Oh and one last point…

  • Don’t dabble. If you’re going to learn this traffic source or ANY traffic source just decide that you are ALL in. Decide that you’re going to do whatever it takes, and spend however much time it takes to master it. THAT…is how you create success. THAT…is how you create freedom for YOU and your family.

LASTLY, You Likey? **please respond**

I put in a lot of time and effort into this post in hopes to help you! So…

#1) If you got ANY value whatsoever, leave a comment below and tell me so I know if I should create more posts like this or not.

#2) SHARE this post on Facebook and with others by clicking the “Like” button so we can expand our community and help MORE people!

that is all. ;-)

Yours In MASSIVE Success,

Jonathan Register
Jonathan Register

  • jacob says:

    ppv has a lot of potential. Thanks for posting this Jonathan.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      It does! My pleasure buddy!

  • Khoa says:

    Thanks for writing this up. Interesting ideas you presented. What is the quality of the leads you’re getting? Any conversion metrics yet? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      My pleasure Khoa! Still way to early to judge that yet. Also I don’t have enough leads yet to decide whether I need to switch offers (right now no conversions). There’s sales to be made, it’s just about matching up the right offer with this audience (which what I’m on the trek to find)! :-)

      Would you want me to update everyone as I keep testing?

  • Peter D says:

    Jonathan, first, we definitely need more posts like this. I appreciate your honesty and work effort. Second, I hope you are thinking of putting a PPV/PPC course together because I am in! Please do keep us posted on your PPV journey. 1,000 visitors a day at 5 cents a click would be awesome. please keep us updated.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Great to hear that you guys like posts like this! Yea if I get enough interest then I might potentially put something together.

      Keep me updated on what’s going on with you buddy!

    • jacob says:

      Yeah, Jonathan, you definitely need to put this into a course. Lots of people will buy this seeing the value it has, almost no one is teaching it.

      • Jonathan Register says:

        Definitely agree with you that no one is teaching it…well at least the way it should be taught. I’ve spent I think $1,000 now on PPV trainings but they all seem to have holes and leave important things out! :-)

        So definitely, if it seems like enough people want this type of training I could potentially do it.

  • Ed Moses says:

    This is a good way to get a lot of traffic. I back my campaign up with a re-target pixel so I can catch them again if they move on using banners. Thanks for showing all of you data. Good stuff.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      My pleasure Ed!

      That’s in the back of my mind to do exactly that with the banners. I also want to add some re-targeting on Facebook.

      I have more testing to do before I’m ready for that but anxious to move on to that step.

      What network(s) are you using Ed?

  • Ed Moses says:

    I have been using Lead Impact for my CPA, and on the back end for retargeting I use Site Scout. I’ve tried a few others for retargeting but Site Scout is the easiest to work with and they have a great customer support team.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Nice! Are you focused on the “make money” niche too with your campaigns?

      Also, are you collecting leads, or leading with a CPA offer and leaving it at that?

      • Ed Moses says:

        Yes, Make money. I gather URL’s for the competitive market and use that as my keywords. I am collecting leads through Get Response. Have you tested different landing pages with your CPA campaign, and if you are what style have you found to work the best?

        • Jonathan Register says:

          Got it! Same here on everything you mentioned. I have split test a few landing pages, but I just split tested the headlines not the actual structure. I’m using a LCP like this one-


          BUT, I’m using a normal 1 step optin form (versus the 3 step process like the link above). I will split test a multi-step version here soon. What about you?

  • Jonathan says:

    Even as I read this my brain was churning with good ideas.

    Also, I realized that I currently don’t have a good plan for getting traffic. No wonder I’m not getting leads..duh.

    Not sure I’m ready to tackle PPV yet but I will think about it. Never quite did master FB ads so I might go back to that.

    Good stuff though.

    P.S. You could also use PPV to target your competitor’s website and steal their leads..ha.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Oh yea there’s lots of sneaky things you can do. ;-)

      Get your traffic plan going buddy! One of the most important things on my daily to do list is making sure I’m generating fresh leads & traffic.

      Thanks! Continue to keep us posted on things!

  • JC Arnobit says:

    Nice post man, PPV indeed is a good way to get traffic. I might add that in my campaign. I’ve already used SOLO ADS and Classified Ads, so far it generates me leads and some conversion but not enough to seriously build a business. Probably because of my ad material or the target is wide, either way I’m still refining my campaigns. I’m determined to make this work and your posts helps a lot. Thanks

    • Jonathan Register says:

      thanks buddy! Yea it takes tracking & testing, and sometimes that can just take time. You can totally make it work! Keep us posted on your success JC!

  • Mike Peter says:

    Hey Buddy, I just saw the videos you sent me and got so excited… I had this pain in my stomach, a good pain. Like butterflies…

    As I was watching and it all made sense to me because of this article I wrote that was getting hits on pin interest. I took it off and have now tried a campaign with it on Facebook. I am very nervous but anxious to see what happens!! I have the gut feeling it will do well. I ordered the lead rocket and renewed my subscription to Aweber. I spent most of this frigging afternoon figuring out on my own how to install, load and tweak it.

    Then I had my a-ha moment. IT WORKED! The pages all connected and it looks good I think. Now the true test is the Facebook campaign. I hope it doesn’t get rejected. Anyway I guess we will see in 48 hours or so. The price per click scared me but I figure like you said it will be less and I have a daily limit.

    My first time doing this lets see Master Yoda if this works…. I am positive :)
    And frigging excited at how much I have learned on the journey. Holy Cow.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Nice job buddy! Yea it takes time to learn everything and get things setup…but it definitely does work. :-) Keep up the incredible work!

  • jacob says:

    I had demon tracking, but refunded it. The instructions weren’t really clear and was a headache overall IMO.

    What tracking software do you recommend for Media Buys(Banner Advertising) ? A software that is easier to use from the get go, more plug n play.

    Thanks for appreciate your feedback.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Yea Demon Tracking is a pain. There’s no real good cheaper alternative for CPV that I’ve found though.

      For Banner Ad’s I’d just use HyperTracker. It’s so easy to use, and super cheap. It’s an ongoing monthly deal, but if you used a self hosted option you’d have to pay monthly anyways.

  • Jacob says:

    Thanks Jonathan. I’m currently looking at trck.me and hypertracker.

    As I am doing affiliate marketing selling other’s people products, it wouldn’t really track conversions, because I am not able to put the html in the thank you page of the product.

    P.S. It would be nice if you did a blog post about tracking & testing an ad campaign.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      No problem! I’m not familiar with trck.me, so if you do use those guys let me know what you think of it and how it goes.

      A lot of Affiliate programs let you create tracking links so you can track your sales through specific links. I’ll use those whenever possible, and if I’m collecting leads on my own I’ll use something like Hypertracker.

      Thanks for the post suggestion! I’ll add that and do a post on that sometime. Keep us posted buddy!

  • ed says:


    Did you use Demon with Media Traffic? How does the KW passthru work here? I understand that Mediatraffic will insert the url parameter “target_passthrough=” and not just the KW itself, which is different than leadimpact or trafficvance.

    If you made it work, please let us know how to do it.


    • Jonathan Register says:

      Ed – honestly it’s been awhile since I’ve use Demon Tracking, and I’ve deleted it from my server. Your best bet is to reach out to their support. I had a couple issues myself, but they were great about it and helped me through them. Give that a try.

      Hope that kind of helps buddy!

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