the “OHH SH*! moment”

Just in case you’ve been worried about me….

Yes. I am alive! :-)

top secretThe big secret project I’ve been working on behind the scenes (project code word “CAPS”) has been totally consuming my time…

Constant testing & tweaking….testing & tweaking, and more testing & tweaking.

So as a result I haven’t been as consistent with my communication with you as I’d like.

…But I’m so so excited about CAPS.

It’s going to REVOLUTIONIZE your business. It’s going to help SO many people.

By the way in case you don’t know, project CAPS is where I’ve been working to put together a custom WordPress theme designed for 2 things…

– to generate you leads.
– to make you money.

It’s modeled after my very first website where I’ve now sold over $787k worth of products (updated screenshot here)…

But…this theme I’m making for you is way WAYYY better!

Cool thing is, the theme is going to be totally FREE (with free updates). :-)

ALSO…it’s going to be WAYYYY more than just a “theme.”

I can’t let the cat out of the bag yet, but it’s going to be…EPIC!

The only bad thing about this process is I’ve totally been neglecting other aspects of my business…

– consistently communicating & giving value to you.
– keeping my lead flow GROWING.
– not doing daily marketing training.
– worse yet, I haven’t been making many offers to buy stuff from me.

hint: you CAN…not sell enough. I’ve fallen victim to this recently. I’ll save this lesson for another time…

In other words, I’ve had a hard time balancing between everything.

Ever feel that way?

Ever feel like you get overly focused on ONE thing and then you neglect the other important stuff in your business?

OR, you just feel like you’re jumping from thing to thing, and not making any real movement forward in your business?

The key is…


No matter what is happening in your life, you always need to maintain balance in your online biz.


You’ll start checking your bank account and after you login and you’re looking at your balance you’ll think…

“OHH SHI*! …I need to sell some stuff!” :-)

So here’s a few things you should never EVER stop doing (that to be real, I’ve neglected)…

1) Generate fresh new leads. – Do this DAILY (at least mon thru fri).

2) Communicate & give value to your leads/customer/community – Do this DAILY if you can (or at minimum once per week)

3) Sell stuff that HELPS people!!!- You don’t have make offers every single day to your email list, but at the same time you need to sell stuff right??? ….you should be saying…YES!

4) Spend about 30 minutes daily going through some marketing training. – I recommend you do  this DAILY.

That’s it. Making money online…it’s ONLY as HARD or complicated as you make it!

Gotta go back in the lab!
Yours In Being Real,

Jonathan “the Result Maker” Register
Jonathan Register
Jonathan Register


1) Need leads? then here’s a kick butt program to help you with that.

*I’m personally subscribed to this, and it gets my stamp of approval.

2) Don’t know what to share with people? Quick tip: use other people’s blogs that are in your niche as inspiration for content. You can even share other people’s YouTube videos if you want.

3) Have nothing to sell, or no variety? Then click here, enter your email, and sign up for it. You’ll earn 100% profits on 13 & counting different products. ***This is NOT a “mlm” opportunity.

4) Need training to go through? Then buy this.

You’ll get access to a MASSIVE library of some of the best lead gettin training you can get. Also, if you remain active, when it’s ready to roll out, you’ll get totally free access to a brand new unreleased program I’m coming out with in the very near future. :-)

hint: see a trend?

Questions? Comments? Or Did You Get Any Value? Then Let Me Know Below!


  • Samantha says:

    I’ve gotta admit, I’m super hyped for the new theme! Any idea on when it’s going to be ready?

    I can also totally relate to not having enough balance in my business. Thanks for the great tips.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      I don’t want to give an exact date yet, but I’m **hoping** in the next 3-4 weeks max, maybe even sooner.

      My pleasure Samantha!

  • Milena says:

    Thanks for the important information. Great!

    • Jonathan Register says:

      My pleasure Milena!

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