success Killer

you catch it?

Did you catch what was happening in the 3 responses I got from people in our community to this question…

“What are you looking to get from the income that an online business can create?”
Here are a few of the responses I got (but I got a many many more just like this)…

– Not live paycheck to paycheck.
– I don’t want to work the crazy long hours that I have to work now.
– I hate having to ask my boss if I can take time off.

BIG BIG shout out to Daniel Hughes (a rockstar in our community).

Because he sent me an email shortly after yesterday’s newsletter and he hit the nail on the head.

Here’s his email-


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In other words, instead of telling me what you want…

A HUGE HUGE number of people told me what they DO NOT want-

– Not live paycheck to paycheck.
– I don’t want to work the crazy long hours that I have to work now.
– I hate having to ask my boss if I can take time off.
– Tired of not being able to pay the bills.
– Tired of not having the freedom to do what I want when I want.

And on and on…

Do you see that?

The thing is…

If you keep focusing on what you DO NOT want, what’s going to happen?

You’re going to keep getting that!

Think about it.

Your mind does and fulfills whatever you focus on.

If you continue to focus your energy & thoughts on what you DO NOT want…

The life you do NOT want.
The lack of freedom you don’t have.
The lack of money that you don’t have.

What do you think is going to happen?

You’re going to keep getting exactly what you DO NOT want.

This is a total success killer for so many people.

What you focus on you will find.

(WRITE THAT DOWN on your forehead. Just kidding. But seriously, never EVER EVER forget that)

And by the way, I’m so guilty of doing this myself.

There’s been so many times where I’ve caught myself focusing on and thinking about the stuff I don’t want.

We just MUST get ourselves to re-focus our energy & thoughts back onto what we actually want.

Give yourself permission to DREAM about the life you actually want.

Because you’ll be surprised and shocked when those dreams…

Become reality.


Jonathan “focused” Register


So what do you WANT?? Leave A Comment Below And Let Us Know!


P.S. Understanding what you actually want out of life is step 1. Creating the vision and dreams for the life you want is the starting line.

But if you truly truly in your heart want to make your dreams become a reality…

You have to take action. You must do something about it.

Otherwise, you’re just “wishing” and “hoping” for that life.

How is going to feel to look back on your life and to see that you just let life slip by and did nothing to fulfill what you actually wanted?

Don’t let that even be an option. If you haven’t joined the family do so now here for free.

If you are part of our CAPS family and you’ve done nothing. Commit TODAY, right NOW to going through Steps 1-3. Then tomorrow, do Step 4.


  • I want to be more self relient.
    I want to be more successful.
    I want to have less limitations.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      LOVE it Michael!!

  • Alberto Jose says:

    A few months ago I was listening to a training and the teacher was explaining how we can do thing with negative motivation or with positive motivation. But negative is always bad, is like doing thing to NOT to get into a situation. However with the positive motivation you are always setting goals higher and higher and don’t focus on the “don’ts”, Another advantage of focusing in your goals is that people “feel” when you are motivated, instead of having an “attitude”

    • Jonathan Register says:

      GREAT Share Alberto! Totally agree with you buddy!

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