i HATE seo!!!

Man, if I got a dollar every time a so called “guru” or anyone else said-

SEO is a waste of time!

or even “SEO is DEAD!!”

…then I’d have a very nice extra stream of income! :-)

It’s INSANE the number of messages I get each week from people sharing their results from SEO by following Blogging Domination Blueprint.

Check out a message Jared sent me a little while back-


Check out Ryan’s message I got YESTERDAY…he just got #2 ranking in Google following the same tactics (lots is blurred out to protect his keyword)-


Oh, and I mean for me…

Blogging and SEO is the strategy I personally followed to create my first $1,000 week…then $10,000+ month. It’s ultimately what freed me from NOT having to go back to a job.

And even to this day with not even touching my original blog (that started my journey is this new world of the internet) in months and months…

– Last year I got over 1.7 MILLION visitors to that site (totally FREE targeted traffic…)

– I still generate 10 to 30 free leads a day with me doing nothing.

– I still earn $1,000’s and $1,000’s each and every week like clockwork from that site.

So then why do people hate on SEO so much?

Because it’s constantly changing?
Because it’s “difficult”?
Because it’s not scalable?

It certainly ain’t because it’s expensive. You could get going with SEO with just a few hundred dollars or less (you at least need a blog to get going; here’s how to get one setup in seconds).

Here’s a news flash for the “haters”….

Every single marketing method out there is CONSTANTLY changing.

Every single marketing method has some degree of difficulty to it.

Every single marketing method has it’s own challenges when it comes to scaling up.

Take Facebook paid advertising for example.

#1 – It changes ALL the time. There are constant constant changes that we are having to battle against (some good, some bad)…Facebook graph search, new restrictions & rules without thinking to tell us, constant rejection of ads if you don’t know what you’re doing….etc. etc.

#2 – Getting started…yea….it can be pretty confusing and challenging. There is a learning curve. You need to know the rules. You need to know the right way to run your ads, etc. etc.

#3 – The lifecyle of an ad is pretty darn low…meaning you have to constantly create new ads. You have to make those ads specific to the people you are targeting so you get the cheapest clicks.

I could go on and on…but I think you get the point! :-)

SEO has challenges.
Facebook has challenges.
Solo Ads has challenges.

EVERY…single…marketing method out there has its own challenges that we have to deal with.

Just because it’s something YOU don’t do….doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

Just because YOU haven’t had success with it…doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

While I may complain from time to time about SEO (and any other marketing method I’m testing, doing, or have done), I’ll never EVER hate it.

I’ll never EVER say you shouldn’t do it, or that it doesn’t work.

Because it does.

My results prove it. Our students results prove it. The COUNTLESS thousands of other people out there doing it and having success proves it.

Don’t let ANYONE…any “guru” or anyone else tell you otherwise.

Jonathan “The Result Maker” Register


WHAT DO YOU THINK? LEAVE YOUR RANTS, RAVES, COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, or Love Poems (huh?) below in the comments!

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  • Jonathan says:

    Good word Jonathan!

    You are 100% right, every marketing strategy has its challenges, ups and downs, pros and cons and is always changing.

    Gotta be flexible and TEST, TEST, TEST!!

    • Jonathan Register says:

      thanks brother! YES…you absolutely must be flexible!

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