Your Magic Wishing Boot = never ending perpetual failure

The most recent Saturday Night Live was hosted by Blake Shelton, and they did a hilarious parody making fun of country music videos…

Check it out here-

My favorite line is… “The little black boot that makes your dreams come true…”

I bet you if you watch that video a few times, you’ll have it stuck in your head. :-)

But anyways…

In all reality, most people who try to build an online business are searching for the magic “wishing boot.”

They’re searching for that one thing…that one person, that has the one secret that will make them rich, or be the secret to unlocking massive fortune and wealth online.

If YOU have been searching for the magic wishing boot, how much luck have you had with that??

And no worries if you’ve been searching for it…to be totally frank…I searched for it myself for A LONG time, and never found it.


Cause there ain’t no such thing as a “magic wishing boot.”

Success online isn’t about “ONE” magic thing that will cause the heavens to open and the green stuff to start raining down on your head.

It doesn’t work that way.

It’s the culmination of…

1) Having multiple irresistible offers that people in your market actually want.

2)  Having a sales process to move people from visitors, to leads, to customers.

3) Having a constant stream of targeted people (who are capable of buying) coming into that sales process.

That’s it.

So the point is this. If you’re searching for the magic wishing boot….

STOP. You’re just wasting your time and energy.

Instead, focus on the 3 points above. If you do that…you will absolutely be blown away by the success you will create.

Speaking of, here’s a system (not my own), that has all 3 points above

I encourage you, if you are serious about creating results, and are tired of not achieving the success you want, watch this video, and take action.

Have an awesome day!

Jonathan “kicking the wishing boot to the curb” Register