Facebook Questions???

It’s a GO! Tomorrow night we’re having  a “par-tay” on how to generate leads & make molla on Facebook (and there’s no cover fee to get in…aka…$0)

>>Register by clicking here now (space IS limited…we already have more registrations than seats).

To help me prepare for tomorrow night’s $0 cover charge party (so I can give YOU the most value possible)…

What questions do you have when it comes to generating leads and making molla on facebook?

Leave us a comment below now and let us know what questions you have!

I want to help you.

I want to see you succeed.

I want to see you create RESULTS. That is what drives me…seeing YOU create results and move forward.

So leave your questions below in the comments, and get excited for our free live event tomorrow night!


  • Sean says:

    I’m really really excited for the event tomorrow night! I’m brand new to Facebook so where would a newbie like me start?

    Thanks Jonathan!

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Great question!

  • Julio says:

    When creating Facebook ads, how long would you focus on a precise interest before moving on? Or would tweaking the ad be encouraged before moving on? Thanks.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Great question Julio! We’ll talk about that.

  • Jonathan says:

    Is it better to send someone straight to your affiliate landing page OR to an opt-in form/squeeze page so you can follow up with them?

    Some affiliates don’t provide any tracking so if I send them straight to an affiliate landing page I can’t measure conversions.

  • Jonathan says:

    Are there any restrictions to what names you can use in the ads?

    For example, if my affiliate company sells a product called ‘Shake X’ then can I use ‘Shake X’ in the ad copy?


  • Warren says:

    Can you record your webinars for people who can’t make your timeslots and send them the replay link?

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