$11,000/mo Mistake #1 of 3

Hopefully you read my last email I sent a couple days ago. In it I shared some pretty major revelations I’ve had in my business.

These revelations have made me come to realize that I’ve been making some STUPID, STUPID mistakes.

These mistakes I’ve been making for the past YEAR, and as a result of them my income has dropped by at least $11,000 monthly.

It sucks to think about that, AND to think about the HUGE numbers of lives that I could have changed this past year.

But hey, you live and you learn.

So without further ado, here’s mistake #1 of 3…watch the video below now-

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Yours In MASSIVE Success,

Jonathan Register


  • Ryan says:

    I need to start doing this as well… I have a ton of little things I need to be doing that can grow my biz.

    Wish I had known you were at summit. Would have made it a point to track you down and shake your hand. Thanks for all the good stuff!

    • Jonathan Register says:

      My pleasure buddy! Hey hopefully next year we can meet up. Yea if we focus our time & energy on the bigger money making stuff, we’ll move forward so much faster! Continue to keep us updated Ryan!

  • Edward Moses says:

    Great advice. It’s sometimes hard to determine what to trust someone with, so I feel your pain!

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Yep it is!! I like to do smaller “test” projects with people if I can and that helps me get to them and make sure they are legit.

  • Tim says:


    Great post, short but sweet. I started doing some outsourcing a couple of months ago using some fiverr gigs to do some tedious tasks. A bit of a hit and miss venture.

    Question for you…do you fiverr and do you have a favorite gig that you use?

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Glad you enjoyed it buddy! I’ve ordered a few fiverr gigs here and there. Not sure what you mean by having a favorite gig. I’ve had people do a few various things on there.

      Keep me posted on your success Tim!

  • Jonathan Richey says:

    I learned this lesson the hard way but. I do a lot of freelance web dev stuff but the problem with that kind of work is you are trading hours for dollars, so I was limited by how long I could stay awake at night..ha.

    So a couple months ago I started outsourcing the most difficult part of building a website, which is also the most time consuming. Ever since, I have been able to get more work done in less time and actually make more money!

    • Jonathan Register says:

      That is so so smart to just outsource the hardest part. Love it! Great share Jonathan!

  • Ary Harper says:

    Great value in this video, Jonathan. Thanks!

    • Jonathan Register says:

      No problem!

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