MLM Lead System Pro – Do NOT Join MLSP!

MLM Lead System Pro

MLM Lead System Pro

MLM Lead System Pro – Is this just another “system” full of BS promises that will just end up sucking more of your hard earned money for your bank account (or just adding more debt to your credit cards)?

Or is MLM Lead System Pro a real, legitimate system that will help you go from a struggling network marketer chasing your friends and family to having an endless supply of leads, making lots of molla, and ultimately leading you to accomplishing your “Why” for getting into this industry in the first place?

That’s exactly the questions I asked before getting involved in MLM Lead System Pro. I gotta to be honest with you. I’ve spent $1,000’s and $1,000’s of dollars on “systems” and “secrets” and all kinds of crazy programs that were supposedly the “answer” to my problem of not having enough leads, or qualified people that I can put my MLM business opportunity in front of.  I’ve wasted WAY more money then I’d like to admit (hopefully my wife isn’t reading this). If you are even considering throwing down your credit card to get involved with MLSP, then DO NOT join until you read this post from start to finish…

What Is MLM Lead System Pro?

First, let’s go over what the heck My Lead System Pro is. By the way My Lead System Pro used to be called MLM Lead System Pro, but now it’s called My Lead System Pro (MLSP), but I tend to interchange the names.

MyLeadSystemPro was launched in Sept. 2008 by Brian Finale, Todd Schlomer, and Norbert Orlewicz. It was designed for any network marketer as a generic (not branded by any network marketing company), self brandable, automatic follow-up, lead generation system that follows the funded proposal model and incorporates attraction marketing.

MLMLeadSystemPro Funded Proposal

MLM Lead System Pro Funded Proposal

So what in the world does any of that mean? In the most simplest terms, MLM Lead System Pro is a system that will help you generate qualified leads for your multi-level marketing business and will allow you to make money even if those leads don’t join your company.

Basically from day 1 after signing up you’re able to set up and personalize your MLM Lead System Pro pages, add your MLM company, and immediately start promoting your personalized system to other struggling network marketers. Those people then check out your MLSP pages, they optin to your autoresponder (automatic email follow up system), and BAM you have a new lead.

Once they are on the inside of your “funnel” they are able to check out the incredibly valuable training you have (this training is available for you to share from day 1 of joining MLSP; here’s an example- Example Training), they can sign up for MLM Lead System Pro for themselves, and get the tools and training they need to be successful. So you’ll get a nice commission and continue to earn commissions as this person invests into their MLM business.

Since these people are investing in their network marketing business (and obviously want to find success) you have a good, qualified lead. You’ll reach out to this person and provide them accountability, support, free training, and the opportunity to personally work with you in your MLM company. So instead of chasing the same people around in your warm market, MLM Lead System Pro opens the doors to a whole new group of people who are ALREADY involved in network marketing and believe in our industry.

Make $$$ Even When You Don’t Sign Up A Lead – MLM Lead System Pro

By using MLM Lead System Pro you have “funded” your lead generation activities versus paying crazy amounts of money for garbage leads that you buy on the Internet. Are you beginning to see the power of a system like MLMLeadSystemPro? Here’s a quick video I put together giving you a look inside MLSP, and showing you my results from it…

The Bad – MLM Lead System Pro

Now I’m going to go over a few negatives of My Lead System Pro…

  • It’s Just A Tool. MLM Lead System Pro is NOT a magic system that will magically cause it to start raining leads or money. It is just a tool that will help you to generate leads and make more money. The key component in the equation of making this tool work is YOU! You must take ACTION and setup your system, go through the training and commit to using it. Otherwise the money you invest into MLM Lead System Pro is a total waste.
  • It’s Easy To Loss Focus. There is a HUGE amount of marketing training within the back office of MLMLeadSystemPro. I see a lot of new people come into the system and see all of these other people having a huge amount of success and they end up doing any and all marketing techniques that they see that is working for other people. Nothing ends up working for them because they are jumping from one marketing technique to another. If you truly want to find success you must FOCUS! Focus on one marketing technique within MLM Lead System Pro and stick with it until you’re generating 5-10 leads a day from it.

The Good – MLM Lead System Pro

  • You’re Positioned As A Leader. From day one of signing up into MLM Lead System Pro you have extremely valuable trainings that you can share with people that instantly make you the leader. Leading with value is a core principal of attraction marketing and what the million dollar earners in our industry live by.
  • You Have Access To Marketing Techniques That Work. The marketing techniques that you’ll learn inside of MLM Lead System Pro are alone worth the price of being a member of the system. You’ll have access to training that will walk you through step by step every possible way to grow your MLM business. These trainings are taught by leaders in the industry and these leaders are actually doing these techniques themselves.
  • Takes The Guesswork Out Of Internet Marketing. There are many, many very dark, dead end roads in the internet marketing world (trust me, I’ve been down every single one of them and they aren’t plesant) where you’ll waste time and money on crap that just doesn’t work. If there was ever such thing as an “easy button” or fast track to success in internet marketing, then MLM Lead System Pro would be it. Inside you’ll learn proven techniques that will allow you to grow your network marketing business online without going broke in the process.

The Decision Is Yours – MLM Lead System Pro

If I could do things all over again, I’d have joined MLM Lead System Pro from day 1 of joining my network marketing business. It would have dramatically reduced my learning curve and who knows where I’d be at today. If you’re at all serious about generating leads, making money and getting to your “Why” for being in this industry as quickly and efficiently as possible, then I highly recommend you go ahead and take a look inside of MLM Lead System Pro and join now by clicking here or the following link-

==>YES! Let Me In To MLM Lead System Pro.<==

Sign up and take action! I’ll be here to help you every step of the way. I hope you found my MLM Lead System Pro post helpful!

  • Hey Jonathan,

    Great article, man!

    I agree with the part about potentially losing focus inside the system. It seems like a lot of people have good intentions when they start going through all of the marketing training, but they often jump from strategy to strategy every week when they really need to focus until they’ve mastered that particular tactic.

    How long have you been with MLM Lead System Pro?

    Have a great day,


    • Jonathan Register says:

      Thanks Brian! Exactly…I’m glad you re-emphasized that because it’s so important to pick 1 marketing strategy and to just FOCUS on it. Otherwise you get into MLM Lead System pro and nothing ends up working.

      I’ve been with MLM Lead System Pro for about 3 months now. Until recently I just used it for the awesome training, but now I’m using the system to it’s fullest and using it for mlm lead generation. You have a great day too buddy!

  • Jared says:

    I am looking to get this setup as soon as possible but what is the suggested starting point? What is the best place to start so that you can generate a lot while you are training and figuring out stuff?

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Check out the above video on this page since I tell you what you’ll need to do. You basically will need to get yourself signed up, get your MLM Lead System Pro funnel set up and start marketing your funnel. You are literally walked through that entire process step by step in the “Start Here” section within MLM Lead System Pro. I’ll be in touch with you once you get going to make sure you’re going in the right direction.

  • Sidney says:

    Smashing article! The advice really helps. Next time I join I will focus on segments of the training. Looking back now, I think this makes a lot of sense. Like so many others I thought I had to dive into the whole thing at once. Now I see that I need to focus and master each technique at a time in the training. Hats off to ya!

  • mike repluk says:

    Hi and thank you for the article. I am involved with a company called Unicity International for the past several months. I keep hearing about MLSP and have no doubt based on the reviews that it is a complete system that helps many network marketers succeed.

    My question is how do I get started? I have no idea how to utilize the system and attraction marketing in general. Is there a book you can recomend or a website that explains the basics on how to use MLSP? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Kind regards,
    Mike Repluk

  • Jermaine says:

    Just one question the site that u market is it mlsp or is you network marketing site for which you are a member

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