MLM Marketing System – SUCCESS or FAILURE?

MLM MarketingUtilizing a MLM marketing system quite literally will make the difference between success and failure for you and your network marketing business. Do YOU want to find success in our industry? Do YOU want to skyrocket to your company leader boards and finally start earning six figures plus per year? Do you want to live your days in retirement on the beaches of Hawaii, Fiji, or Belize? If you do, then you absolutely MUST use some type of MLM marketing system.

Most MLM companies do have some type of MLM marketing system for you to follow, but usually it focuses on the offline stuff such as doing hotel meetings, home parties, and calling on your warm market. These MLM marketing techniques do work, but some people would just rather focus on online marketing. There is quite literally millions and millions of people online right this very second while you are reading this so wouldn’t you love to be able to tap into that? Wouldn’t you like to be able to do all of your MLM marketing from home in your pajamas?

It is possible, and 98.6% of my results have been through using a MLM marketing system that focuses on the online world. There are however many, many long, very dark, dead end roads that you can go down when trying to market your MLM business online. You can end up wasting $1,000’s and $1,000’s (like I did) and spending years trying to learn it all OR you can learn from my mistakes. :-) In this post I’ll give you my most powerful MLM marketing secrets…

Top 5 MLM Marketing System Secrets To Success

#1 MLM Marketing System Secret To Success

Understand the difference between Prospecting vs MLM Marketing. A lot of network marketers think that prospecting is the same thing as MLM marketting when they are actually totally different. Prospecting is the act of picking up the phone to speak with a prospect, sending an email or any action that you take to share your business with someone who has raised their hand and said YES to learning more about what you have to offer.

MLM marketing on the other hand is the act of doing things to create prospects. You’re doing specific things so that you have a list of people to contact and reach out to. Just look around you at all of the advertisements we are bombarded with. Companies are advertising or “marketing” to get you to take some type of action (buy their product). Advertising, and doing things to attract people to you, is MLM marketing.

So it all starts with having a MLM marketing system, and that’s what I’m focusing on this page. No MLM marketing system = no customers, no distributors, etc.

#2 MLM Marketing System Secret To Success

MLM Marketing SystemUtilizing the POWER of attraction marketing. When it comes to using a MLM marketing system online (and even offline too), using the power of attraction marketing is the KEY to success. Attraction marketing is all about giving value FIRST. You’ll want to pick a target market, and then give your target market free, extremely valuable training and knowledge that will help solve their problems. By doing this you will be attracting highly targeted, red hot leads. They will be coming to YOU versus you chasing after them.

I don’t want to get all biblical on you or for you to think that I’m pushing religion on you, but read this verse..

[quote style=”boxed”]Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full–pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back. ~Luke 6:38 (NLT). [/quote]

You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s SO freakin true, especially when it comes to utilizing a MLM marketing system online. Your value to people is really determined by how much value you give to them. So using a MLM marketing system that follows the attraction marketing concept is CRITICAL.

#3 MLM Marketing System Secret To Success

Creating A List With Automatic Follow Up. This is yet another, super critical step in ensuring your success with a MLM marketing system online. Just like having a list is the heart of a network marketing business, it is also the heart of a MLM marketing system. Through your MLM marketing tactics you’ll need to funnel people to a web page that has a place for people to opt in and get the valuable information that you’re going to offer (just like you see on my blog here).

Without a way to collect these people’s info, you’re going to loss a TON of people that you very well could have sponsored or who may have bought something from you. The fact of the matter is, most people don’t buy something the first time they see it. It takes 2, 4, 6, even 10+ interactions for most people to pull the trigger and make a purchase. It’s also CRUCIAL that you build a relationship with these people. People only buy and join people that they know, like, and trust. This is a relationship driven business, so using a MLM marketing system that allows you to incorporate an auto responder is key. This will allow you to send a series of personal emails to people so you can follow up and build that relationship with them automatically.

#4 MLM Marketing System Secret To Success

Follow The Funded Proposal Model. So you’ve spent all of this time in effort in utilizing a MLM marketing system to generate leads, but what happens if you were to immediately put people in front of your network marketing business opportunity and have nothing else to offer? You will typically get 100 No’s for every 1 Yes. So what happens to all of those No’s? Nothing. Zilch. Nadda! You are actually LOSING money if you’re using paid strategies with your MLM marketing system. Not to mention the waste of time.

That’s why leading with training and some type of paid tool or product that helps solve your target market’s problems is key. You’ll earn $$$ on the front end and you can present your network marketing business on the back end of your funnel. So how would you like to make money EVEN when you get all of those No’s that you ARE going to get? You can even use the money that you make and re-invest it into your MLM marketing activities so that you are generating a massive number of leads every single day.

#5 MLM Marketing System Secret To Success

Leverage A Proven MLM Marketing System That Gives Results. This is the last, most critical secret to having success with a MLM marketing system. You absolutely must use some type of lead generation system and funnel that is proven to work and that gives you results. This is the backbone of your marketing efforts so if you get this wrong, then you are totally screwed. Some people try to do this on their own and they end up falling flat on their face and wasting thousands and thousands of dollars and wasting the one thing they can’t ever get back…and that’s time. It would literally take you years and years to learn the science behind creating a marketing funnel online that works and gives results.

That’s why the biggest secret of all is to join a MLM marketing system that is already setup for you. That’s my BIG secret! :-)

TAKE ACTION – Join A MLM Marketing System

The system that I use is called My Lead System Pro, and quite frankly it gives results. It has the training, it has the proven funnel, and it works. If you’re at all serious about finding success with marketing your MLM business online, then take action now. Click the link below, enter your info, and you’ll be taken to the inside of this MLM marketing system-

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What’s the alternative? Repeating my mistakes and wasting years of your time and thousands of dollars trying to go it alone and figure out a MLM marketing system on your own? Or would you rather hit the “easy” button and step into a MLM marketing system that lays out all of the MLM marketing strategies for you? The choice is yours!

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