Warm Market – Don’t Be A Wussy!

Warm Market

Warm Market - Don't Be A Wussy!

Despite your warm market being the people who you love and care about the most in this world, those are the people that a lot of network marketers are the most hesitant about reaching out to. The big question that you’ve got to ask yourself, is how serious are you about building your network marketing business and making money asap? If you are truly serious about growing your MLM business as quickly as possibly and you understood the power behind your warm marketthen I think you might have a change of heart! Don’t be a wussy (aka timid), or let fear stand in the way of your success!

Should You Approach Your Warm Market?

So let’s start with the big question of the day, should you approach your warm market? I think you already know the answer…ABSOLUTELY! In case you don’t already know, our business is a business of relationships. People will typically only join your business when they know you, like you, and trust you. Your warm market is your family, friends, co-workers, and anyone else you have a somewhat close to close relationship with (these are the people that you are comfortable inviting over to your home). The people in your warm market already know you, they hopefully like you, and they trust you so you’ve got that taken care of.

The only other thing left for you to do is to make the approach! That is, you just have to get in touch with them, get them to agree to check out your presentation, have them check out your presentation, and then follow up and get them to a decision. That’s it! If they say no, then IT’S OK! Just move on!

By the way, your warm market can be expanded to people that you have a more casual relationship with. The other Mom’s that you casually chat with at the soccer games, the guy at the bank you see twice a month. The further you go out and the more casual the relationship, the closer you are getting to the cold market. The average person knows 2,000 people so I don’t want to hear the excuses!

If You Don’t Approach Your Warm Market, I WILL! :-)

Ok, I get it! There are some people who just don’t want to approach their warm market and want to avoid it at all costs (and they come up with every excuse in the book to not approach their warm market). I’m not going to argue with you or FORCE you to contact your warm market. Just do me a favor and at least re-read the second sentence in the first paragraph. Ultimately, you’ve got to make the decision for yourself whether you are going to reach out to your warm market or not. Just know that every single person I sponsor comes from someone’s warm market (maybe YOUR warm market)! Think about that…

4 Super Duper, Ultra Critical Warm Market Approach Tips

How To Approach Your Warm Market

Read This Before Approaching Your Warm Market

Before you even attempt to approach your warm market please, please, please study the points below and really take them to heart.

1. Don’t get emotionally attached to the outcome. You very well might have some people in your warm market who are extremely closed minded or who are just ignorant to our industry. Never, ever get emotionally attached to a particular outcome. In other words, don’t expect Aunt Suzi to be super excited about your business and have it stuck in your mind that you KNOW she is going to join you because she loves the type of product you offer. Always make an approach with a neutral mind with no expectations that they are going to join you.

This Point Is CRITICAL – I’d even go so far as to saying that you shouldn’t make an approach to your warm market if you are emotionally attached to the outcome. However, don’t let that be your excuse for not making the approach. Let go of your emotions and expectations, and THEN make the approach!

2. Don’t get defensive or insult them. If they criticize you and say you’re involved in a pyramid scheme or scam, then don’t get defensive or insult them. Quite honestly, they are just ignorant and one of those closed minded people I just mentioned above. Just say, “Ok, cool, it sounds like this isn’t for you! I definitely won’t mention it again to you.” OR if they just aren’t interested in joining your business then respect their decision and move on.

3. Don’t beg, push, or chase. If you beg, push, or chase someone to join then they will absolutely NOT join you because you are coming from a place of desperation and need. You absolutely must come from a place of abundance and with the mindset of if they don’t want to do it, then NEXT! You do however want to follow up with your warm market after they have seen your presentation. But DO NOT chase them. Leave one or two messages, and if they don’t respond, then MOVE ON!

4. Don’t lie. Don’t tell your Uncle Bob that you’re making $1,000 per day when you’re not. In fact, don’t tell ANY lies to anyone! You’re going down a very bad, dark path if you start doing stupid stuff like that.

Take everything above to heart, and then TAKE ACTION and approach your warm market!

How To Approach Your Warm Market?

The most effective way is to just pick up the phone and call them. However, do whatever you normally would do if you wanted to show them something (you want to show them a funny youtube video, you want to show them your cool new tech gadget you bought, etc.). Be casual with it and be yourself! If you don’t have their phone number you could send them a message on Facebook, or send them an email.

You also could be creative with it and create a Facebook event for a webinar where you’ll make the presentation (or just direct people to a pre-made company presentation). Then just invite your entire warm market to the Facebook event and in one big swoop you’ll have approached most of your warm market.

If you’re totally clueless as to what to say to your warm market when you make the approach, then I’d recommend you pick up a copy of the Little Black Book Of Scripts. This is my personal go to script book and has scripts on what to say to your close friends, your family members, your distant friends or family members, etc. It even goes into how to get these people to a decision and is chock full of other helpful scripts (cold market scripts, etc.). I highly recommend it and you can check it out here- Little Black Book Of Scripts.

However you make the approach, just MAKE THE APPROACH! Again, if you don’t approach your warm market, I WILL. Lastly, make sure you follow up! Because it is true, the fortune is in the follow up! :-)