Funded Proposal – What The Heck Is It?

Funded Proposal

Funded Proposal? What the?

What on earth is a funded proposal? And what does it have to do with network marketing? No need to fear because Jonathan is here! :-) In this post I’m going to explain to you exactly what a funded proposal system is, and I’m going to compare it to the “traditional” way of generating leads in a network marketing/mlm business. I’m also going to show you why you MUST utilize a funded proposal system if you are at all serious about generating leads online OR offline so you can sponsor hundreds and hundreds of reps and make a massive amount of income EVEN when you get NO’s to joining your company…

Typical Network Marketing Cold Market Funnel (NOT A Funded Proposal)

Before I jump into what a funded proposal is, let’s take a quick look at the traditional network marketing cold market funnel that you would use to generate leads. So in other words, this is basically what you do to find new people to add to your list (outside of your friends and family), so you can get their eyeballs in front of a presentation. I’m a picture person myself, so take a look at this picture  below (feel free to click on it to view the full size image).

Typical Network Marketing Sales Funnel

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Hopefully the image shows you that the traditional MLM cold marketing  funnel is pretty straight forward. This is a good model that does work, BUT, the biggest problems come once you decide to leverage different marketing techniques that involve MONEY (there’s only but so many marketing techniques that are free and that help you to generate a huge number of MLM leads).

If you’ve been involved in network marketing for any length of time, you know that you’re going to get roughly 100 No’s (maybe more, maybe less) for every 1 Yes that you get for someone who wants to join your network marketing business. So how much money is it going to take to generate that 1 Yes? Does your MLM compensation plan pay enough to give you a positive return on investment? I highly, highly doubt it! Most network marketing compensation plans are designed for the residual income so you make more and more money the longer you stick around and build your team.

So if you try to buy network marketing leads or do any other marketing activity to create leads, you’re likely going to go in the negative pretty quickly and like most network markers you’re going to end up going broke and spending yourself out of the business. Going broke is what we want to move away from in network marketing! :-) So let’s take a look at the funded proposal model and how it solves this problem.

What Is A Funded Proposal?

Funded Proposal MLM Sales Funnel

Funded Proposal MLM Sales Funnel

Again, I’m a picture person, so check out this image to the right of a funded proposal cold market funnel. The funded proposal looks longer, harder, and more confusing, but it’s really not. It is a little bit of a longer process, but it’s well worth it in my opinion to have your lead generation (your marketing techniques that you do to add new people to your list) totally paid for.

So basically to summarize the image, a funded proposal is a type of network marketing lead generation system where you “fund” your lead generation activities. Instead of going broke paying for leads (or doing other marketing techniques), you are earning commissions pretty early on by giving people valuable tools that will help them. Once they’ve gotten to know you, like you, and trust you, they will end up coming to YOU asking to see YOUR presentation versus you seeking them out.

This whole system revolves around attraction marketing. You give people VALUE (training that will truly help them), offer them tools/products that will help them (you make $$$), and as your relationship grows they will usually end up wanting to check out what you’ve got going on (you sponsor reps into your mlm business).

Funded Proposal – The Perfect Target Market

The perfect target market for a lead generation system like this is….struggling network marketers! There are countless people out there who have gotten into multi-level marketing who had HUGE dreams and goals and they are literally struggling and hoping to just break even. They are HUNGRY for answers and they want to realize those dreams and goals.

Unfortunately, a  majority of these distributors problems come from having an ignorant sponsor or upline or even joining the wrong company that isn’t providing any support (or just isn’t legitimate). As much as I believe in my company and our industry there are still people who take advantage of the network marketing business model and a lot of people who don’t know a thing about marketing a business.

For you auditory learners, here’s a quick break down of me explaining the funded proposal system-

My Favorite, Top Secret Funded Proposal System

To effectively follow the funded proposal model for lead generation, you MUST have a system! How much down time (where you’re not prospecting or making ANY money) would you have trying to put a funded proposal system together yourself? A lot, and there are so many variables involved that you may never make it work. Luckily, for you and I there a few funded proposal systems already out there for us to use.

I’ve tested several, and the very best that’s out there is My Lead System Pro (formally called MLM Lead System Pro). As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, if you are at all serious about generating leads online OR offline so you can sponsor a boatload of reps and make a massive amount of money EVEN when you get NO’s to joining your company, you have to use a funded proposal system like MLSP.

==>YES! Let Me In To My Lead System Pro.<==

What’s the alternative? Go broke, stay miserable, and do what everyone else in the world around you does by running away in that hamster wheel with a job? TAKE ACTION! Click the link above or enter your info in the boxes on this page. YOU and YOU alone control your future! Take charge, take action, and do what needs to be done so you get results!

I hope you found my “funded proposal” blog post helpful! If you did, share it!

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