guru Secrets EXPOSED…

This is how the “gurus” make tons, and tons of $$$, recruit as many reps as they want with a push of a button…

This is what makes it look so effortless and magical…

Watch the video below to find out how…

(hope no body gets pissed because of me sharing this with you) :-)


Questions? Comments? Get any VALUE out of this? Any “ah ha moments?

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  • David says:

    GREAT video. Yea I was one of those people taht would overcomplicated everything. Your video helped tremendously to clear things up.

    Thanks for everything you do for us newbies!

    • Jonathan Register says:

      My pleasure David! Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Paige Cribb says:

    As always- good stuff! hey- I think I actually got it!!

    • Jonathan Register says:

      GOOD! Yea I’m a picture person myself so drawing things out personally helps me too.

  • Avinash says:

    hi jonathan, what is the screen recording s/w tat u used for making this video.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      I used Camtasia Studio. Hope that helps!

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