My Lead System Pro Review – STOP Falling For The Hype!

My Lead System Pro Review

My Lead System Pro Review

It’s time for my My Lead System Pro Review! I’ve been testing out this system for about 6 months or so now so I wanted to give you my results, tell you more about that what exactly is My Lead System Pro, and I want to go over the bad and the good on this system. If you are at all serious about effectively using MLSP, then make sure you read this My Lead System Pro review from start to finish.

My Personal Results – My Lead System Pro Review

My Lead System Pro Review - My Results

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As far as my personal results with MLMLeadSystemPro, I have personally sponsored 10 reps into my MLM business over the last 2 weeks alone by following the techniques found in the system. Not bad eh? I’ve also gotten to the point where I’m making sales every single day and I’ve also skyrocketed myself onto the leader boards within my MLM company. Check out the screenshot to the right. I’ve managed to get myself to the #18 spot on my company’s leader boards. That’s #18 out of over 60,000+ reps so I must be doing something right! :-)

What The Heck Is My Lead System Pro? – My Lead System Pro Review

Before I dive into the pros and cons of my My Lead System Pro review I wanted to give you a very quick run down of what My Lead System Pro is (formly called MLMLeadSystemPro). Basically MLSP is a system that was designed for any network marketer (regardless of what company you are in) to use so that they are able to generate loads and loads of leads online so that you’re able to sponsor more people and make more money.

Instead of shoving your business opportunity presentation in front of these people immediately you are offering them valuable tools and products first (where you earn $$$), you’re giving them valuable free training, and then you’ll be offering them the chance to personally work with you in your MLM business. If it’s not for them and you get a NO, then it’s ALL good because you at least earned some money up front and have your MLM lead generation activities totally paid for. To get more in depth information on what MLSP is, feel free to check out this blog post – MLM Lead System Pro.

The Bad – My Lead System Pro Review

The Bad - My Lead System Pro Review

The Bad - My Lead System Pro Review

Alright, let’s get the negative stuff out of the way in this My Lead System Pro review…

The Hype. There seems to always be an extreme amount of hype surrounding systems like this (which leads people to think it’s a MLSP scam). I’ve used other lead generation systems that DID NOT live up to the hype, but I can honestly say that the hype surrounding MLSP is well deserved because the system works (when you actually use it). However, once you join MLSP there’s going to be a TON of other products coming at you. DO NOT buy every single product that comes your way and get sucked into all of the marketing hype. I believe you SHOULD be investing in your business, but do it wisely. Set a monthly budget for new tools and stick with it.

It’s Just A Tool. Some people get super excited about the results that other people have been having with a system like My Lead System Pro (and what they read in MLSP Reviews like this :-)) and they fall into the trap of thinking that all they’ve got to do is sign up for MLSP and the leads will magically start flowing into their Inbox. It obviously does NOT work that way. It WILL take work on your part. This is just a tool that needs YOU to use if you want to get any results with it.

The Cost. For people on a tight budget, the cost of using a system like MLSP may be a little much. Having to pay for their MLM company’s autoship of $100+/mo and then adding MLSP to the mix of about $49/mo definitely adds up. HOWEVER, if you actively use My Lead System Pro and actually implement the marketing techniques you learn and use the system then you can make that back very quickly. It really comes down to the actions you take and how serious you are about generating leads.

Easy To Lose Focus. This is the last negative of my My Lead System Pro review. Inside of MLSP you are going to be introduced to a large number of marketing techniques. It is SO easy to see other people having success with these techniques and then to jump from one technique to another. You’ll find if you do that, nothing will work for you because you aren’t focusing on one tactic and making it work. Staying focused on one marketing technique until you are generating at least 5-10 leads per day is KEY to finding success with the system.

The Good – My Lead System Pro Review

Now for the fun stuff in this My Lead System Pro review…

The Good - My Lead System Pro Review

The Good - My Lead System Pro Review

Get Paid Even When You Get No’s. If you’ve been in your MLM business for any length of time, then you know that you’ll get 100 No’s for every 1 Yes to joining your MLM business. The cool thing about MLSP is that you still will get paid despite getting all of these No’s. You’ll be earning commissions when people purchase the tools and products that you’ll be presenting to them (through the automatic email follow up). There is over 17 income streams that you can create with My Lead System Pro.

Your MLM Lead Generation Is Paid For. Have you tried spending some money through Pay Per Click (PPC) and other online and offline advertisements for you network marketing business? If you have, then you know that it’s almost impossible to do that without losing money (because of what I mentioned above about all of the No’s you’ll get). Most MLM company compensation plans just aren’t designed for you to make a lot of money when bringing on new reps. They are designed for the long term residual income. With MLSP you are getting paid up front, and you then have a HOT new lead to connect with. Read more about the model MLSP follows for lead generation here – Funded Proposal.

The Marketing Training Is Incredible. The marketing training that you’ll learn inside of My Lead System Pro is truly incredibly. The marketing training alone makes MLSP worth the monthly cost. They not only have a training library dedicated to proven tactics that work, but they also have a weekly Wednesday webinar where they discuss the latest most cutting edge MLM marketing techniques.

The System Is Plug & Play. My Lead System Pro was designed so even a newbie who is brand new to the MLM industry or new to lead generation can come in and start generating leads. Inside of MLSP they created a step by step training that walks you through how to set your MLSP system up so you can start generating leads asap.

There are lots more positives, but my My Lead System Pro review is getting pretty long so I figured I’d cut it off here! :-)

TAKE ACTION NOW – My Lead System Pro Review

I tried to be as comprehensive as possible in this My Lead System Pro review so that you can make an educated and smart decision as to whether MLSP is right for you or not. I personally signed up just for the training in the beginning, but now I’m actively using MLSP for the lead generation system. This system truly does work if YOU go through the system setup and actually put it to use. If you’re at all serious about generating a massive number of MLM leads online then I highly encourage you to at least check it out now by clicking the link below-

==>Take Me To My Lead System Pro

The guys behind the system stand by MLSP 100% so if you find out that it isn’t for you, then request a refund and get your money back. It’s as simple as that.

Again, I hope you found this My Lead System Pro review helpful and valuable! Now it’s time for you to TAKE ACTION! Check out MLSP now and I’ll see you on the inside!

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  • I am absolutely amazed about all of the exciting top notch resources and training on MLSP. Its a great site!

  • Miguel says:

    Jonathan, what back link tools do you recommend?

  • allen says:

    im very intrested in making money online im disabled and have disability does pay to much so any ideas would be greatly appreciated send me an email

  • Brenda Register says:

    Question: You mention that the monthly cost is about $49. a month, however, I’m seeing a signup of $19.97 per month, after the 3 day trial. Is there an undisclosed necessary tool that makes it work, like a website fee or something. What makes it go from 19.97 to 49.? I think the training is worth the cost, but I don’t appreciate hidden games and agendas you don’t know about until you get in the door and have already signed up for what you expected was $19.97. Please clarify for me. Thank You, Brenda Register (we have the same last name? My husband is Michael Register, related?)

    • Jonathan Register says:

      hey, that’s really cool that we have the same last name! :-) There’s not a lot of Register’s out there! We could somehow be related.

      This blog post is an older blog post. Since I wrote it, they’ve come out with 3 different membership levels. The $19.97/mo is the base one. If you’re just getting started, then start with that! :-) Hope that helps Brenda!

  • Raquel says:

    I would like to hear about more success stories with this system. I am really tired of investing initial payments to several different start up cost with online businesses. I get calls approx. every other day from an online business I invested in for a coach/mentor ($500), but I don’t know of anyone that has made money from this particular business. They offer wedinars to try show you how to succeed but it is always followed by another sell pitch of more software to buy ($200)and on and on. Raquel

  • carl says:

    Tests drive for$9.95 and then The price is very steep a montlhy payment of $147 month for a comple profit center. I will need to wait a while before a dream to join

  • Kevin says:

    Great Review! I think MLSP is great platform. It has great training/education, strong community, teaches you to become leader through attraction marketing and gets your biz to the next level!

  • Fitzy says:

    Hey Jonathan :

    Can you tell me what are the actual 3 different levels of membership and their cost? , I am on a tight budget and would like to get started ASAP.

  • Mike Ch says:

    Hi Jonathan, thanks for your sharing in this review. I am interested in MLSP as it says it can quickly generate leads for biz owners. I am looking for more members for my networking opportunity which does not require members to pay any monthly fees to make money. I am already using special internet marketing systems to get leads from the huge cold market worldwide. I want to achieve faster success to higher levels and wonder if MLSP can help me. It is interesting that MLSP has got you new signups into your MLM business. I am not so sure if MLSP can help in my particular type of business after reading your review as it seems to focus mainly on promoting MLSP to other people and there are many upsells. Can you share how long did it take you to get new members into your MLM business from the time you set up the system?

    Can some more people here share if MLSP has helped them to get more customers and members for their own businesses?

  • corbin cowan says:

    i am interested in signing up but have had this system before with no success. i am willing to sign up under you if in can get someone that can actually help me get this system going.

  • Arturo says:

    How much is the coaching price for a mentor in MLSP?

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