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  • Daniel says:

    AWESOME story Jonathan! Really does make me feel like i can do anything!

    • Jonathan Register says:

      No problem buddy!!

  • odean lawrence says:

    hey Johnathan. My name Is Odean. I totally got the concept of ppl creating a orb of belief around themselves. Our mind is so powerful that if we believe something so badly it becomes reality. Genius! My life right now is somewhat similar to your before wealthy lifestyle. I’m married with a child and my wife is doing all that she can to keep up with bills and barely having anything left back.sounds any bit familiar? I am employed at a extremely dead end J.O.B>JOURNEY OF THE BROKE!pulling in a whopping $117.00 BI- weekly. pathetic! I am literally broke not a $1.00 in my name and I am determine to get into this system. And I would appreciate it greatly that once I do you can help me through. your blogs and capture pages as well as your vids are both inspiring and awesome.I have a 6 month diet to success and I find you as a benevolent soldier, always training for combat.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Nice to meet you buddy! Yea there’s so much power within our mind that most people don’t realize. I know exactly how you feel as far as the job front. sounds very famliar! :-)

      Keep in touch and YOU CAN DO IT! (if a guy like me can, there’s no DOUBT that you can too)

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