the HEART of what we do?

So what the heck is the heart and soul of what we do?

Is it selling stuff?
Is it getting people to join our businesses?
Is it teaching people the new latest & greatest lead generation strategy?

What is it?

YES…we want to sell stuff. At the end of the day, if we don’t sell anything, we don’t make a dime.

YES…of course we want people to join our business.

YES…we want to teach people new things.

But is that the CORE?

is that the HEART & SOUL of what we do?

Here’s what I think…

I think not.

I think the HEART….the SOUL…of what we do is…

We help people.

We change lives.

We help people fulfill their dreams. Their passions. Their goals.

We help people live a life that they only DREAMED of.

You know…the life that you day dream about. The life you “wish” you had. The life at times, you think isn’t possible.

We empower people. We empower people to let go of the B.S. garbage that is holding them back and show them that they CAN DO IT.

THAT…is what I truly believe in my heart to be the core & SOUL of what we do. In the most simplest way stated…

We help people.

Just something for you to remember today, and as we go into next week.



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  • Jamie says:

    I agree with you 200%! lol…I think so many people lose focus of “helping people” and they get caught up in their own problems & struggles. In turn, they make it all about them, versus helping others. That’s what all businesses are built on. Helping people.

    Great reminder and post. Thanks Jonathan!

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Good to hear someone else feels the same way! :-) Thanks for the kind words Jamie!

  • Eric says:

    Great article Jonathan,

    Hey I fully agree, and all to often the glitz and glamor overshadow what can really be done as a internet marketer/network marketer/etc. It truly is a business with a central focus of helping others change their life if they are willing to put forth massive effort and learn from someone who has already done it.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Thanks Eric! Exactly! They have to be willing to put in effort! Great comment buddy!

  • Javier says:

    You are absolutely right Jonathan, it should be about helping people no matter if you’re online or offline.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      great to hear from you buddy! How are things going for you?

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