MLM Lead Generation – SECRET Techniques That WORK!

MLM Lead Generation

MLM Lead Generation - Don't Be A Sleeze Ball!

MLM Lead generation techniques should NOT be a secret. But unfortunately,  you may have an upline who just does a horrible job of sharing MLM lead generation techniques other then your typical “old school” techniques that just flat out don’t work anymore. You know what I’m talking about…They’ll tell you to just go to a grocery store or mall (or any other public location) and strike up conversations with random people. It’s usually very evident when you’re forcing conversations like that and most people can see straight through the fakeness. Don’t be a sleeze ball! Unless you have genuine interest in a person, don’t try to strike a conversation just so you can pitch them your network marketing business at a later date.

I hope you realize that if you don’t have a constant stream of leads coming in (or NO MLM leads at all), then you don’t have a business. Read on because I’m going to expose some MLM lead generation techniques that work that your upline has likely NOT been telling you about…

Where MLM Lead Generation Can Be Done

Before we jump into the actual MLM lead generation methods we need to establish where we are going to create these leads. In a nutshell, there are basically 3 different places that MLM lead generation can be done-

  • Through a MLM lead generation company by purchasing leads.
  • Through the offline world (aka everything around you)
  • Through online techniques (aka the Internet)

Or, you can of course do some combination of the above, which I highly, highly recommend. Remember the old saying don’t put your eggs in all one basket? Well since this is a business it would behoove you to follow that advice.

Buying Leads Through A MLM Lead Generation Company

This technique is pretty self explanatory. There’s actually companies out there that do all of the MLM marketing for you and will sell you leads of people who have said “Yes” to wanting to earn some extra income from home. They find these people by running radio advertisements, magazine advertisements, internet advertising, etc. So they do all of the MLM lead generation for you, but you’re going to be paying a hefty price for a good quality lead. You will find companies that will sell you somewhat cheap MLM leads, but you truly do get what you pay for. The cheapo leads have typically are “aged” (it’s been quite some time when that person actually said “Yes” to wanting more info on how they can make money from home) and have been sold to numerous other network marketers.

If you’re an existing network marketer who has some income flowing in and you need practice on the phone, then buying leads through a MLM Lead Generation Company isn’t a bad idea. I DO NOT though recommend this MLM lead generation technique for people just coming into the business. You’ll very quickly go broke by spending yourself out of the business (read more on that subject in my Funded Proposal blog post).

Offline MLM Lead Generation Techniques

So we all know your typical offline techniques of calling on your warm market, doing home parties (and other events) and old school stuff like that (that doesn’t mean they don’t work or that you shouldn’t do them). But here’s a few extra offline MLM lead generation techniques to think about…

  • Dropcards. This is basically where you “drop” a small card (having it look like a fake $20 is very effective) in crowded locations. The card will need to have something on it that will entice people who are looking for more out of life (who want to get out of the rat race) to call you or go to your website.  This actually can be pretty effective, but the key is to consistently be putting these out in large numbers.
  • Post-it Notes. This is a variation of drop cards; instead of using a card you use a post it note. :-) It’s even cheaper then doing drop cards and you can really get creative with it. You’ll want to put these at high traffic locations like gas stations, ATM’s, etc. Just like dropcards you’ve got to be consistent and put out at least 100 post it notes a day to see any results. You WILL get calls from this, but you better be ready to filter people out quickly otherwise you’ll waste a lot of time with people that don’t belong in your business.
  • Other Advertisements. This is doing magazine/newspaper advertisements, radio advertisements, and any other typical form of advertising that you see businesses doing. This form of MLM lead generation does work, but it’s very, very, very expensive and it takes a lot of testing (losing money to figure out what works). This is really only for the MLM pros who have the money and know what they are doing.

Online MLM Lead Generation Techniques

Now online MLM lead generation is my specialty and what I enjoy most, since I will admit, I’m a computer nerd. However, you don’t need to be a computer nerd to be able to generate MLM leads online. You just need a little training and practice (there are RIGHT ways and WRONG ways to do MLM lead generation online). There are literally millions and millions (and probably billions) of people on the internet at anyone given time. Using the power of the internet can literally allow you to generate 100’s of network marketing leads a day. Here’s the main MLM lead generation techniques that you can do online-

  • Blogging. This is a FREE MLM lead generation technique (which I love) and is an incredible long term method. You will NOT generate leads overnight with a blog (unless you’re sending paid traffic to a capture page), but it is an incredible long term method of MLM lead generation. With time you could easily have 30 to 50 or more leads coming in just through your blog.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC). This is basically where you create an ad that leads to a capture page where people will enter their contact info if they are interested in what you have to offer. This is the quickest way to generate MLM leads online, but it does take money and there is a little bit of a learning curve.
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, etc.). This is NOT where you are spamming your Facebook wall or other people’s Facebook walls telling them why your business is so awesome and that they MUST join it now. This is building relationships with people and then when the time is right asking if they are open to making some extra molla.

Here’s The SECRET Of MLM Lead Generation

The secret of  having a constant flow of new leads coming in (whether they are online OR offline) is by utilizing a MLM lead generation system! This IS the secret of top producers. If you don’t have- A) A system that will train you on how to do the MLM lead generation techniques I mentioned above (and I only mentioned a few), and B) A system that allows you to setup a “funnel” to put these people into, then you’re pretty much doomed to failure. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but you will struggle trying to figure it all out on your own.

I personally use My Lead System Pro for my MLM lead generation and I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about generating a crap load of leads so they can start sponsoring more and reps and making more dinero. So TAKE ACTION! This system works (but you’ve got to actually use it). Start your MLM lead generation now so you can finally start getting closer to accomplishing your “WHY” for being in the business- My Lead System Pro.

I hope you found my “MLM Lead Generation” post helpful!

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