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Tired Of Begging & Chasing People?

There’s one word that transformed my business from me begging people. Chasing people. Get walked on by people.

To now me actually turning people down who want to join my business. To now having people leaving ME countless voicemails to try to join my team.

Watch this video now to turn the tables and have people asking YOU if they can join your team…Continue reading

“M” – 6 Figure Success Formula (Part 1 of 4)

Yesterday I did the wakup call for the MLSP community and I revealed the “M” in my 6 Figure Success Formula.

During this call you’ll get my 6 Figure Success Formula (at least part of it), and we go into some laws of “M” that are absolutely critical to your success as an entrepreneur.

Also, listen up for the funny thing my wife likes to say to me. It has something to do with buttholes. :-) It’ll make sense after you listen to the call!

So listen to this audio now here…Continue reading

One Simple Shift = Stepping In The Door Of Success

By making this simple mindset shift…you’ll put yourself LIGHT YEARS ahead of everyone else.

Because most people dread this.
Most people hate this.

But if you learn to LOVE it…success will only be steps away.

This is a short video message, but it’s packed with gold.

Check it out, and then let me know what you think below in the comments…Continue reading

This Can Mean The DEATH Of Your Business…

Today I wanted to share with you something that if you let it…

Will cause the death of your business.


This is what causes A LOT of people in our industry to quit.

And I can promise you that this WILL happen to you.

It’s happened to me personally many, many times.

And quite frankly, it hurts. It stings.

BUT…When this happens to you, it’s actually a good thing.

I’ll share why it’s a good thing later, but let me first share with you what the heck I’m talking about.Continue reading

What STOPS 97.6% Of People From Finding Success…

In this quick video I share with you what prevents 97.6% of people from finding success.


This is it.

STOP looking for the latest & greatest lead generation method.

STOP looking for the new secret underground traffic course.

STOP looking for the magical words to say that hypnotize people into joining your business.

And start working on this…Continue reading

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WEIRD!!! (do not read if easily offended)

This is an email I sent out to my loyal community this morning. Figured it was TOO good not to share here. :-)


Ever have a really weird, weird dream? I mean REALLY weird?

All I’ll say last is last night I had a dream that involvedContinue reading

The Most EVIL FOUR Letter Word!

I sent this email out to my list a few days ago, but the message is incredibly important so I wanted to make sure YOU and the rest of the world sees it.

I give you the worst, most EVIL FOUR letter word that exists in our world. This 4 letter world could quite literally…KILL all of your dreams, hopes, and aspirations. So take this message to heart.Continue reading