MLSP Review – Does It Give RESULTS?

MLSP Review

MLSP Review

MLSP Review – I’ve been testing My Lead System Pro for over 6 months now, so it is finally time to reveal the results! There is a ton of hype surrounding MLSP, so I wanted to push past all of the BS and find out if this system really does live up to the hype.

Keep on reading because I’m going to explain what this My Lead System Pro thing is, I’m going to share my personal results, and I’m also going to give you the cons, the pros, and the final verdict here in my MLSP review

What Is My Lead System Pro? – MLSP Review

I’m not going to spend a ton of time in my MLSP review explaining what this system is since I’m assuming you already have a basic understanding of it if you’re reading through my MLSP Review. BUT, just in case I’ll give you a quick run down.

My Lead System Pro is an attraction marketing system designed to help network marketers generate as many targeted leads for their business as they want without chasing their family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. With the strategies and training (online AND offline methods) that is taught inside of MLSP, you can generate a few leads per day, or 50, 70, 90, 100+ leads per day. It’s ultimately up to you how big you go.

To get the full details on what My Lead System Pro is and what it does (since there’s A LOT more to it then what I just told you), the easiest thing to do is to go inside of MLSP for yourself. To go inside of MLSP go ahead and click here, watch the video, and then enter your information and watch the main presentation. It will give you a very good overview and more in depth look at MyLeadSystemPro.

Does MLSP Really Give Results? – MLSP Review

MLSP Review - My Results

MLSP Review - My Results

That’s the big question that I was asking before I joined My Lead System Pro. I came across a ton of other super positive MLSP reviews before I joined. But I kept wondering if an average Joe Schomoe who is struggling to sponsor reps, and barely making ends meet turn things around with the strategies inside of MLSP and get results? Because in the end results is all that matters.

By the way that Joe Schomoe was ME! :-)

When I signed up and joined My Lead System Pro I dove right in and I took action. I fully committed to implementing and using the techniques found inside of the system. So let’s jump to today and things have definitely turned around. Last month I just qualified to go on my company’s big reward trip to go on a free vacation in the tropics with my wife.

Also, from literally no where my name jumped onto my company’s leader boards several months ago. I’m now in the top 20 of my network marketing company out of over 60,000+ reps. Even today, all of it seems so surreal. While I was bound and determined to get to the top, it almost seemed like I would never get there. I felt like I was working my a** off, but just not getting results…That was until I seriously committed myself to learning and implementing the tactics inside of MLSP.

So YES :-) My Lead System Pro does give results IF you implement what you learn and you take action. Check out my MLSP review video below where I show you some of the training inside of MLSP, and I show you some pretty crazy stats from my blog-

The Negative – MLSP Review

The Cons - MLSP Review

The Cons - MLSP Review

A lot of people join My Lead System Pro and they expect MAGIC to happen. They think they can sign up for MLSP and leads will start to magically rain down from the sky and go into their Inbox. They think that their computer will just start spitting out cold hard cash. I’m obvsiouly being pretty extreme, but the point is, My Lead System Pro is just a tool.

It’s a tool that you have to USE and take action on for the magic to happen. My Lead System Pro can and will give you results. But ONLY if you setup your system, go through the training and you take consistent daily actions.

The Positive – MLSP Review

Now it’s time for the pros of using My Lead System Pro

The Pros - MLSP Review

The Pros - MLSP Review

My Wife’s Grandma Could Setup MLSP. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but the system is extremely easy to setup. So even if you are a total newbie to internet marketing, you’ll be able to get things setup. The team behind MLSP put together a step by step training (with videos) that walks you through how to get your system setup. If you get caught up anywhere, MLSP has a dedicated support team that are always there to help.

Allows You To Make $$$ Even With The No’s That You WILL Get. Even the most successful leaders in the network marketing industry get more No’s then they get Yes’s to joining their MLM business. With My Lead System Pro you are able to STILL make money even when you get those No’s that you will be getting. You do this by offering the people who go through your funnel valuable tools and products that will help them grow their business. I think the last I checked there are over 17 affiliate programs that are inside of your MLSP funnel.

The Marketing Strategies Inside MLSP Are Unparalleled. The marketing training inside of MLSP will literally set you ahead of 95% of the other network marketers out there. They have the most comprehensive library of marketing training that I’ve ever seen. There is a dedicated marketing training library, and there’s also an archive of ALL their past training from the top leaders in our industry. The training you get from MLSP alone makes the cost for the system worth every single penny and more.

The Choice Is Yours – MLSP Review

My advice is to just do it and to join MLSP, but ultimately the choice is yours. It’s had a profound impact on my business and it can most definitely change the direction of yours or take your business to new heights. I’m obviously a big believer in My Lead System Pro and I highly recommend it to anyone who is at all serious about getting results.

So stop wasting time and just do it! Click the link below now, sign up and I’ll see you on the inside…

==>Take Me Inside Of My Lead System Pro<==

I hope you enjoyed my MLSP review! If you did enjoy my MLSP review, then make sure to share it. Lastly, remember to just do it, and TAKE ACTION!

  • Rodney says:

    Fantastic video Johnathan, describes MLSP perfect

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Thanks for the kind words Rodney!

  • shane money says:


    Can mlsp still work for you even if you dont have a business as such?would i be able to just setup a fan page on a social media site and get lots of traffic and make money that way?great video!

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Yep, it sure can! Facebook marketing is a proven way to to generate leads/sales, so yes you can do that.

  • STEPHEN says:

    What if i follow the instructions and I still get STUCK implementing the strategies?
    1.Would you help me step by step?
    I am in Auckland.

  • mike ambrose says:

    Hey Johnathan do you have a facebook?
    I would like to discuss mlsp

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