The Most EVIL FOUR Letter Word!

I sent this email out to my list a few days ago, but the message is incredibly important so I wanted to make sure YOU and the rest of the world sees it.

I give you the worst, most EVIL FOUR letter word that exists in our world. This 4 letter world could quite literally…KILL all of your dreams, hopes, and aspirations. So take this message to heart.

Yesterday I got a call and was given an opportunity that I wasn’t expecting.

On the other end of the line (via Skype) was a lady who is the Chief Communications Officer for the largest, most successful “funded proposal” systems on the Internet that is designed for network marketers and home business entrepreneurs.

She told me based on my success and everything I was doing, that I’ve been chosen to be on their Master Marketers Team.

This is an exclusive group of only 10 people who help shape the community and direction of the company. I’ll get the opportunity to host conference calls, and to put on training webinars for the entire community.

So this is an INCREDIBLE opportunity to help a lot of people, get an incredible amount of exposure (I think their community is 20,000+…probably larger), and to get the chance to meet lots of other successful people who love Internet Marketing as much as I do.

My gut reaction to this opportunity?

To say no.


One word…


Fear of me not doing the best the best I could do and “half-assing it” (I actually told her that).

Fear of having to host conference calls and webinars with hundreds of thousands of people.

Fear of screwing up and failing.

So I immediately told her that I’d have to think about it for the night.

And I did.

What I realized is exactly what I told you. I was letting this stupid emotion called…


Control my decision…it also controlled my immediate gut reaction.

I ended up telling my wife about it. After she fully understood the magnitude of what was offered to me…

And after me talking out my fears…

She said-

“Jonathan, you just need to DO IT! This is an incredible opportunity. Just do it!”

And I did it!

Before the night was over after the conversation with my wife, I immediately messaged the lady and told her…I’m in!

I very, very well could have lost this opportunity because of fear.

Thankfully though, my wife knocked some sense into me. SO…

I’m here to knock some sense into you.

DO NOT let that stupid emotion of FEAR control your decisions, or your life.

Otherwise, you’ll miss out on opportunities that could have been the tipping point.

Opportunities that could have lead you down a high speed tunnel of that you can leave your job, and achieve everything you want and deserve.

I know…it’s easier said than done. It just takes daily personal development, bringing your fears to light, and then just systematically destroying them.

So let’s go kick fears ASS today! :-)

Have an incredible day my friend!

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