MY WEBSITE IS DOWN! What should I do??

Since my websites were up and down all day Friday, you probably weren’t able to access this page.

This is a secret project I’ve been working on for over 60 days now, and I need to decide whether I should push forward or not.

So do this now if you haven’t already done it-

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Lastly, here’s a quick summary of what I shared in today’s video lesson, “My Website Is Down! What Should I Do?”…

1. Don’t panic.

The natural tendency is to want to freak out, and stress over your site being down. Take a deep breath, and tell yourself everything will be ok.

(by the way I’m so guilty of freaking out and letting this situation ruin my day…don’t do that since it does nothing for you)

2. Call or Email your hosting company to see what’s happening.

Note: If it’s a major company wide issue, then know that their support will be absolutely SWAMPED with support tickets.

So if that’s the case, expect to NOT to be able to get a hold of your hosting company. If they have a Twitter/Facebook Page, or Facebook group…then check that out to see if there are updates.

3. Don’t panic. :-)

If you have any traffic campaigns…

  • PAUSE them and wait it out until things are back to normal.

Communicate with your prospects/customers/community and let them know that your site is down just in case they try to access it.

Then just simply wait it out. ALL web hosting companies have issues from time to time. It’s ALWAYS in their best interest to get your site up and working, so if it’s a company wide outage, know that they are working hard to get things back going. If it’s an issue with your site, and you’ve called/emailed them to let them know, then they should be more then willing to help you get everything back to normal.

Be as detailed as you can when you’re emailing them (provide screenshots if possible), and respond promptly when they reply to your support ticket.

Lastly, Should You Switch Web Hosts?

Generally I’d say no. Every single hosting company (no matter who you’re with) will have issues from time to time, and every once in a while they will have MAJOR issue.

However, if everything single month your site is down for days and days at a time, then you might want to look into a new host. :-)

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Jonathan Register
Jonathan Register