Attraction Marketing – What Is It And Why Should You Care?

If you’re in network marketing and you want to SUPER CHARGE your business then you should absolutely know what attraction marketing is and be actively taking steps to implement it. Attraction marketing is what separates the mediocre network marketers barely making any money to the top recruiters making millions of dollars a year.

Attraction Marketing Definition

First, let’s start out with a definition of attraction marketing. I’ve got to warn you that this won’t be a fancy definition that you’d find in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary since it’s coming from my brain, but as long as you understand what it is, that’s all that matters. So here here’s my attraction marketing definition…

Attraction marketing is doing certain things so that people come to YOU versus you seeking them out.

See I told you it wouldn’t be fancy! But it doesn’t need to be fancy because it’s a very simple concept. Despite its simplicity, probably 99.5% of network marketers don’t use this form of marketing. That 99.5% of people are NOT the one’s you see on the stage at your company’s awards ceremony receiving their 6 or 7 figure bonus check.

Example of What Attraction Marketing is NOT

If you’re like me you’re a visual person and like to see images and videos. So let’s go visit Ethan. Ethan just joined a new MLM company and he is at his local convenience store. Push play to see what Ethan is up to today-

This is obviously what MLM attraction marketing is NOT about! Ethan is at the convenience store waiting for people to come and do their shopping so he run into them and pitch them on his business and products.

Example of Attraction Marketing In Action

attraction marketing

Attraction Marketing NOT Attractive Marketing! :-)

Here’s a quick example of attraction marketing in action. Jill is interested in joining the network marketing business that Ethan is part of. She isn’t sure if it’s something she would be good at, so she goes to Google and types in the name of the company and the word “review.” A bunch of listings show up on Jill’s computer and she clicks on the first listing. It’s a blog post that Ethan’s cousin wrote who is also a distributor within the same company Ethan is part of.

Jill reads the review and really likes everything she reads. She also finds the blog post to be very helpful. So Jill contact’s Ethan’s cousin to find out how she can join and sign up.

THAT is attraction marketing for you. Jill was already interested in joining the company, but she just wanted to be sure it was right for her. She did some research and she FOUND Ethan’s cousin and reached out to him.

So enough of the silly examples. I hope by now you understand the concept of attraction marketing.

Should I Ignore What My Company Teaches Me And Just Focus On Attraction Marketing?

Absolutely not! I don’t want you to think that I’m implying that the “traditional” belly-to-belly marketing strategies that most network marketers are taught to do don’t work (having weekly meetings, handing out DVD’s, the 3 foot rule, etc). The fact of the matter is that they DO work.

When you’re brand new, starting with your warm market and then moving on to the traditional MLM marketing techniques is usually a good route to go. But eventually you’ll go through your warm market list and run out of people to call. Eventually you’ll get to a point where you’ll want to move the business away from you so that you can literally do whatever you want whenever you want (TRUE time freedom).

For me personally, I don’t want to spend my life searching for people to join my network marketing business. I would ultimately like people to come to me and seek me out. I would like for people to be standing in line waiting to join my team. Now doesn’t that sound much better then calling 100’s of people a day for the rest of your life? :-)

How To Use Attraction Marketing In Your Business

Attraction Marketing SystemTo use attraction marketing within your network marketing business you need to setup some kind of system. For me, my attraction marketing system that I created when I first started out was a blog within the niche that the company I work with is in (health & fitness). I created this blog to add value and to help solve the issues that people have within my niche.

That blog has been a total success and now I get new sales every single day without even speaking with the buyer. I get new distributors into my business who I’ve never even met. People are contacting ME and asking me questions on what I do and how they can join.

An attraction marketing system doesn’t have to be a blog and it doesn’t have to even be online. However, some of the most successful attraction marketing systems that I’ve seen are online. This is the system I’m now using – My Attraction Marketing System.

Attraction Marketing – Let’s Wrap Things Up

I think I’ve given you enough to sink your teeth into for now. Attraction marketing is a deep subject and I could probably write a book on it. If you are serious about the long term growth of your MLM business then I highly recommend that you dig deeper and get yourself into some attraction marketing training. For starters, you’ll want to check out a book called Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard. That book does an incredible job explaining attraction marketing and it’ll give you a good foundation to build on.

As far as all of the attraction marketing secrets and actual techniques and strategies you can implement to grow your network marketing business…that is what this blog is all about! Browse around and make sure to subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated so you don’t miss out on valuable training.

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