Free MLM Leads

Free MLM Leads

Free MLM Leads

Free MLM leads is what we all want right? I mean, if you can get a targeted, highly motivated FREE MLM lead to get your business opportunity presentation in front of you would be revved up wouldn’t you? On top of that, imagine having a steady, constant stream of these leads flowing into your Inbox every single day. How about 50 to 100+ free MLM leads showing up in your email? Do you think you would find success? Do you think it’d be more likely for you to accomplish your “Why” and allow you to truly start getting closer to true time and financial freedom?

Umm, YEA! :-) There is more to it then generating free MLM leads, BUT, MLM lead generation is usually the biggest hurdle for most network marketers. If you get over that hump, then you’re unstoppable. Keep on reading because I’m going to reveal the top 2 tactics to generate free MLM leads online, and at the end, I’ll let you know about an exclusive lead generation system that teaches you step by step how to do these tactics.

Two Ultra Effective Tactics For Free MLM Leads Online

#1 – Free MLM Leads

Blogging. This is one of my favorite ways to get free MLM leads online. In a nutshell, what you do is create a blog that provides valuable content for network marketers or anyone looking to make more money. You then do things to ensure that your content ranks high in the search engines (Google & Bing). People will then find YOU. Once these people land on your website, they can sign up for your mailing list where you’ll provide them even more free training and valuable content. Once these people join your mailing list…BAM! You’ve got some very high quality free MLM leads.

For all of this to work, you MUST be following this process below for free MLM lead generation through blogging-

  • Creating valuable content that targets a specific niche – For our industry, targeting other network marketers who aren’t getting the results they want is best.
  • That content MUST target keywords that people are actually searching for – If no one is searching for the content you’re providing then you will NOT get any traffic which means ZERO leads.
  • You have to get that content ranked in the search engines for people to actually find you – This is done through search engine optimization (SEO).
  • You have to have a way for your visitors to sign up for your mailing list that puts them into a lead generation funnel.

If you screw up or miss any one of these steps above, then the likelihood of you getting to a point where you’re generating 50 to 100+ free MLM leads per day through your blog is pretty slim to none. Trying to learn all of this stuff can be very overwhelming and would literally take you years and years to master.

That’s why the key to success is using a lead generation system that- has a lead generation funnel already setup for you (that can be customized),  teaches you step by step how to do all of this, and has other tactics you can use to start generating free MLM leads sooner then later. This is the system I use- Free MLM Leads.

 #2 – Free MLM Leads

free mlm lead generation

Free MLM Leads Through Facebook

Facebook. Utilizing Facebook is another simple method to get free MLM leads. What you do is you find positive, uplifting people in targeted groups and pages on Facebook. A good example of this is Robert Kiyosaki’s fan page, Tony Robbins fan page, etc. So you find a good comment left by someone, you open up their profile and look at their profile further to make sure they are indeed a positive, uplifting person. You then add them as a friend, send them a CUSTOM message where you ask them a question to get the conversation started. If they respond to your message in a positive manner then BAM, you’ve got a free MLM lead.

You continue asking them questions to see if they are having any issues that you can solve with your MLM business opportunity or products. If they are having problems that you can solve with your MLM company, then you can ask them permission to send them a link with more information. Then and only then after you have gotten permission to send them a link to your presentation, do you send them to your business presentation.

Some key points to get free MLM leads prospects through Facebook is to-

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  • Add only positive uplifting people who are from targeted groups/pages – Focus on network marketing Gurus.
  • Send a CUSTOM message asking them a question to get the conversation started.
  • You must do this daily and be consistent for it to work.

There’s a lot more to this free MLM lead generation then I’ve mentioned above for it to work effectively. I could do an entire 30-45 minute presentation on how to do it the right way. Again, if you want to learn step by step how to do this method to generate free MLM leads, then click here.

Are You Serious About Generating FREE MLM Leads?

If you’re absolutely serious about generating 100’s of free MLM leads every single day then you must use a MLM lead generation system as I’ve mentioned above. This system must train you step by step on how to get free MLM leads, how to leverage paid strategies, and should have a proven and tested funnel that you can use to send people through (to actually get sales, and sponsor reps). By being a part of a system like this, you’ll literally be able to generate unlimited free leads.

==>Take Me To The #1 Lead Generation System<==


How would 50 to 100+ targeted, and highly motivated MLM leads per day change YOUR business? You only get something different by doing something different so TAKE ACTION!

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