1 easy tactic to make more molla! (don’t do this = you losing money)

Taking action on this is SO EASY.

In your-

  • Blog posts
  • Emails
  • Videos
  • Email follow up sequences

Just address your prospects objections. Say something like…

“One question I get is…Does it really work?”

Then address their objection. Overcome it by sharing your results, other people’s results. Then conclude with-

“So you and I both know that it works..” And then just continue on!

That’s it. It’s THAT easy. You WILL get more sales, and more new reps joining you if you do this!


WHAT DO YOU THINK? LEAVE YOUR RANTS, RAVES, COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, or “hell YEA’s” below in the comments! ;-)


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  • Jason says:

    Great video Jonathan! Should I do this with everything that I do? All my videos, emails, etc?

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Good question! No, you don’t have to do it with everything. If you’re doing SEO blog posts where you want people to buy something, then yes do it. If you’re doing a video where you want to make sure you get sales, then it’s a good idea that you do it.

      You don’t have to do it in EVERY thing…you can split up your videos/emails/blog posts (create a series) and spend one post doing it. It’s really up to you. Just do it when you want to get lots of sales! :-) Hope that helps!

  • Brett says:

    Great reminder to mix things up in my content creation. Going through your blogging course now.


    • Jonathan Register says:

      Awesome Brett! Keep us updated on your success!

  • Deneice Scott says:

    Excited to go through your course! I found your video very reinforcing!! We talked about this in our managers meeting. For me, good to hear more than once in different ways!

    • Jonathan Register says:

      Hey that’s cool! It’s always awesome to hear a piece of advice…and then to hear the same thing re-enforced in a whole different setting. Really helps to ingrain it. Keep us updated on your success Deneice!

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