the Wife vs Me (big Fight).

On Saturday my wife and I got in a big fight. It got pretty darn heated.

I was set on doing one thing.
My wife was set on doing the opposite.

If you combine the 2 together…you’ve got a FIRE storm!

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Ok, back to the fight.

As you probably know by now my wife and I just moved into a new home recently.

With our new home, my office is pretty big. …Ok, its alotta big.

And with it being so big, my wife wanted to have her own desk in my office. She wanted to have a full desk, with a computer setup on it so she can check her email, and do various things.

Me on the other hand…I prefer less furniture, less clutter, less stuff.

So I did NOT want another desk in the office.

I also get distracted really really easily. So I really just saw this as my space to work in solitude…if Jen was in here doing stuff while I was trying to work (hosting a webinar, whatever), I’d just get distracted.

Lastly, my main argument was this…

“In your office at work, I don’t have my own desk, with my own computer, and my own stuff.”

(my wife is a manager of a local bank…she loves what she does and wants to run the bank one day)

Yea. That argument did NOT fly.

We went back and forth, back and forth on this on Saturday. She stood her ground, and I stood mine.

At one point I then told her I was taking the desk apart and putting it by the curb…

…that’s about the time when things got really heated.

We continued going back and forth (to the point of yelling at each other)…digging our heals in the ground further.

But EVENTUALLY one of us came around and realized they were wrong.

Who was wrong…doesn’t really matter. That’s such a small minor detail that doesn’t need to be shared.

Just kidding.

As I’m typing this now, we have two desks in my office! :-) One for me. One for Jen.

(if you guessed Jen won, you were right)

But to be totally honest, after typing this all out, I really REALLY see how freakin selfish I was being.

I mean there is PLENTY of space in my office for Jen’s desk. The only time she’ll be in here is in the evenings…and knowing my wife…if I need privacy so I can focus on something, she’ll give it to me.

The only person I was thinking of was MEme me mE!

And that brings us to this question you might be wondering…”Jonathan, what the hell does that have to do with ME?”

My question for you is this…

Are you being selfish in YOUR business?

Are you JUST focused on YOU?

…focused on making money now. focused on getting over hurdle x, y, or z.

OR are you focused on helping & serving others? Solving OTHER people’s problems?

THAT…is what every single business is built on. Solving people’s problems.

Just something to think about. It’s EASY to lose focus of that fact. And once you lose that focus…of solving other people’s problems, it’s very very hard to create real success.

Yours In Giving You Epiphanies,

Jonathan “the Result Maker” Register


P.S. This morning I personally had a MAJOR, MAJOR epiphany. It was in regard to “perceptions” that I’ve had that were holding me back. I know you have these perceptions too, and I KNOW they are holding you back in business and life. Interested in hearing this?


What do YOU think? Was that a little kick in the GUT for you? Leave A Comment Below And Share Your Thoughts, Rants, Raves, Below!


  • Always remember –

    “Happy wife; happy life.”

    • Jonathan Register says:

      lol…I’ve heard that before. I really need to take it to heart!!

  • Arturo sosa says:

    Since you story start i saw the end either you living in you car or second desk in the offices. There was no a possible other solution. Thanks got you got this one right, now from here on i will teach you the key for a happy marriage with 32 yrs been married always you answer should be:
    Yes dear!
    And save the arguement since later you will pay for it too.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      I agree with you Arturo! Had I taken the opposite approach and continued to stand my ground, I would have been in the car or dog house! :-)

      lol…great advice! love it! Hard to argue that with 32 years of a happy marriage! Congrats by the way on that!

  • Jan says:

    I’m not sure what’s funnier – the fact you lost, or that you ever thought you had a chance at winning ;-)

    • Jonathan Register says:

      lol…Good point!!!!! My wife especially liked your comment! :-)

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