Duck Dynasty Debacle – You’re With Me Or Against Me . . .

Yesterday, and this morning my Facebook news feed has been filled with posts regarding the Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson debacle…

NOTE: this are posts from my news feed. I’ve hidden the names of those who made these posts for their privacy…




Look familiar? :-)

In case you don’t know what happened, just browse your Facebook news feed and you’ll get the 411 there. :-)

But it’s just totally crazy how HUGE of a response Phil Robertson’s remarks have created in the public and the media…

Check out this search in Google, under News, for “Duck Dynasty” “Phil Robertson” for yesterday and today…

Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson

Duck Dynasty

There are just pages and pages of media coverage.

Isn’t that insane??????

I mean it IS an incredibly popular show. I think I read somewhere the Duck Dynasty premier earlier this year had the highest viewership EVER in the history of cable TV…with 11 million some people tuning in.

PLUS…Phil’s remarks were in regards to a subject people are VERY VERY passionate about…Sexual Orientation.

Now, I’m not going to spend any time debating whether Phil Robertson was right or wrong or whether A&E was right or wrong. Maybe…just MAYBE I’ll share my opinion at the end of this post. ;-)

BUT…all this craziness should be an INCREDIBLE lesson to you when it comes to running your online business.

This lesson…has the potential to make you LOTS and LOTS of money for you and your family…

…if you inject it in your message that you put out to your leads & customers.

It’s not something that you have to do all the time…but it’s just another tactic in your arsenal. A tactic that when you put it work…it WILL make you money.

The Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson debacle has been a clear cut example of…

US versus THEM.

There are people who are just totally offended…who are pissed…who just are totally disgusted by what he said. And I bet he’s gonna get a hell of a lot of hate mail from his remarks.


On the otherside, there are people who absolutely LOVE EM’ even more. OR..there are people who were indifferent, who now…LOVE HIM.

He’s created 2 sides. And you’re either with him…or against him. Yes there are people that hate him. But…there’s people who LOVE HIM even more. He has deepened his relationship with millions and millions of people.

You can use this tactic in your “message” that you are putting out to your leads and customers.

In your…

  • Emails
  • Blog Posts
  • Videos
  • Your Ads
  • Your Sales Videos
  • Etc.

Anytime you can create an “us” versus “them” mentality. Anytime you can cause people to be either with you…or against you…You will be DEEPENING (strengthening) your relationship you have with your leads & customers.

Will people be put off, and possibly hate you? Yes! You’ll probably get hate mail :-) …I get some from time to time (not as much as I probably should…need to use this more often).

BUT…those who side with you…will LOVE YOU even more. You’ll get more leads who maybe weren’t paying attention to you, or who were indifferent towards you…who will now LOVE YOU.

And what happens when you have a STRONG relationship with someone who is into whatever it is that your selling? You think they might buy more stuff from you? You think they might be more interested in what you have to say? New products that you have?


Now, I’m not saying that you create an “us versus them” mentality with subjects as hotly debated as being Gay…but hey, that’s your choice if you want to go down that road.

BUT, where you can add it…do it. You will have critics. You will have people that dislike you and even who hate you.

But on the otherside…you’ll have even more people who absolutely…LOVE YOU. And as a result of this deepened relationship…you will sell more stuff. You will be able to help move more of those people to buying whatever you’re selling so you can help change their lives with what you have.

Just do it. :-)

What do I think in regards to  the Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson debacle?

I think Phil Robertson can say whatever he wants. He has the freedom of free speech just like you and I have. And as such…he can say whatever the heck he wants.

On the other side, should A&E have suspended him?

You know…I started typing my viewpoint on that one…but I’ll just let everyone duke that one out. :-)

Don’t forget the lesson. It will make you more money and help you change more lives with whatever you are selling.

Yours In Changing The World,

Jonathan “your either with me or against me” Register

P.S. I’ve been working my hiney off with CAPS 2.0. It’s going to totally…utterly…blow you away. It IS going to change lives. More coming very very soon. :-)


 Lastly, What Do YOU Think? Leave A Comment Below And Let Me Know YOUR Thoughts…



  • Steve says:

    Great post jonathan! It seems like it’s been awhile since we’ve seen a new post from you, so this was awesome to see.

    At first, I was a little unsure where you were going to go with this, but the lesson you shared is gold.

    I was so focused on the “controversy” that I didn’t see the lesson in this and how I can use it.

    Anways, awesome work and hope to see more stuff like this from you.

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Thanks Steve! You’re right…it’s been way too long since I’ve created a new blog post for you and everyone!!

      I appreciate the kind words buddy!

  • Merl Miller says:

    I know nothing about this as I don’t watch television. However, A&E is a business. As long as they cause no harm, they should be allowed to run their business anyway they want. If you don’t like the way they do business, take your business elsewhere.

    Great post Jonathan. This is a good idea.

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