[VIDEO] Cheap clicks, traffic, & leads (shocking results)

HEYYY! You want more cheap (and targeted) clicks, traffic, & leads?

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How To Make More Money By Doing Less…

Have you ever just gotten so absolutely overwhelmed by all of the milllions of ways of making money online…

– all of the ka-jillion ways of generating leads…
– all of the ka-jillion ways of generating traffic…
– all of the ka-jillion ways of building your business…

That you just become paralyzed? And stuck?Continue reading

Snow Day

So I’m sitting here typing this to you from my home office…

Check out our backyard (earlier this morning)….Continue reading

Sleepless night :-(

PHEW…last night my wife and I had a sleepless night.Continue reading

Your Magic Wishing Boot = never ending perpetual failure

The most recent Saturday Night Live was hosted by Blake Shelton, and they did a hilarious parody making fun of country music videos…Continue reading

5 Ways To Hypnotically Get People To Buy From Your Emails

In today’s world of OVER ABUNDANCE of emails, sending out crap just does not cut it anymore.

GONE are the days of just sending out pure sales pitch after sales pitch after sales pitch (and expecting to get people buying from you).

GONE are the days of sending out constant garbage emails with no value whatsoever given.

People are over it. I’m over it.

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the “Traffic & Leads = Sales” SCAM

Let’s bash the gurus today shall we? In otherwords, let’s share the TRUTH.

There’s a common equation that’s prostituted by just about all the big time so called “goorus.”

And that equation is…Continue reading

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