Lots O’ Noise = Brain Farts.

I can GUARANTEE you that they’ll be times when you need to do some critical thinking and your brain is just TOO overloaded with other stuff to do so…OR there’s too many distractions around you.

If you have ANY tips to share that has worked for YOU, then by all means please share them with us!

  • Craig says:

    I can totally relate. They are doing construction next door and the noise is out of control. Makes it impossible to concentrate sometimes. I use my noise canceling headphones and plug it into my phone that is playing my Sleep Machine app.

  • I have found that at least 10 minutes a day if I just sit somewhere in the house (shower, kitchen, bedroom)or outside and just reflect on my work and what I am trying to accomplish my best ideas come to me. When you pull yourself away from all the distractions around you for even just 10 minutes, it’s incredible what you can come up with!

  • Sukree says:

    Hi I have troubling in finding new leads even I have capture page and email auto responder. The reason is I don’t have enough people to see my capture page even I put my advertising on Banner per per click

    Is there anyway you can help me to gain my leads. My customers can read only Thai language. Does your system can be applicable in Thai



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