WEIRD!!! (do not read if easily offended)

This is an email I sent out to my loyal community this morning. Figured it was TOO good not to share here. :-)


Ever have a really weird, weird dream? I mean REALLY weird?

All I’ll say last is last night I had a dream that involved people being covered in pee (human pee).

Ummmmm Yea. It was weird, and disgusting all in one. I woke up and immediately hoped in a shower.

I told my wife about it and all she could say was…

Weird! That is so weird Jonathan!

And is it even weirder that I’m tell you this? Maybe! :-)

But that wierdo dream got me thinking…

If I wasn’t being real with you, I wouldn’t share that crazy dream with you (or at least the weirdest part). I’d pretend it never happened.

And when I started out building my business online, I did exactly that…

I pretended that I was perfect (at least I tried), and I didn’t share with the world who I really was…

…A goofy (my wife says sometimes I’m weird…ok she says I’m weird a lot of the time :-) ), positive, and fun loving person.

And why did I not share with the world who I really was?

You know why…


Fear of being judged.
Fear of people making fun of me.
Fear of people not liking me.

I talked about fear yesterday, so I’m not going to go beat a dead horse.

Once I got past that and started letting my TRUE, self shine through in everything I did online…

More success started coming my way.
I created a following of people who loved my content (videos, emails, blog posts, etc.)

And everything I did was just SO much more fulfilling and FUN!


Because I was being ME!!!

That’s when I have the MOST fun and get the most enjoyment out of life.

When I’m being me and having fun.

You can’t stop success from coming your way at that point.

Because the world hates fake people. The world hates people who are something they aren’t. They see straight through that.

So the lesson for today…

Let your TRUE self shine through in EVERYTHING that you do.


Have some FREAKIN fun!

If you do this…

You’ll live a much more fulfilling life, and you won’t be chasing success. It will chase you.

By the way, something really, really exciting is happening next Wednesday.

It’s the start of something big (which you’ll ONLY know about if you’re a newsletter subscriber here).

Stay tuned…and have a GREAT weekend!

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