Quitting is winning

Sometimes… “Quitting is winning.”

Here’s what I mean.

To quit checking your email and Facebook constantly throughout the day…

…is a win because you’ll be more productive.

To quit eating junk food and to quit drinking soda…

…is a win because you’ll eat/drink less “empty” calories and thus lose weight, or at the very least get a lot healthier.

To quit chasing the shiny of object of the day…

….is a win because you’ll be more focused on the REAL things that will make you money.


Quitting is winning.

BUT, more times than not…quitting, is giving up on yourself.

Case in point.

Yesterday I got this message from a guy named Johnnie…

JOHNNIE: “You’re right Jonathan Register every time I get drawn into the hype of making money on-line and I never ever do. I am finished I do not have the money to buy, buy, buy in order to start making money I’m not that fortunate…”

He then proceeded to ask for a refund.

My response was this…

ME: “You don’t have to buy, buy, buy. You need some basic tools to get going (which I think you have), and then it’s time to act, act, act.

Anyways, you’re welcome to quit if you want…”


Johnnie…quit on himself.

Is it a total lose for him?

Maybe not…because quite frankly, based on his message, he’s fighting an uphill battle based on his horrible mindset.

Because making money online is NOT about buying, buying, buying.

YES, like any REAL business you need some basic tools to get going (you could spend just $7 with this and be in business)…and YES there’s always tools out there to help you get results faster and easier.

But do you have to buy EVERYTHING when you’re on a tight budget or just getting started?

Absolutely not.

You get the bare bones of what you need, and then you go to work.

You get “resourceful” and “creative” and find a way. There’s always a way.

On the otherhand…

If you have the budget should you buy more stuff to help you get results faster?

Heck yea.

If I see something that if I invest in, it will help me to make more money, faster, or easier, I’m all over it.

The point is this…

Sometimes…quitting is winning.

But in most cases…it’s not.

It’s quitting on YOU.

Are you a quitter like Johnnie?

OR, are you someone who finds a way? Are you someone who will stop but nothing to reach your goals and dreams?

If you’re the latter, OR, if you need help with the head trash, then buy this-

Click here to continue…

…it will change your life if you let it.

NO QUITTERS, and NO habitual refunders allowed.

Jonathan “giving you a push forward” Register