5 Ways To Hypnotically Get People To Buy From Your Emails

In today’s world of OVER ABUNDANCE of emails, sending out crap just does not cut it anymore.

GONE are the days of just sending out pure sales pitch after sales pitch after sales pitch (and expecting to get people buying from you).

GONE are the days of sending out constant garbage emails with no value whatsoever given.

People are over it. I’m over it.

Are you?

With that said…that’s STILL what most people do. So as a result, making money with email is STILL very very easy if you do it right.

Here’s 5 ways to hypnotically get people to buy from your emails…

1) Share stories.

I’ve share this before, but you can never share too many stories. Stories are how people relate to you, they are how people get to know you as a real human being.

Share stories, then relate them back to what you’re selling.

2) BE YOU (don’t be afraid to be goofy, controversial, etc).

AGAIN, people want to do business with people who are REAL human beings. By being you, you’ll have more fun, and you’ll attract more people to you in the process.

3) Actually CARE about the people on your emails list.

People can sense if all you want is the money, or if you’re just a “slick” sales person who just wants the sale. That will cause people to RUN from you.

So actually CARE, and you will make more money.

4) Challenge the status quo.

Don’t be afraid to challenge the traditional way of thinking in our market. That will instantly cause you to stand out from the crowd.

5) Enter the thoughts of what people are already thinking.

Talk about the big news stories. Talk about popular TV shows, movies, etc. That will immediately get your foot on the door to be heard and listened to.

And one BONUS…

6) Shock em’ every now and then.

Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries in your Subject Lines. Sometimes people need a smack in the face to wake em’ up. Just be careful not to go to far with this, or do it constantly.


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