MLSP Scam – I’m SO Freakin Pissed Off!


MLSP Scam?

MLSP SCAM! That’s EXACTLY what I thought when I first saw My Lead System Pro. Ok, well maybe I didn’t think it was a big fat ole SCAM, but I was very, very skeptical about it because it made some pretty bold claims. I had also been burned in the past by systems and tools that promised to do this and that and in the end they don’t do crap.

Has that ever happened to you? You see a new product or service that promises to be the most AMAZING, GAME CHANGING product, so you pull the trigger and it turns out to be a dud and a total waste of money? Doesn’t that PISS you off? It pisses me off! It’s frustrating, and it’s just a total waste of our time and money.

So we’re forced to be skeptical and put up barriers and walls on any product and service that we see. Then when something GOOD comes along that actually lives up to what it says it’s going to do, we take an incredibly long time to pull the trigger, and we waste even MORE time and money in the process. That PISSES me off even more! We all just need to band together and when something good comes along we should be shouting from the mountains.

Keep on reading because I’ve going to save you A LOT of time and money and answer the question if it’s a MLSP scam, or if this My Lead System Pro thing is the real deal that gives RESULTS.

Is It A MLSP Scam?

After taking a look at My Lead System Pro one time (having recently been burned by another system), I had figured it was a MLSP scam just like the last system I had used so I pushed it to the side. The MLSP scam kept following me everywhere though; I was seeing My Lead System Pro all over the place on the Internet. So FINALLY about 4 to 6 or so months later I stumbled upon the MLSP scam :-) again.

This time I decided to just DO IT and pull the trigger. I mean if all of these other people are having success using it and speak so highly of it, is it really a MLSP scam? They have a money back guarantee so what do I have to lose? Maybe,  just maybe it’s NOT a MLSP scam and it lives up to what it says it’s going to do.

Does My Lead System Pro Give Results? – MLSP Scam

MLSP Scam - My Results

MLSP Scam - My Results

Fast forward to today and I’m STILL part of the scary MLSP scam :-) and things have drastically changed for me and my network marketing business. I’m in the top 20 of my network marketing company out of over 60,000+ reps. I’m also consistently recognized on our National Conference Call, and I’ve qualified to go on a free tropical vacation in 2012.

I’ve had a tremendous amount of success and I have to attribute a lot of that to the strategies that I’ve learned inside of the MLSP scam (and a LOT of hard work and consistency).

Ok, I’ve got to come out and say it now (if you haven’t gotten it by now), that it’s absolutely NOT a MLSP scam. In fact, I wish I had joined My Lead System Pro so much sooner. Who knows where I would be now.

WARNING, Important Piece Of Advice – MLSP Scam

Just as a quick warning, I don’t want you to think that I joined My Lead System Pro and I magically got results. MLSP is just a tool that I used to help cut down on my learning curve so that I could get results faster. It also made my life so much easier. But that doesn’t mean it’s a magic bullet that will do everything for you. MLSP is a tool, that you have to invest some time in and put to work. If you do that and commit to using it long term, then you will see results.

What Does MyLeadSystemPro Do? – MLSP Scam

So now that we have debunked the MLSP scam, and I’ve shown you my personal results from using My Lead System Pro, I want to quickly give you an overview of what MLSP will do for you.

As you may or may not know, My Lead System Pro was initially created for network marketers (and that still is the primary target market) but it is really for anyone who wants to take their business to the next level and generate a massive number of highly targeted leads, who wants to generate MORE money and sponsor more people into their biz, and who wants to have access to the most proven, cutting edge online AND offline marketing training available on the Internet.

The easiest, most effective way for you to see what My Lead System Pro does, is to go inside of MLSP and see for yourself. So go ahead and click the following link, watch the video, and enter your information-

==>Take Me Inside Of My Lead System Pro<==

Once you do that you’ll be taken inside of My Lead System Pro. The most important thing for you to do is to TAKE ACTION on what you learn inside.

How Do I Join MLSP Scam My Lead System Pro?

Once again, I hope you see that it is absolutely not a MLSP scam. If you’re tired of getting mediocre or NO results with your network marketing company then do you think if you keep doing what you’re doing right now that you’re going to see different results? Ummm yeaaa. I think you know the answer to that question. So go ahead and TAKE ACTION NOW!

Click here now to go inside of MLSP. Then enter your information and just do it! I’ll see YOU on the inside!

  • Kainoa says:

    How far does the basic membership take you? I really am not able to do the mastery program right away.


  • Violet downes says:

    MLSP isn’t a scam. My life has changed so much. I recommend the mastery level.

  • Tania Ahyen says:

    I love MLSP it’s and amazing marketing system I have been with them for only 3 weeks and I’ve generated 4 leads for mlsp and 10 leads and 2 sales for my opportunity. .They are Awesome

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