How Do You Start Generating MLM Leads Online?

Yesterday I had an awesome conversation with a fellow network marketer (Brian). Brian is doing some awesome things and has had a ton of success with his warm market, but he looking to expand to the cold market so he can reach even more people.

Our conversation inspired me to write this post, so thanks Brian! :-)

Brian’s question to me was basically…

How should he get started with marketing his MLM business online? Where should he start, and how can he use blogging and SEO to build his business?

Before I jump into that, I first want to stress…If you’re having success in your warm market, then keep digging deeper with it.If your warm market is starting to dry up, then start asking for referrals. The average person knows 2,000 or so people so there’s virtually a limitless supply of people to connect with.

On top of that, achieving duplication is slightly easier in the offline world and there’s the potential to find some serious business builders.

So, if you’re having success with your warm market, then don’t stop what you’re doing. Just keep digging deeper.

Ok, so now for the online stuff. Eventually, you will need to branch out into the cold market. This is a business, and if you want to build a massive business, you need to market yourself.

Step 1 – Plug Into A System

MyLeadSystemPro Step 1

MyLeadSystemPro Step 1

The easiest way to get going in the online world is get yourself into a proven system that will teach you the ropes, has a proven funnel for you to tap into, has a good solid community, and has ongoing training. The system that I used when I first got going, and that I still use and recommend today is called MLSP.

What I love about MLSP is that they literally hold you by the hand to get you up and going. Within a matter of 15 minutes or so you can start sending people to your pre-made capture pages that have incredibly valuable training that sets YOU as an instant leader.

Lastly, MLSP allows you to still make money when you get No’s to joining your network marketing business. I get up to 10 different checks in my mailbox each month from prospects who didn’t necessarily want to join my business, but they took me up on 1 or more of the over 12 affiliate offers inside of MLSP.

Step 2 – Learn How To Blog & Take Massive Action

2012 Traffic Stats So Far

13,000,000+ Free Hits So Far in 2012 To My Blog

The next step, is if you want to generate your network marketing leads through blogging then you need to get yourself a high quality training course walking you through how to successfully blog for leads and income.

The end goal with blogging is to generate high quality leads for your network marketing business. You’ll want to get those leads into a high converting sales funnel like MLSP.

To get those leads, you need traffic or “EYE BALLS” looking at your blog. You can achieve this by adding daily blog posts to your blog that are search engine optimized, or SEO.

Ok, so what the heck is “SEO”? It’s simply finding out what keywords people are actually searching for in Google, then creating blog posts around those keywords, and getting those blog posts ranked high in the search engines.

There’s a whole entire process to it, so that’s why if you’re serious about getting results, then you need to get yourself a good solid blogging course that will walk you through it all.

As a cheap plug, you may want to check out my own course, Blogging Domination Blueprint. I literally walk you through my simple step by step formula on how I’ve build a $10,000+ monthly income in my network marketing business through blogging.

So that’s it! Learning how to generate leads online is NOT an overnight process, but it is something ANYONE can do if you get yourself into a system like MLSP, and then hone in on how you want to generate your mlm leads online (like through blogging).

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