I HATE Sales People!!!

Sales Guy

Sales Guy

Ever feel that way?

You’re in a store looking at their stuff, a sales person approaches you and you immediately want to get away from them as fast as possible. You ever experience that?

More on that in a second, but first…

I just got home late Saturday night from a super cool invite only event up in Maryland.

I left early early on Thursday morning for this event. During the event I had hoped to give you daily video updates of what was happening, but I didn’t so I do apologize about that.

There were about 100 other marketers from all kinds of niches at this event…

These marketers were the best of the best, many making millions and millions of dollars.

SOOOO…I was extremely humbled to have even gotten invited to this event. I learned so so much. I met so many smart, awesome marketers, I made some new friends, and it was just an…

INCREDIBLE mind blowing experience.

To try to make up for no video updates while I was gone, I just want to share one powerful thing I was reminded of at this event.

(I could spend hours and hours sharing everything)

At the event, I was reminded of a “shift” that I made the year before last that led to me personally going from just another “sales person” pushing stuff on people…

….causing people to want to get away from me as fast as possible (just like how you feel when you’re approached by a sales person in a store).

To effortlessly having people buy my stuff and join my network marketing business.

I remember sharing this shift with Eric Hollingsworth (a Gravity Formula student & friend).

When I initially shared it with him, he was literally at a point where he was about to throw in the towel and quit.

Well…now about a month ago or so he has quit his job and is full time. :-)

Here’s the exact message I got from him (click on the image to make it larger)


The shift is this…

Instead of being a sales person…(like how most people try to sell stuff online, and how most people try to recruit into their network marketing business)…

What if instead, you positioned yourself as an advisor/authority figure?

So for you network marketers, that means getting yourself into what I like to call the “Donald Trump” mentality.

OH, and if you’re NOT a network marketer, this can be applied whether you’re a network marketer, internet marketer, affiliate marketer…WHATEVER. It works really REALLY well if you’re selling high ticket stuff ($1,000+).

The Donald Trump mentality is this…

The next time you’re talking with someone who is open to potentially joining your business opportunity…instead of…

  • Explaining to them why they need to join you,
  • Leaving thousands of voicemail messages for them telling them to call you back,
  • Doing anything that involves you chasing them, selling them etc. etc.

Instead of doing that…

Think like Donald Trump.

Pretend you are Donald Trump and setup an interview with them to see if they are right for your team.

Seriously. Setup an interview with them and tell them at the beginning of the call…

“To be totally frank with you, we don’t work with everyone and are only looking for select people to join the team. So, I’m going to need to ask you some questions to see if you qualify…”

SIDE NOTE…this approach is for people who are outside of your warm market. Telling your Mom or Dad that you’ll have to interview them to see if they qualify for your team might not go over so well. :-)

Then go into some questions like-

  • What’s got you wanting to join our team?
  • What do you do for a living now?
  • What do you like about what you do?
  • What do you not like about what you do?
  • What are you looking to get out of this opportunity?
  • Etc.

And then, if at the end of the call they sound like someone that would be a good fit for your team, then tell them, and bring them onto your team!

…that means you need to actually figure out the qualities & qualifications you want in the people on your team, and then if someone doesn’t meet your qualifications, DO NOT bring them onto your team.


Actually turn people down from joining your team. You DO have permission to do that…because it’s YOUR BUSINESS. :-)

If you do this right, you’ll have people asking YOU if they can join your team.

You’ll effortlessly sponsor people, you’ll also have so much fun, and people will be selling THEMSELVES on why they should join you! ;-)

Pretty cool huh?

Aight, I hope I got your mind churning with excitement and ideas. :-) RUN with this ok?

Because the fact is…most people out there are just trying to “sell people.” And as a result they are just PUSHING people AWAY from them.

Wouldn’t you rather not do that, and ATTRACT people to you?

Just saying.

Yours In Selling Without Selling,

Jonathan Register


P.S. I have a full on advanced training on this shift called “Autopilot Sponsoring.”

Right now the training is closed to new students, but if you want to potentially get access, click here now, & enter your email to be put on the waiting list.

If we get enough people who want it, then I may re-open it for a few select people who want to experience the same shift Eric had, and I had.

P.P.S. I created this FOR YOU to HELP YOU! So…

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  • Darren says:

    I love the interview idea. It really puts you on the driver’s seat. Plus, it makes it easier for you to maintain control as the authority figure. As always, awesome stuff.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Thanks Darren! Yea it’s really cool turning the table around! :-)

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