Thomas Edison’s secret of success

Try to imagine Thomas Edison in your mind right now.

Just try to picture him as vividly as you can…even if you’re not sure what he looks like…

Got it?

What did you picture in your mind? Was he alone by himself?

I pictured a nerdy scientist looking guy in a lab coat, by himself in a poorly lit lab, surrounded by old equipment.

And that’s what A LOT of people tend to think about Mr. Edison.

They think he was some genius inventing all of these brilliant inventions by himself….alone, or maybe with an assistant or two.

But that’s not really how it went down.

Yes, Thomas Edison was very smart….

But he constantly surrounded himself with other brilliant scientists.

He DID NOT accomplish what he accomplished alone…by himself.

For the invention of the light bulb, he had THIRTY assistants, including some very smart scientists.

Isn’t crazy?

But it’s not just Thomas Edison who is seen as loner who created massive success by himself. If you really take a hard look at other people in history who accomplished great things you’ll discover…

They didn’t do it alone!

Also, most of them were NOT “gifted” or “born smart.”

They worked REALLY hard!

They didn’t let setbacks, or challenges stop them…they found a way.

I don’t know about you, but when I made that realization regarding the “greats” of history…

It gave me a tremendous amount of hope, and excitement.

Because I certainly ain’t no genius! :-) I wasn’t “born” with special talents or gifts.

But what I do have?

Drive and a willingness to put in effort.

A mindset of…

I’m not going to let anything…ANYTHING stop me from hitting my goals & dreams.

And a willingness to learn and grow.

WE…can do it.

YOU….can do it.

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