the “Traffic & Leads = Sales” SCAM

Let’s bash the gurus today shall we? In otherwords, let’s share the TRUTH.

There’s a common equation that’s prostituted by just about all the big time so called “goorus.”

And that equation is…

Traffic & Leads = Sales

Or said another way…

Traffic = Sales.

Or one more way…

More leads = More money.


At least it’s just the “half truth.”

See many of the gurus out there believe and actively teach that you should “dumb things down” for the masses so they can maximize the sales they make.

But what does that mean for you?

It means not getting the whole story. It means getting little half truths here and there (and sometimes outright lies) that lead to…

…CONFUSION, FRUSTRATION, and a never ending cycle of failure.

Just think about their equation…

You can have all of the traffic & leads in the world, but if you don’t have a good sales process in place, you’re just throwing money down the drain!

(trust me, I’ve tried throwing lots of traffic at BAD sales processes…I just lost a ho bunch o’ money)

Also, you need TARGETTED traffic. You need traffic that is most likely to BUY whatever it is you are selling.

Also not all traffic is created equal.

Everyone wants “free” traffic. But is that always the right traffic? Is that always the best traffic that will allow you to scale your business (aka make LOTS of money)?

Sometimes, but usually no.

Lastly, you need products that people actually WANT, and the offer that presents that product needs to be irresistible (people would be crazy to say no).

Anyways, just a piece of advice.

Those big time gurus, take what they say with a grain of salt.

Because more often than not, they are “holding back” from you in an effort to dumb things down.


I believe you deserve to know the truth. Even if it is a little more “complex” than the gurus like to claim.

Because really truly, with the RIGHT system in place, anyone * can create massive success online.

*with the right mindset.

If you want the truth…here’s MY system that I’ve created for you, to take the “complex” and not hide it from you…but to do it for you.

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Have an awesome day.

Jonathan “guru Slayer” Register