Black Belt Recruiting – This SH** SUCKS!

black belt recruiting

Black Belt Recruiting

That’s what I was thinking when I first began trying to recruit people into my MLM business prior to me living by the techniques found inside Black Belt Recruiting. I had no clue what to say to people and no body was returning my phone calls (fortune was in the follow up, so I’d leave 5-10 voicemails). When I was actually able to get people on the phone they were super skeptical and would grill me with questions on why they should fork over their money to join my business. I was SICK and TIRED of struggling and begging people to join my team. What I was doing was NOT working and I knew their had to be a better way.

Fast forward to the present day and sponsoring and recruiting has now become an effortless task. In the past few weeks I’ve sponsored 8 people into my primary company and the cool thing about it is I didn’t chase anyone, and they actually called ME asking ME how they could join my business. I’ve got to give credit where credit is do, and a lot of my success has to do with what I learned from Black Belt Recruiting.

If you aren’t seeing the results you want when it comes to sponsoring and recruiting, then make sure you read this post from START to FINISH! I’m going to give you the top 3 surefire ways to make sure you NEVER sponsor a single rep, and I’ll also give you my “AHA HA” moment I had with Black Belt Recruiting.

Top 3 Ways To NOT Sponsor Anyone Into Your MLM Business (NOT The Black Belt Recruiting Way)

1. Give The Power To Your Prospects. This is basically where you are letting your prospects control the conversations (by immediately answering any questions they have), and bowing down to their every request. Instead of you interviewing them, they are interviewing you. If you were interviewing for a job to work with Donald Trump, do you think he would let you grill him during the interview? I think not! :-)

2. Sell People Into Joining Your Business. Go ahead and spam your Facebook wall (and other people’s walls) with messages like this, “Tired of your J-O-B? Then join my business NOW so that you can start earning weekly paychecks from the comfort of your home….” Keep spamming your wall with garbage like this and trying to sell people into your business and you’ll quickly find yourself in the NFL club (No Friends Left). This just does not work and turns people off.

3. Focus On Your Lack Of Distributors. A surefire way to make sure you don’t sponsor new reps is to focus on your struggle with trying to recruit new people into your business. Keep focusing on your lack of being able to create a team (or to even be able to recruit just one person). Do you think that just might effect your actions and how you talk with people? YES! You take the actions you take based on your thoughts, so if you have a mindset of “lack” then you’ll take actions based on that (you’ll sell people into joining your business, you’ll give prospects the power, etc. etc.).

My “AHA HA” Moment From Black Belt Recruiting

Black Belt Recruiting Free Download

My Copy Of Black Belt Recruiting That Has Gotten A LOT Of Use!

I would say the biggest turning point or “AHA HA” moment that I’ve had in my network marketing business was truly as a result of going through Black Belt Recruiting. It was the moment that I realized that I had been making ALL of the mistakes above. I knew I wasn’t supposed to run my business that way, but I did it anyways because I didn’t know how NOT to do it that way. I didn’t know how NOT to give the power away to my prospects. I didn’t know how NOT to sell people into joining my business. I didn’t know how NOT to focus on my lack of distributors.

The Turning Point From Failure To Success – Black Belt Recruiting

With the Black Belt Recruiting course I learned how to turn the tables and I actually had prospects asking ME if they qualified to joining my business. That was TRULY a defining moment in my MLM business. Having someone say, “Jonathan, do I meet the requirements to join your team?” I was flabbergasted the first time I got that and I really felt like I was on top of the world. It gave me a new found sense of confidence and I knew at that very moment my business would be taking a totally different direction. Would YOU like to have people calling you and asking you if they meet the requirements to join your team?

Black Belt Recruiting = Results

So as you might be able to tell by now, I strongly believe in the Black Belt Recruiting course. It was put together by Mike Dillard and and Mark Wieser who are at the top of their game and have both made millions and millions of dollars through their network marketing businesses (so they know a thing or two). I highly encourage you to check out Black Belt Recruiting for yourself. If anything, at least click the below link, enter your info, and you’ll be able to check out a free 60 minute video that is packed with valuable content-

==>Take Me To Black Belt Recruiting

Oh yea, and if you are even considering searching for a Black Belt Recruiting torrent, I highly recommend you NOT do that. Why? Well for #1 it’s stealing, #2 you’ll likely get a computer virus that will cause your computer to explode, and #3 when have you ever taken something that you’ve gotten for free seriously? Get some skin in the game and invest in a course like Black Belt Recruiting so you can finally start successfully sponsoring and recruiting reps in your business.

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