​AWOL Academy Review

​Is It A Bunch Of BS? Or A Real Opportunity?

BY ​JONATHAN REGISTER | ​​June 19, 2024

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Hi, my name is Jonathan Register.

​I’m guessing if you’re here, you’re looking for an honest, no BS review of the AWOL Academy. Am I right? ​If so, this AWOL Academy Review is for you.

Now maybe you’re wondering…

  • ​What is the AWOL Academy?
  • ​What do you get when you join the AWOL Academy?
  • ​Is ​the AWOL Academy a scam?
  • ​Should you join the AWOL Academy?

​I’ll be answering all of those questions and more in this AWOL Academy Review but first...

​Before we get rockin’...

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​Ok, next...

​What Is The "AWOL Academy"?

AWOL Academy Review

​The “AWOL Academy” is a portfolio of programs and coaching put out by a company called AWOL. And no... AWOL doesn’t refer to the military term AWOL.

AWOL means...

Another Way of Life

The goal and mission of AWOL is to provide a platform where people can learn the skills, strategies, and tactics needed to create a full-time income online. The primary vehicle in which they teach to accomplish that is through affiliate marketing (more on affiliate marketing in a sec).

So AWOL Academy is a portfolio of programs, but the main, flagship program that people typically start off with is the AWOL 101 program (with the AWOL Pro Academy).


If the primary vehicle for making money online that the AWOL Academy teaches is affiliate marketing, you might be wondering…​

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate marketing

If you already know this, feel free to move onto the next section...

Affiliate marketing is where you sell other people’s products (or a company’s products), and you earn a commission for each sale that you make.

Affiliate marketing has been around since the dawn of the Internet, and it’s a tried & true model for making money online.​

AWOL Academy Review - Affiliate Marketing

​Also, a lot of people don’t realize that most major companies offer affiliate programs. Wal-mart has an affiliate program, Target.com has one, Amazon.com has one, and there’s likely hundreds of thousands of more companies that have affiliate programs.

​What does that mean for you?

That means there is no shortage of products you can promote as an affiliate… aka there’s limitless opportunity for you.

Lastly, affiliate marketing is what allowed Keala Kanae (one of the founders of AWOL Academy) to go from a broke coffee shop employee to internet millionaire. Affiliate marketing is also what took me from a job I hated and dreaded going to each morning... to over $1.2 million in sales online (more on that here)…

So there’s no question that affiliate marketing is a proven, time tested model for making an income online.


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​What Do You Get With The AWOL Academy?

What you get with the AWOL Academy is highly dependent on what program you invest in. But again the flagship program that you’ll start with first is the AWOL 101 program (which typically comes with the AWOL Pro Academy).

With that you’ll get access to step-by-step, click-by-click coaching on how to generate daily income online through affiliate marketing (leveraging sales funnels, email marketing, and more).

AWOL 101

The methods they teach are something anyone can do. If you can follow simple instructions, then you can do it. Also, they lay the foundations so you can generate a part-time income, or build things up to a full time income and beyond (how big you take your income through affiliate marketing, is totally up to you).

So the AWOL Academy and their programs are not a “push button make millions” bull crap type thing.

​It’s a…

…here’s what you’re going to do, here’s why you need to do this, and here’s how to do it type program (aka no holes so you’re not scratching your head in frustration wondering what you need to do at each step).

On top of that, you’ll get implanted with the mindset you need to be in to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish with your online business.

I’m not going to go any deeper on what you get with the AWOL Academy because they are always improving things. If you want more info on what you get, I recommend you start here first.

Let’s now jump into the pros and cons of the AWOL Academy…

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Cool Things About The AWOL Academy

First, here’s just a few of the pros of the AWOL Academy.

The AWOL Academy Was Built To Serve Their Clients FIRST... Then For Affiliates

AWOL Academy was created and sold as a training platform first, and then LATER they offered an affiliate program.

That is not TRUE for almost every other system out there like...

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Why is this bad for you?

Because when the main focus of a program is so people can share it, and make money from it… the actual training itself becomes secondary… and thus typically isn’t all that good.

Instead of the training revolving around YOU, and teaching you a real set of skills that you can use to sell ANYTHING you want… everything revolves around only showing you what’s best for them (the system), so they get you to sell more of THEIR thing.

Who do you think benefits most from this setup? You, or the system owners?

I think we all know the answer to that. :-)

​Lastly, when the main focus of a program is for you to buy it, and then share it with others so you can make money… the legality of the program itself can definitely become questionable.

As I shared in The Super Affiliate Network Review ... a company called "My Online Business Empire" was recently shut down by the FTC for being a scam. The only purpose of the program was so people could pay money to join… and then get other people to give them money so they could join through them.

So just be very very careful when dealing with programs like that (and I’d personally recommend avoiding them).


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AWOL Academy Teaches You A Highly Sought After Skill Set That You Can Profit From For Life

It’s no secret that we live in a digital world. Amazon.com is taking over the world. You can buy all of your groceries online. Traditional brick and mortar retail businesses are shutting down left and right...

Toys“R”Us Going Out Of Business - small

​My childhood going away forever :-(

​Knowing how to generate traffic, leads, and sales online is one of the most valuable and in-demand skills today. As a result, you can use what you learn inside of AWOL Academy to sell virtually anything online.

​In fact… there’s a guy named Nathan who joined the program and used it to take his Martial Arts business from around $1,000 to $2,000 per month to $6,000 per month-

Nathan - AWOL Academy Review

​Not to shabby eh?

So while the main vehicle that AWOL teaches to make money online is affiliate marketing,  the skills it takes for success with affiliate marketing… are the same skills that can be used to sell almost anything online as Nathan proved above.

Another cool thing is…

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You Don’t Have To Pay Anything To Get Started With The AWOL Academy

You can start learning (and profiting) from the AWOL Academy immediately for a whopping $0.

If you go here... you can get free access to the Freelance Marketing Secrets PDF guide, AND get free access to the two hour companion webclass that expands on the PDF.

During the webclass Keala Kanae takes you through the step by step strategy that has made him over 7 figures online (this is the same process that took me from $0.00 to over $1.2 million in sales online)…

Ok, one last cool thing about the AWOL Academy is…

AWOL 101 Is A One-Time Investment

The AWOL 101 program (which usually comes with the AWOL Pro Academy) is a one-time investment.

Last I checked it was just $99 to get going (I’m sure it won’t stay that low forever… and it could change at anytime).

That means even if you’re tight on cash, anyone can find $99 to get going.

AWOL 101

Side Note: If you think $99 is a lot of money (to get access to a program that will give you the skills you need to build real, long term, ultra successful online business)… then AWOL Academy is definitely not for you.

Back in my days as a young entrepreneur, I started a pet sitting/dog walking/poop picking up business (another story for another day). To get that business going so it was a professional operation, and so I had all the tools, and systems in place to create success… I happily invested over $15,000 to get things going.

So if you’re concerned with investing a tiny $99 to get going… then I’d go so far and say you probably shouldn’t be trying to build an online business at all. Because that’s a clear warning sign that you’re not in the right mindset for success.

Ok, now for the dirt on the AWOL Academy…

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​Bad Things About The AWOL Academy

I couldn’t find a lot of bad things regarding the AWOL Academy. But here’s a few things that might be perceived as negatives...

There’s No Free Web Hosting, Free Blog, Or Other Free Tools

One of the selling points that other systems out there use to try to get you to buy them, is that they offer you a website (or multiple websites), web hosting, and other tools in conjunction with their training.

AWOL Academy offers none of that because their #1 mission and sole focus is to offer the best of the best education & training.

​Here’s what I’ve personally found from systems that tack on free websites, blogs, web hosting, and other do-dads to try to get you to buy…

Their “tack on” tools usually suck.

OR, if they don’t suck, they are usually very very limited and you’ll end up having to buy the tools outside the system anyways.

So while the AWOL Academy doesn’t offer free web hosting, free blogs, or any other tools, that’s actually a good thing for you. Because instead of tacking on crappy tools to try to get you to buy, they are solely focused on giving you the best of the best education platform.

One last bad thing about the AWOL Academy is…

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​One Of The Tools They Recommend In The Program Is A Tool I Hate

​Ok, hate is a strong word… but I highly dislike this tool.

Now this is definitely a personal preference of mine. But the marketing page builder they recommend in the program is a tool I’ve had issues with in the past (by the way a marketing page builder allows you to create lead capture pages, sales funnels, and more).

Those issues might be fixed, but I still think there is a much, much better tool for building marketing pages. There’s actually 2 different marketing page builders I use and recommend depending on your situation.

If you do end up joining the AWOL Academy through my website, just let me know, and I’ll hook you up with the landing page builder that I think is 1,000 times better than what they recommend. I’ll even hook you up with my best converting templates.


So here’s the million dollar question (the answer should be obvious now)…

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​Is AWOL Academy A Scam?

​I totally get why people ask… “Is AWOL Academy a scam”

Because there are definitely real scams out there. Asking this question can actually be a good thing, because instead of jumping into something blindly… it forces you to do some research to make sure you’re investing in something that will actually help you.

So to answer the question… is the AWOL Academy a scam …

The answer is no.

The AWOL Academy is definitely NOT a scam.

It’s a real training platform and opportunity that gives you the skills you need to create massive success with affiliate marketing (aka a daily income online that you can keep at a part-time level, or scale up as big as you want).

That brings me to this…

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​To Conclude... Should You Join The AWOL Academy?

I can’t really answer that question for you. It may not be for you. Or it could be for you.

The AWOL Academy could be the catalyst that allows you to be able to quit your job, buy a new home, go on that exotic dream vacation, buy that crazy expensive car… or whatever your goals and dreams are.

So whether you join or not, it’s something you will have to decide for yourself.

But I will say this.

​That's Noah ​after playing in dirt :-)

Fast forward 10 years or more… if our 3 year old son (Noah) told me…

“Dad, I want to learn how to do what you do. I want to learn how to build an online business…”

Without a doubt, the first thing I would have him do is buy the AWOL Academy (so he had some skin in the game), and I would have him go through their programs.

Nuff’ said.

Here’s what I would recommend you do now.

​Don’t decide whether the AWOL Academy is right for you or not in this moment.

Go here, request the free PDF, and attend the free webclass.

Jonathan Register

Absorb the training that Keala offers. THEN… decide.

​Lastly, hopefully it’s no surprise by now, but here’s my #1 recommendation for generating daily income online that you and your family can depend on for years, and years to come...

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​Thank you so much for reading the AWOL Academy Review! I hope you found it valuable, and that it answered any questions you had about the program. If you still have questions, if you have feedback, or you just want to say “hello” or “thank you”... just let me know below in the comments...

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