MAJOR Realization.


2 Minute Exercise For The People Who Are SERIOUS About Creating Freedom In Their Life (as mentioned in the video)…

Just answer these 2 questions-

1) What’s an action that you need to take that you’ve been putting off?

2) Why don’t you do X? List out ALL the reasons…

See, the thing is…everything that you listed in question 2 are just your perceptions of what is going to happen. In other words, they are NOT reality (they may or may NOT happen…)!

Also, if you expect to be great, or even REMOTELY good at that action you know you need to take, then that is silly thinking on our part.

Because how can you expect to be good at something that you’ve never done, or that you don’t do regularly, or that you’ve never worked to get good at?

Fact is, you are NOT going to do a great job at it, or even a good job at it. And you know what?

THAT…is OK! :-) I hope you get this…

Yours In Success,

Jonathan Register


Let Me Know If You Get This In The Comments, AND/or Share An Action Below You Know You Need To Take…


  • Randy Young says:

    Thanks Jonathan! This is very true. I have been making excuses for why my business isn’t doing well, when the truth is I am scared of what might happen. I am scared that I am going to mess up. I am new to this and not very good with computers so I think I don’t how to do it correctly and am going to look stupid. The truth is that it is all in my mind. I don’t know if it is going to happen or not and I need to just do it.
    By the way, I am in the same fitness industry as you and hope to meet you at Summit next year! Thanks again!

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Sounds like you may have had an epiphany to! :-) Awesome awesome comment!

      Most definitely as far as meeting. My pleasure buddy! Keep the comments coming!

  • Edward says:

    Hi Jonathon,
    This is a great video, and actually I can totally relate to it, I’m struggling with a different issue that takes the same courage that you are speaking of. Just as Tony Robbins says, FEAR= False Evidence Appearing Real and as Deepak Chopra says, “the known is nothing other than the prison of our past conditioning. There is no evolution in that.” Go for it and don’t look back.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Thanks buddy!! Glad that it was a timely video for you.

      I love Tony Robbins teachings. Also great quotes! They are both very very powerful!

      Sounds like you and I both need to just do it!!!!

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