MLM Prospecting – Master This Or DIE!

MLM Prospecting

MLM Prospecting - Don't worry, it's just red paint! :-)

Ok, you won’t really die if you don’t master the basic process of MLM prospecting (I was just kidding and being goofy :-)), but you WILL struggle and have a very hard time sponsoring reps into your network marketing business. You may get lucky and have a few people join your business here and there (just for the discount on your product), but you’ll never become a heavy hitter or have a constant stream of new reps coming in. We all know that to create a massive residual income through network marketing that we MUST build a very good sized team. Understanding and knowing how to properly go through the MLM prospecting process is critical to your success!

In this post I’m going to go over the basic process of MLM prospecting, and I’m also going to tell you about some pretty secret MLM prospecting tools that have enabled me to master MLM prospecting and as such I’ve been able to jump into the top 20 of my company out of over 60,000 reps. So read on if you are truly serious about mastering MLM prospecting so that you can work towards that walk away residual income…

MLM Prospecting 3 Part Process

Here are the 3 basic parts of the MLM prospecting process…

1) Find The Prospect. You do this through your MLM lead generation activities. The easiest way to do this is to pick one or two marketing activities and to FOCUS on them and make them work until you are generating 5-10 leads a day. It’s also best that you use a MLM prospecting system which I will discuss below in the tools section.

2) Get Prospect To A Presentation. This is pretty self explanatory, but there are right ways and wrong ways to go about dealing with prospects. You MUST maintain the power (not in a weird wizardry type of way :-)) aka your posture when dealing with prospects. You need to get to know them, make sure they are really someone you want in your business, and then get them to watch your business presentation.

3) Follow Up & Closing Time. Again there is a right way and wrong way to do this step as well. You should NOT be chasing people around begging them for a decision. You need to set it up so that they either give you a decision or you are making the decision for them. As my buddy Ray Higdon likes to say, “Yes’s and No’s are fine, but Maybe’s starve baby’s!”

Luckily for me (and for you), the MLM prospecting process isn’t rocket science. This process is actually very, very simple if you understand how to go through it properly. That’s where a little education and investing in your business comes into play. This is business and investing in the right tools and education can mean GOLD (lots o money) for you and your family.

3 Secret MLM Prospecting Tools For Success

Secret MLM Prospecting Tool #1

mlm prospecting systemMy Lead System Pro– This is a MLM prospecting system AND education tool (this takes care of finding prospects and lots more). Not only do you get your own lead generation funnel to send people to, but you also get step by step training on the latest online and offline lead generation tactics. This system allows you to earn income EVEN when you get No’s (and you know as network markers we get ALOT of No’s so imagine if you could earn $$$ with those No’s). This will EASILY pay for itself if you take action and use it. Just the marketing techniques that you’ll learn inside this system are worth their weight in gold and makes the subscription to it worth every penny.

==>Take Me To My Lead System Pro

Secret MLM Prospecting Tool #2

mlm prospecting trainingBlack Belt Recruiting – If I were to pick one course that totally changed the course of my MLM business I would say this would be it. This is a basically a MLM prospecting training that does an incredible job of training you on the mindset & posture you should be in when dealing with prospects, how to deal with objections, how to close prospects, how to get them to a decision, etc. I can honestly say that the number of people (and the quality of those people) increased dramatically after I learned what’s inside this course.

==>Take Me To Black Belt Recruiting

Secret MLM Prospecting Tool #3

mlm prospecting scriptsTodd Falcone’s Little Black Book Of Scripts – This is the holy grail of MLM prospecting script books. If you’re like me when you came into the network marketing industry you had no freakin clue what to say to people to actually get them to a presentation, what to say when you follow up and close people, etc. This script book tells you EXACTLY what to say word-for-word so you don’t look like a bumbling idiot on the phone (that’s what I sounded like when I first started). It also gives you MLM prospecting questions that will instantly give you the control and power while prospecting. This book sits right beside my phone to this day. I don’t have it open during every call like I used to, but I still am basically saying what’s in this book when I’m speaking with prospects (tweaked to fit me). And no, this book isn’t filled with your typical cheesy, scammy one liners. This is the real deal that will give you results.

==>Take Me To The Little Black Book Of Scripts


If you were to utilize just these three MLM prospecting tools and you actually implemented and took action on everything that you learn, then you would literally be unstoppable and would have no where to go but up to the top of the leader boards of your company. I’ve bought $1,000’s and $1,000’s (way more then I wish to admit) worth of courses, e-books, “magic” systems, etc. and none come even close to the value you get from the tools above.

So if you are NOT accomplishing what you want to get out of your MLM business (or struggling in any part of the MLM prospecting process), then something MUST change. Invest in the tools you need so that you can master MLM prospecting once and for all. What’s the alternative? DIE? Muhahahahahahaaaaa! :-)

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  • Prospecting is like an art that we have to master if we want to succeed in any kind of business, Even Coke has to prospect us to decide to drink one of their products… And specially here in Network marketing or affiliates marketing that we are our own brand to make sales…

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Yep, prospecting is KEY no matter WHAT business you are in! Have a good one buddy.

  • Viola Tam says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Excellent content! Thank you for sharing Ray Higdon’s starving babies analogy! We need to be following up on the right group of prospects. No follow up sucks! So is following up on the wrong people!

    I am glad that you have included a video clip here. Your are demonstrating the right way (the tone, the level of energy and confidence) that are required in MLM communication :)

    I appreciate your sharing, Jonathan! Keep up your great work!

    Viola Tam

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