Prepaid Legal Scam

Prepaid Legal Scam

Prepaid Legal Scam?

Is it a Prepaid Legal scam? You are very likely considering becoming a Prepaid Legal rep and you’re doing your due diligence by searching “Prepaid Legal scam” to make sure it’s a legit opportunity. Congrats on taking those steps, because most people don’t even do that and they join without ever digging deeper and fully understanding what they are getting involved with.

Before I jump into my Prepaid Legal scam post I want to let you know that I am NOT a Prepaid Legal rep, nor am I affiliated with Prepaid Legal in any shape, fashion or form. So there is absolutely no reason for me to go one way or the other.

Keep on reading because I’m going to give you the answer to whether it’s a Prepaid Legal scam or not, I’ll explain why people say it’s a Prepaid Legal scam, and I’ll also explain why most Prepaid Legal reps fail and fall flat on their faces.


Is It A Prepaid Legal Scam?

The big question that I know you want answered is, is it a Prepaid Legal scam? The short and simple answer, is NO, it’s not a Prepaid Legal scam. Once again, it is NOT a Prepaid Legal scam! Should I say it again? Just kidding, I think you get the point.

When doing my research to determine if it’s a Prepaid Legal scam or not, the easiest most reliable test is the test of time. I can glance at when a company was started and do some quick research to make sure there aren’t any big scandals or court cases going on and then pretty safely say that it’s not a Prepaid Legal scam. Prepaid Legal has been providing low cost, subscription based legal services since 1972, so for about 39 years!

LegalShield Scam

LegalShield Scam Or Prepaid Legal Scam? NO!

In the network marketing industry, if there is a scam or true illegal pyramid scheme going on, then it will very, very quickly reveal itself as the company gets larger and larger. In a very short time the scam WILL reveal itself because the distributors working for the company will figure things out.

It does seem like there is a lot of change going on a Prepaid Legal. They pretty recently went under new ownership and they are transitioning their name from Prepaid Legal to LegalShield. That however does not mean it’s a LegalShield scam OR a Prepaid Legal scam.

So if it is NOT a Prepaid Legal scam, then why the heck do people say it’s a Prepaid Legal scam?

Why Do People Say It’s A Prepaid Legal Scam?

#1 – Why People Say It’s A Prepaid Legal Scam

Lack Of Research. There are a lot of people that join Prepaid Legal not really understanding that it is a real, legit business that takes time, hard work, and consistency to make it work. They are used to the “job” mentality of putting in work and then making money instantly by the end of the week or every few weeks. If you’ve ever been a business owner before then you understand that in beginning you are working your tail off and not making much money. The big rewards come when you stick with it in the long term.

So a lot of these people (who have nothing better to do) will go from website to website professing that it’s a Prepaid Legal scam. Quite frankly, these people are ignorant and just don’t understand what it takes to get a business up and running.

#2 – Why People Say It’s A Prepaid Legal Scam

Not Treating It Like A Real Business. It is incredibly cheap to get involved in a network marketing business when compared to any other franchise business out there. The low barrier to entry is almost a negative thing because then people end up NOT treating it like a real business. There are going to be many ups, and many downs as a distributor in a network marketing company (just like any other legit business out there).

As a business owner you also must absolutely take personal responsibility for your actions and understand that YOU control your success or failure. There are too many people out there who take no personal responsibility for their actions, and when an issue or road block comes up, they quit and they point the fingers at everyone else but themselves and they say it’s a Prepaid Legal scam.

#3 – Why People Say It’s A Prepaid Legal Scam

Lack Of Proper Marketing Training. The way network marketing companies work is that they will tell you to first approach your warm market which consists of your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. This is an old school tactic that works and gives results.

However, the big issue comes when your warm market dries up, or if you don’t want to approach your warm market (which I don’t agree with, but I do understand the fears people have holding them back). So what do you do when you have nobody left in your warm market to approach? Or what would you do if you decide you’d like to utilize the power of the Internet to grow your network marketing business? What would you do and where would you start?

That is where the big problem lies. Most network marketing companies teach very little information on how to properly utilize the power of the Internet so that you can generate a massive amount of leads each and every day.

The simple fact is, if you don’t have a consistent number of new, high quality people to talk to every day about your Prepaid Legal business, then you will have very little, if any success. THIS is why most Prepaid Legal reps fail and totally fall flat on their faces.

So these people who are not properly trained in marketing will wander around stores like the local mall, or Barnes and Noble and they’ll stalk people to add new names to their list. They will ultimately quit and they’ll profess to everyone that the business does NOT work and it’s just a Prepaid Legal scam. Unfortunately, that’s just a case of lack of proper marketing training and not understanding how to generate leads online through the Internet.

To Sum Things Up…

As I mentioned earlier it is absolutely NOT a Prepaid Legal scam (or LegalShield scam). Prepaid Legal is a legitimate home based business that you can have success with if you understand that it is a real business that takes time, hard work, and consistency to make it work.

One of the biggest reasons people quit (and then say it’s a Prepaid Legal scam), is because of a lack of proper marketing training and understanding how to utilize the power of the Internet to generate red hot leads.

If you’re absolutely serious about finding success with Prepaid Legal or with any other home based business then you MUST understand marketing and have a step by step blueprint and system that will allow you to tap into the millions and millions of people online. If you’d like that blueprint then TAKE ACTION now and click the following link-

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I hope you enjoyed my Prepaid Legal scam blog post! I’ll see YOU on the inside!

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