NuSkin Scam

Is it a NuSkin scam? It is very likely that if you are asking that question, then you are seriously considering joining this company and you’re doing your research just to make sure they are legit. GREAT job for doing that since a lot of people join for emotional reasons only without knowing what they are truly getting themselves into.

FIRST, before I go into my “NuSkin scam” post I want to tell you that I’m NOT a Nu Skin distributor and I’m NOT affiliated with Nu Skin in any way. So I’m not some rep of Nu Skin just trying to convince you to join.

In this post I want to dig into this company to analyze whether it is a NuSkin scam or not, I’ll tell you why people say it’s a Nu Skin scam, and I’ll reveal to you one of the biggest reasons NuSkin reps or any network marketer fails in our industry (I’m sure you’ve heard that 95% of people who join network marketing fail)…


Is It Really A NuSkin Scam?

Nuskin Scam

Nuskin Scam

Ok, so let me get the elephant out of the room right this second and answer the question if it’s a NuSkin scam. Based on my research of the company, it is absolutely NOT a NuSkin scam. Again, it is NOT a NuSkun scam!

A really simple test to determine whether a network marketing company is a scam or a legitimate company is to look at the age of the company. This is something that no company, no person can manipulate. If a network marketing company was a scam or if it was a true illegal NuSkin pyramid scheme, than that would be found out very, very quickly by the distributors who have joined the company. As the size of the company grows, too many people get involved and someone WILL let that cat out of the bag. You’ll then see that company appear and then they will disappear just as quickly.

Nu Skin was founded in 1984, so they have been around for 27 years! They are also an INTERNATIONAL company that is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Nu Skin currently has over 800,000 active independent distributors and preferred customers. Just that fact alone that they are on the NYSE shows that they undergo some pretty deep scrutiny since they are a public company.

There is without a doubt NO NuSkin scam! If that is the case, then why do people STILL say it’s a NuSkin scam?

Why Do People Say It’s A NuSkin Scam?

Now I want to give you the reasons despite it not being a NuSkin scam, why people still say it’s a NuSkin scam…

#1 – Why People Say It’s A NuSkin Scam

Lack of proper due diligence. You don’t have this problem since you are obviously doing your research on the so called “NuSkin scam” but there are a lot of people that sign up without doing the proper research. They don’t understand that they are getting involved in a business that takes time, hard work and consistency. It isn’t like a job where you punch in and punch out at the time clock and then you get a pay check for the hours you worked.

This risk of failure is very, very high, but the REWARD, or money that you can make in Nu Skin is limitless. You’ll sometimes get some of these people who fail (typically it’s their own fault, but they won’t admit that) who will go around on the Internet and yell and scream and say it’s a NuSkin scam when in fact it was there very own fault that they failed.

#2 – Why People Say It’s A NuSkin Scam

Not treating the business like a business. It is so freakin easy to get involved with any network marketing company. You can literally pay a few hundred dollars up to a thousand dollars and BAM you’re in and you’ve got the step by step how to’s and you’re given permission to leverage the company’s brand names and products. The cost to join is penny’s when compared to joining a franchise (where it can cost $10,000, $100,000, $500,000+ to get involved). So a lot of people will join and they won’t treat it like a real business.

They then don’t make any money or they lose money, and then they cry to the world saying it’s a NuSkin scam.

#3 – Why People Say It’s A NuSkin Scam

Lead Generation - NuSkin Scam

Lead Generation - NuSkin Scam

Not getting proper marketing training. This is probably one of the biggest reasons people fail in network marketing (and then say it’s a NuSkin scam). They don’t understand the critical importance of marketing themselves so they are generating a constant stream of high quality leads and therefore getting new customers and recruiting new reps. Leads are the lifeblood of any network marketing business, so without leads, you do NOT have a business.

The majority of network marketing companies will have you first focus on your warm market- your family friends, coworkers, your UPS guy or gal, etc. But then the big problem comes once you exhaust your warm market. What do you do then? What do you do if you don’t want to approach your warm market in the first place?

A lot of people turn to the Internet (like I did) and they try to build their network marketing business online. While the Internet is an incredible endless source of leads, it is a very complicated beast that is hard to tame and to figure out. I spent months and months struggling (wasting lots of time and $1,000’s and $1,000’s) and trying to figure it out on my own until I discovered a training platform and lead generation system that I still use today. This system gave me the step by step blueprint I needed for success on the Internet and lead generation.

What’s Next Since You Know It’s NOT A NuSkin Scam?

So you now know it’s not a NuSkin scam so what the heck is next? Well, if you truly want success in your Nu Skin business (or ANY home based business) you absolutely must have a step by step blueprint and system for lead generation. If you’d like the exact blueprint that I personally used to go from a struggling distributor in my company to the top of my company leader boards then click the following link now, enter you info on the page, and take action-

==>Take Me To The Step By Step Blueprint To Growing Your Nu Skin Business Online<==

I hope you found my NuSkin scam blog post helpful and valuable! I’ll see YOU on the inside!

  • James Wheat says:

    Nu Skin is certainly not the next nu scam. There are three factors you need to consider when joining a new venture.

    1: Is the company for real? The answer to this question is YES. Over 1.8 billion dollars in annual sales globally. Stock traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NUS), and also made the top 100 on’s list of most trustworthy companies.

    2: Are the products for real? The products are amazing. I have not found one person who has used any of the Nu Skin products that did not love the products they purchased.

    3: Can I make money? You can make more money than you ever dreamed of with Nu Skin. It ultimately depends on you and how aggressive you are with Network Marketing. For example, one of the top team elites made a check for $830,000 dollars in the month of October. Now that is not typical of course, but with hard work and dedication you CAN make money.

    Nu Skin is such a great opportunity for anyone looking to get started in MLM.



    • Jonathan Register says:

      Thanks for the insight James! I agree with you 100% that it’s not a NuSKin Scam. It’s a real business that takes time and hard work like every business does.

      • Warne says:

        Hey, if you read my negative about NS, and why I switched to Watkins Products and there business, you will slap yourself in the head for not doing Watkins Products. Remember…Watkins has Name Recognition…Tradition…Long standing since 1868 and still going strong today…Better prices for similar products that NS sells for higher….Better prices to sign up…Don’t know if Watkins is on the Stock exchange, but why does NS have to have a ticker number on it, when Watkins is so much better. NS has no….Name Recognition….No Tradition…No Long standing like Watkins has….NS just is not worth it….NS is wayyyyy to pricey….wayyyyy to flashy….Wayyyyy to everything. Watkins is THE Best Network Marketing Company to Join, By Far. NS takes a back seat To Watkins Products and Watkins Business Opportunity.

        • Freerange says:

          Laughable. Go promote somewhere else.

  • Warne says:

    I would like to say something negative about NuSkin….

    A long time ago before and during my marriage, I was confronted by a Nuskin rep her last name was granger. She forced me to meet her at a restaurant on Victory Blvd in the Sanfernando Valley. She then forced me to buy a $350.00 kit to make her money or commission. She then forced me to buy product to make her money every month and or commission every month. I lost thousand of dollars of my own money buying product to make her money and to get her checks every month. I lost so much money with NuSkin. She forced me to buy that one huge kit that had 5 small kits with it, I lost lost money with that damn piece of shit, and guess what….she made tons of money from that deal. I found someone to take that piece of shit/crap product off my hands for 500.00, that piece shit/crap product cost me over $1000.00 that she forced me to buy. I lost money with that.

    How can you say….that Nuskin is not a scam huh. How can you say that. I would have to say I lost between $5000.00 and mabey over $10,000.00 in NS, and you say NS is not a scam. You have some fucking nerve Jonathan. Some fucking nerve. I switched over to Watkins Products. They have been in business since 1868. Beat that Jonathan 1868, and they are still going strong to this day. They sell seasonings,spices, baking stuff, body care products., some house care products, some vitamin products, all at reasonable prices, unlike the jacked up prices that NS sells its products for, and you can’t even use NS products in the kitchen to make things with. You can’t cook with NS, you can’t bake with NS, you can’t clean with NS. Oh and guess what Jonathan, you know how much it costs to join Watkins and to become a Watkins Rep/Distributor? a mear $60.00 if that or less. How is that for a long standing recognizable Network marketing company. Can you beat that Jonathan. I don’t think so. People know Watkins Products. You don’t need a warm market in any way shape or form. Put a good post out there for Watkins products and inside of a few days, you have clients, remember Watkins Products….Why…because Watkins has Tradition and family Recognition, which NS has not. I would much rather do Watkins again wayyyyy over NS any day. Who is going to pay wayyy over 100.00 for a NS product when Watkins has the same kind product that will do the same thing for less. Huh. Watkins is a much easier and better business to do, then NS.

    My Choice, for a Number One Network Marketing Business to join is, Watkins Products. Thats my $.50 cent opinion. Watkins all the way and above NS. NS can’t hold a candle To Watkins Products Watkins Products has name recognition all over it as well as tradition. Have a good week.

    • Joni says:

      I’m pretty sure no one can make you buy something.

    • Freerange says:

      Excuse me but how did someone “force” you to go to a meeting, then “force” you to buy a product, then “force” you to make a monthly commitment? Give it a rest. YOU obviously made a stupid mistake, weren’t committed to actually doing the business and are just looking for someone else to blame. Grow up and take responsibility for your own actions!

  • Marty says:

    I agree with many of the comments regarding NuSkin. Having spent over $160K on a franchise and losing money every month trying to make a profit and dig myself out of the hole with the SBA. I finally closed my tore and had to file bankruptcy to save my home. Franchises make money from your initial purchase and every month in significant royalties. NuSkin offers people the opportunity to start their own business with little investment using a proven system.

    If anyone thinks that they can get rich quick, they are delusional. Any business, other than a fraudulent scams, take time to build up and grow. The benefit to NuSkin is little investment opportunity. Yes, they want you to use their product, basically, if you don’t use and believe in the product, then how do you expect others to believe in it?

    So, overall I think it is a good business opportunity, but beware that it will take effort and work on your part, no other way around it.

    P.S. If you think owning a business is a 40 hour work week, then stay employed with a company. As an owner your 40 hour workweek does not end at 5 pm!

  • Leo says:

    Will never buy into Nuskin. You’ve got to pay so much for their products. If you read the ingredients list, you will find that you can buy similar products from a pharmacy at much cheaper prices.

    How is it possible for Nuskin to pay so much to their distributors? Obviously, the cost of mass manufacturing is very low. Product cost is exorbitant. Even if they include research cost, their products are still too expensive. I have not even seen an independent research on their items.

    Btw, they do have many lawsuits filed against them. They settled the lawsuits.

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