Mistake #2 of 3 (this is fatal).

Aight so we’re at mistake# 2 of 3. It’s kind of weird for me sharing these mistakes with you…because quite frankly, I don’t like to admit my past failures or flaws.

But I KNOW…by sharing these mistakes with you, if you take them to heart, your business will grow by LEAPS & BOUNDS…

…Bringing you closer and closer and closer to the life of your dreams.

So mistake #2 of 3 (this one is fatal to your business…well they actually are ALL fatal)-

So after creating the above video, I watched it and I was thinking…


I could have done SO much better.

But, hey, gotta walk the talk, so decided to let it ROLL. I’m sure you get the point of the video-

  • Perfection…will KILL your business.
  • Being totally inefficient, & unproductive…will KILL your business.

We need to just let loose and be US…mistakes and all. You are SO much more relatable and REAL when you make mistakes (and people LOVE that).

And we need to take control of our time, versus letting Facebook, our email, distractions control us.

Got it?

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the end. ;-)

Yours In MASSIVE Success,

Jonathan Register


  • Jonathan Richey says:

    I don’t edit my videos either, so sometimes I re-do the same vid like 10 times because the AC came on, my cat started eating food, my kid starts crying, etc..ha.

    And then of course I say something stupid so I have to start over…ugggh..

    in my situation, i have even less time with a full time job so i gotta make the video and get ‘er done!

    thanks JR

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Yep I know what you mean Jonathan! The same has happened to me countless times.

      Yea buddy! Just git r’ doneeeeee as the wise Larry once said. :-)

  • Risa says:

    I totally do that with videos, redo for like an hour – for a 3min video, and get distracted with email and FB. I tend to want things to be perfect, then I have the fact that my husband is more of a perfectionist than me – so when I show him something he picks out what’s wrong and not perfect – but I’m working on that – getting better – just have to continue to improve – I like the – create 3-5 tasks per day, I tend to have a ton of things, and then feel bad because I didn’t get enough done –

    Have eat that frog – and do need to work on this more – throw out the perfection! Done :)

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Nice comment Risa! I’d like to add…and don’t show Pete your videos! :-) Just kidding. I know he has good intentions, but like you said…throw out the perfection! Keep us posted on how things go!

  • Ary Harper says:

    Great vid! Thanks!

    • Jonathan Register says:

      My pleasure Ary!

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