simple 3 step $720,571.88 Daily Action Plan

So yesterday’s email seemed to hit a nerve with a lot of people in our community.

Here’s just a few responses I got-

“Jonathan Register – were you sitting next to me this morning!? I SO needed that email you just sent – Scattered and Overwhelmed. I actually had a few things written down before the email came through, so I must have been going in the right direction. But I really needed your mail to pop through. Perfect timing!” John Warth

“Man, I love this post~ Thanks JR” Evelyn Keiling

“Just wanted to thank you for your emails.  They always provide value, inspiration or something I was needing to read!” Carol Klingensmith

By the way I LOVE getting feedback like this and hearing that I’m helping you.

THAT is why I do what I do.

So if you EVER have an “ah ha moment” or just get some inspiration & motivation from our emails, videos, etc. make sure to share that with our community here so we can all benefit from what you learned.

Since yesterday’s email seemed to benefit so many people, I wanted to expand upon it a bit.

One question I get pretty frequently is this…

“Jonathan, what should I focus on each day?”

And that’s a GREAT question. Because you can feel super “busy” yet really be getting nowhere in your business.

Ever feel that way?

You feel like you work, you work, and you work…yet you’re not making any real progress or seeing income from your efforts?

So what the heck should you focus on?

What should be the main tasks that you make sure to do EVERY single day?

Well, here you go…these are the tasks I make a point to do EVERY day.

#1) 30 minutes to 60 minutes of Personal Development.

I’m personally reading Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins right now…this is my second time reading it.

Running our businesses is as much as a MENTAL game as it is knowing the “how to” stuff. EVERYTHING that you do starts in your mind. EVERYTHING.

So you think it might be a good idea to constantly work on your mindset? Yes!

#2) 30 minutes to 60 minutes of Marketing/Traffic training (or other training you need to take you to that next level or get past a problem you’re having).
I highly recommend this training here.

For #1 & #2 above, be RESOURCEFUL on when you do these tasks.

Do it early in the morning.
Do it while you eat your breakfast, lunch, etc. Do it on the toilet.
Do it whenever you can….just do it!

(those last 3 sentences sound a little vulgar ;-))

Oh and don’t be penny smart and dollar stupid.

Meaning…be WILLING to invest in REAL training.

I wasted SO MUCH money and time on those stupid $10 ebooks. What kind of training do you expect to get from crap like that?

Be WILLING to invest in you and your business…otherwise, you might just want to stick with a job (blunt, but true).

Just like ANY profession…you need have the skills to succeed at your profession. Just like a doctor, just like a mechanic, just like a school teacher, etc. etc.

As your skill level increases…so does your bank account.

#3) Spend 30 minutes to 60 minutes or MORE focusing on income producing activities.

You want to spend as MUCH time as possible here at task #3. An income producing activity is anything that will make you MONEY….

such as…

  • Generating leads – it ALL starts with leads. No leads = No molla.
  • Following up with your leads (daily emails, your autoresponder emails, even phone calls…OH MY GOSH…phone calls? ;-)) – the $ is in the follow up!
  • Creating content that will lead to sale (give value through an email, video, blog post, then at the end offer a product that will help your prospects even more).
  • Planning out a new promotion.
  • Etc.


I’ve thrown a lot at you.

It looks like a lot, but it really isn’t.

Once you’re ACTIVELY doing & committed to #1 (daily personal development), & #2 (daily training to learn the skills needed to grow your business),

…then #3 (making molla) gets easier, easier, and easier.

And of course I highly recommend and urge you to grab this by clicking here, entering your email, and taking action if you haven’t yet.

It’s my private, personal blueprint that I followed to take my business from $0 to well over half a million dollars in sales.

Don’t be penny smart and dollar stupid. Grab it now.

  • Shane says:

    This is a GREAT blog post. Love it Jonathan. I’ll be sharing this one with my entire team. Love what you do and I appreciate all the value you give us.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Appreciate the kind words Shane! Keep us updated on your success with everything!

  • Pedro Gomes says:

    Wow, good stuff! Glad you shared this

    • Jonathan Register says:

      My pleasure buddy!

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