Little Black Book Of Scripts – You Know You NEED Scripts If

Little Black Book Of Scripts

Little Black Book Of Scripts

The Little Black Book of Scripts is a script book put together by a MLM prospecting superstar, Todd Falcone. In this post I’m going to give you 6 very commons situations that many network marketers face. If any of these situations apply to you, then you know you need the Little Black Book of Scripts. Make sure you read this post all the way to the end, because at the end I’ll be giving you Todd Falcone’s #1 go to script that he uses daily for free.

You Know You Need The Little Black Book Of Scripts If…

1) You know you need the Little Black Book of Scripts if are just totally clueless or not confident as to what to say to get people in front of your MLM business presentation. If you’re brand new, or even if you’ve been in the industry for quite some time, you may just not know what to say. Simple as that. If you don’t know what to say when you’re approaching people, you’ll be more likely to not even make the approach. You’ll have that little voice in your head telling you to NOT do it because you don’t know what to say.

2) You know you need the Little Black Book of Scripts if you’ve never successfully sponsored at least 5 or more reps into your business. Why do I say at least 5 or more? Because you may have just gotten lucky and have had people join you on their own so that they can get the discount on your products. If you are struggling with sponsoring people (and you have actually been reaching out to people to see if they are open to what you’ve got), the first thing you should evaluate is what you’re actually saying to these prospects. You absolutely CAN say the wrong things to prospects and totally scare them off.

3) You know you need the Little Black Book of Scripts if you crap in your pants at the thought of approaching your warm market. Your warm market is family, friends, co-workers, etc. These people are typically the easiest people to bring into your business because they already know you, like you (hopefully they like you :-)), and trust you. Network marketing is a relationship driven business. You’ve got the relationship with these people, so you just need to make the approach. HOWEVER, a lot of people are very hesitant about approaching their warm market for various reasons. If you know exactly what to say in a no pressure, easy going way, wouldn’t you be more likely to make the approach?

4) You know you need the Little Black Book of Scripts if you crap in your pants at the thought of approaching the COLD market. At some point, you will need to move beyond your warm market. As the name implies, the cold market can be a very scary, ruthless group of people to approach. Why? Because these are the people you have never met. You don’t have a relationship with them and they don’t trust you and they may not even like you depending on how they are feeling at the moment (I’ve had a cold market lead IMMEDIATELY start yelling at me :-)). The Little Black Book of scripts not only gives you the words to say, but tells you some awesome tips and secrets on how to deal with this ruthless market. In the beginning it won’t be easy, but having the words to say, and knowing how to deal with these people will give you a major leg up.

5) You know you need the Little Black Book of Scripts if you are leaving more then 3 voicemails OR you know you are chasing people. There are differing opinions on this, but I typically will leave up to 3 voicemails and I use the escalation approach (that’s a blog post on it’s own). I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and I understand that people have very busy lives. Some people believe you should only leave 1 voicemail, and some people don’t follow up at all (which I personally don’t agree with). No matter what you opinion is on the topic, if you are leaving more then 3 voicemails, you are likely chasing prospects which is BAD! By following the Little Black Book of scripts you’ll soon discover how NOT to chase people.

6) You know you need the Little Black Book of Scripts if you are getting lots of “Maybe’s.” If you ever want to sponsor new reps into your business, then you’ve got to get people to make a decision whether it is a Yes OR a No. Getting “Maybe’s” suck and causes you to waste a TON of time on people who may really just want to say no (they might be the type of person who doesn’t like saying no to people). Yes’s and No’s are fine, but Maybe’s starve baby’s! The Little Black Book makes the closing process extremely simple and will help you get a decision out of people.


Get Todd Falcone’s #1 Go To Script For FREE

mlm prospecting scriptsIf any or all of the situations apply to you above, OR you just want to improve your prospecting skills, then I highly recommend you pick yourself up a copy of the Little Black Book of Scripts. What I really like about the Little Black Book of Scripts is that you’ll get an actual physical copy of the book to keep at your desk. You’ll also get an audio CD where Todd Falcone walks you through ALL of the scripts so you know how to use them. This is key, because if you don’t know how to use the script book (what your tone should be when using the scripts, etc.) then it’s totally useless.

==>Take Me To The Little Black Book Of Scripts

So I highly, highly recommend the Little Black Book Of Scripts. It was a game changer for me and my business. At the very least, make sure you get Todd Falcone’s #1 go to script. It’s totally free, so just click the link or image above, enter your info, and you’ll get a PDF copy of the script in your inbox.

  • Sam C says:

    OK don’t laugh I’m like Brand NEW! to this so from my prospective everything seems great and awesome!
    I didn’t buy the black belt recruiting book but, I did join his group magnetic sponsoring,and another Org. called GVO (hosting
    Other than generic videos and “24hour” tech support that refers me to the generic videos I’m not getting as much support as I was lead to believe. I think I was just a sale they expected to just go away.
    So I bug the hell out of them! to get the help i need. The reason I first picked GVO is because the seemed to have a different non aggressive way of recruiting that kinda appealed to me along with there products and services.
    But after finding Mag/spons and researching some other org’s it just seems to be the way the industry is trending.
    Is that just me? everyone is always going to copy success, monkey see monkey do, with a twist right?.
    So my question is if there are now two schools of network marketing “the old school” (tell talk and sing about it to everyone within 3 feet of you and the) “new school” (that’s almost like being too cool for the room, yeah you can sing up if your really really sure you may like it.)
    How do I stick out of the cookie cutter crowd and actually attract the caliber of people needed to grow a successful organization. Or is it always going to be a numbers game that needs to be fed with never ending recruiting?

    I’ve been in this for 3 weeks all i do is study,practice and read about the products and services offered by the camps I picked,So that when i do start recruiting They wont feel as stupid and lost as i do now! Is this feeling normal?
    is this why so many people quit?
    I’m studying WordPress for crying out laud! How many 40 year-old truck drivers are doing that?

    I’m glad i found your site and videos and I’m usurious to here your opinions and comments. I like this theme! it flows nicely.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Feeling lost is very normal! It’s a long learning process and I’m still learning myself. Your business stops growing when you stop learning.

      My best advice is to be YOU! Let your true self shine through and people will appreciate that. Also, it is somewhat of a numbers game, but it’s totally a relationship driven business. Find out what your prospects need, want, and desire, be yourself, and you’ll be unstoppable.

      I hope that helps buddy!

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