How To Overcome The DOUBTERS…

Without a doubt…

There WILL be people that think you’re crazy and that you can’t build a business online. They’ll doubt you, and they’ll laugh at you.

So how do you deal with this? How do you overcome the haters…the doubters?

Watch the short video below and I’ll tell you how! :-)


Hope I didn’t blind you! :-) Remember, I believe in you and I KNOW without a doubt that you can do it!

  • Jim says:

    lol…LOVE IT! I love that you’re real Jonathan and that you don’t just put on a show like the other guru’s out there…

    Thanks for the video and for the motivation.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      No problem buddy! Glad you enjoyed it. Hope I didn’t burn your pupils out with my paleness! :-)

  • Chauntel says:

    LOL so funny and wonderful motivation.So one question though if you dont mind.I came across MLSP because I was researching a company/home business I’m looking to get into and I had myself signed up to buy the MLSP package put my info in and read the terms of being billed $49.99 every 30 days after and there was a story of two people who were living under a bar and only $40 between them how does MLSP except people like that particular story and other people like me to pay out the $49.99 but are serious and are ready to do marketing!? Please Please express your opinion and or advice and thanks so much!!

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! I love having fun! :-) I’m not sure that I understand your question…You’ll have to clarify what your question is.

  • Giorgio says:

    Hey Janathan,

    I really like what you got to say on your video. I must also admit that there are many doubters out there and in turn, THAT IS MY INSPIRATION AND MY DRIVING FORCE TO THE TOP. Frank Sinatra says, I quote “Massive success is the best revenge”.
    I’ve done lot’s and lot’s of research on what’s the best direction for me to go and promote my MLM business products to generate more qualified leads and turn them into my distributors as well. I read the articles on your blog and you seem pretty honest about MLSP. I am new into the MLM business and I would like to drive my MLM business to the top #1 producer in this country where I live today. I am an American now living in Belgium. At the moment, I am still using the 3 foot rule and everyone you meet is your prospect which is not the ideal way I think to drive my business to the top #1 producer in less than one year. My question is, Would this system help me generate qualified leads into my business? I thank you in advance for your response.


    • Jonathan Register says:

      Exactly! The doubters just PUSH me forward and should do the same for you!

      So you want to go to the top and generate loads of leads? Then MLSP will help you with that if you take massive action and stay consistent with those actions. I hope that helps buddy! I love your enthusiasm and passion. Don’t EVER let go of that!

  • Robert Simoneaux says:

    Hey Jonathan,
    Thanks for this video, I’m in this realm at the moment. Starting to let the doubt creep in. I’m following your system now, just started this week. The skepticism is really hard to deal with, especially from my loved ones.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      No problem buddy! Glad you enjoyed it and got something from it. Just keep moving forward buddy! You can do it!

  • Steven says:

    Hello Jonathan

    I just discovered your site & watched your videos, the timing was/is exceptional for me! I know all to well about “doubters” as I have encountered most everyday both internal (family) & external (friends/colleges. I’m very new to the ‘MLSP business, like only a month. Just getting started, sometimes doubt myself. Me, lost my high paying high profile job as a Medical Center Administrator due to me contracting multiple sclerosis. Obviously I still can work, but a home based business is really best for me, not only for income replacement (yes, me also trying to support my family only with my wife’s income) but also to have some feeling of value/worth again. It’s obviously apparent that I’m now handicapped, but I’m NOT disabled. I know I still have some value! I was running a multi-million dollar Medical Center, that should account for something, I hope. Just wanted to reach out to you & give you some very sincere kudos on you videos & advice, for someone (me) who really needed it to keep moving & focused. Your the man Jonathan! Thanks again!

    • Jonathan Register says:

      You totally have value Steven! You are your own unique person, so let that shine through in your marketing! There is learning curve to building a business online, but if I can do it…you can do it too! The sky is the limit on where you take things, and I’m here to tell you…you can do it! I appreciate the kind words, and keep us updated!

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