Gmail Tabs = The DEATH Of Email Marketing?

Does the new Gmail Tabs mean the death of Email Marketing as we know it?

I believe this is one of the BIGGEST changes Google has made to date and will have a FAR bigger impact then the Panda/Penguin updates.

Why? Because the Panda/Penguin updates ONLY affected people who do SEO.

The new Gmail Tabs, or the “Gmail Slap” as some people are calling it affects…EVERY single person online that uses email for their business.

You might want to take 10 minutes to watch this video from start to finish now :-)…

Just to recap here’s a few things you can do NOW to combat this major change (the worse thing you can do is to sit back and do nothing)

1) Educate your prospects/customers.

Once people optin to your newsletter, make sure you take them to a page on your blog that explains to Gmail users how to make sure they get your email so they don’t miss out. Then go into step by step instructions on how to get your emails to go to the Primary tab.

2) Create anticipation for your emails.

You want people to anticipate your emails kind of like they do for their favorite TV shows. Millions and millions of people tune in to watch Dr. Oz daily. When it’s a new season of Survivor, my wife and I make sure we’re setting in front of the boob tube every Wednesday at 8pm Eastern.

We want people to do the same with our emails & blog posts. The way you do that is by CONSISTENTLY emailing/blogging on a certain day/time every week. Create a schedule for yourself, so people know if they check out your blog at X time, there will be a new post by you.

3) Raise your game!

Sending lame, boring emails, or sending constant sales pitch after sales pitch isn’t going to fly for long if this new Gmail tabs update sticks, and people stop checking the “Promotions” tab. So use this time NOW to up your email marketing game and really learn how to create good content.

LASTLY, **your action is needed**

I created this FOR YOU to HELP YOU! So…

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Yours In MASSIVE Success,

Jonathan Register


  • Chris Brown says:

    This is great info! Thanks for staying out in front of the changing markets and systems!!

    • Jonathan Register says:

      My pleasure Chris! I always see change as an opportunity to learn & grow! We’ll figure this out!

  • Arthur says:

    Excellent and timely information, Jonathan. Something to keep in mind for optins; I’ve had tabs put in my gmail address for awhile now and you’re the first person I’ve seen to discuss them and what they mean to us.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Thanks Arthur!

      Hey, since you have the tabs and use them, how have they affected your behavior while looking at your emails? Do you look at the Promotions tab?

  • Brett says:

    I wonder how many people will be like me and turn off this new feature. I like have all my email in one place. It is similar to spam filters. People have to want your email in the first place, so I agree with you that we need to step up our game.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      I personally hate it and am with you Brett. I like to have my email all in one place and don’t want to have to sift through multiple tabs. I think “tabs” makes sense and works for Internet Browsers, but not email.

      I guess time will tell, but I guess Google seems to think people will like since they are rolling it out to everyone.

  • Arthur says:

    I agree that it’s much easier to have email messages all in one place. The messages I get from MLSP all go to my Promotions tab, so I’ve learned to open them from there. It sure takes a lot of extra time clicking through my emails in gmail. Don’t like it at all.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Good to know Arthur! Sounds like just about any and all messages sent out through an autoresponder goes to the Promotions tab.

  • Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    Jonathan, You have been the ONLY internet marketer to talk about this with his community. NO ONE else is paying attention to this. Thank you for the video and for all you that you do for us. As a fellow internet marketer, I will follow your advice. Unfortunately, I do think the tabs will stick although I got rid of mine in my gmail account.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      My pleasure Jennifer! Yea it’s kind of weird that people seem to be just ignoring it. But hey, we’ll figure it out together and I’ll keep sharing my findings. If you see a trend or something new in regards to the Gmail tabs, definitely let me know!

      Great to hear from you!

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